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Matt Smith

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    Crude prices are getting up off the canvas after being knocked down yesterday, helped up by a falling dollar ahead of lots of Fedspeak. Nonetheless,…

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    After a bullish-tilted weekly EIA report, crude is holding onto gains - and once again bumping its head on the top of its trading range.…

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    Crude prices are selling off today while gasoline holds up relatively better, as refiners playing 'pass the parcel' betwixt the two. As refiners make economic…

  • Oil Gains On Prospect Of OPEC Deal Extension

    Published 20 February 2017 | viewed 11,025 times

    U.S. markets are closed today in observation of Presidents Day, but crude prices are still trucking on higher in thin electronic trading. Fun and games…

  • Oil Is Ticking Lower As Record High Crude, Gasoline Inventories Weigh

    Published 17 February 2017 | viewed 7,464 times

    Oil is ticking lower today, under the weight of record crude and gasoline inventories, but with OPEC production cuts providing a supportive backdrop (...and peeking…

  • Oil Prices Edge Higher Ahead Of Inventory Data

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    In honor of Valentine's Day, oil prices are following the arc of Cupids arrow, and heading higher. Although another likely bearish weekly inventory report lies…

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    Oil is charging lower to start the new week, as the monthly OPEC oil market report has done little to assuage oversupply concerns - despite…

  • Oil Prices Head Higher On Positive Demand Outlook

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    A supportive IEA monthly report has encouraged a Friday rally for black gold, Texas tea. As prices ping around in their current tight trading range,…

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    Today's price action has been a case of sell the rumor, buy the (bearish) fact, as the affirmation of a gargantuan crude build from today's…

  • Oil Prices Fall Ahead Of Inventory Data

    Published 07 February 2017 | viewed 12,522 times

    Oil is getting tonked for a second consecutive day, as prices have run into resistance at the top of their trading range, sending them staggering…

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    Published 06 February 2017 | viewed 17,006 times

    Rather than rallying like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, oil today is instead dropping faster than Lady Gaga's mic, ushered lower by a…

  • Oil Prices Up On Prospect Of New Iranian Sanctions

    Published 03 February 2017 | viewed 18,533 times

    Happy Nonfarm Friday! Better-than-expected job creation last month is supporting sentiment on this first Friday of February, and crude is being swept along with this,…

  • Oil Prices Stuck In Narrow Band, Capped By U.S. Shale Threat

    Published 02 February 2017 | viewed 10,882 times

    Yes, it's Groundhog Day (again), and that dastardly Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter. Fortunately, he's no good at…

  • Trump’s Border Tax Could Kill U.S Oil Exports, Raise Gas Prices

    Published 31 January 2017 | viewed 12,468 times

    Crude is rallying on this final day of January, as hopes and projections of OPEC production cuts return to the fore once more. Before we…

  • Overoptimistic Money Managers Could Crash Oil Prices

    Published 30 January 2017 | viewed 12,669 times

    Oil is getting tonked on this final Monday of the month, as broader market volatility is bringing out the bears. Signs of OPEC compliance continue…

  • Oil Gives Up Gains As Traders Fear Rising U.S. Supply

    Published 27 January 2017 | viewed 6,379 times

    And crude continues to be more choppy than Chuck Norris fighting Hong Kong Phooey fighting Bruce Lee, selling off today after yesterday's rally (after selling…

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