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Gerald Jansen

Contributor since: 11 May 2021

Gerald Jansen

Gerald is an independent freelance energy analyst based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Latest articles from Gerald

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    The resurgence of COVID in China could not have happened at a worse time for Middle Eastern producers. Saudi Arabia brought back all its 1…

  • Nigeria Tries To Revive A Zombie Project

    Published 03 August 2021 | viewed 2,530 times

    Nigeria’s oil industry has been confronted with a plethora of challenges – endless litigation, social unrest, majors regularly mulling a country exit, and all this…

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    The failure of the OPEC+ talks and the subsequent (albeit gradual) rapprochement of the sides coincided with Middle Eastern NOCs setting their August 2021 official…

  • Coal Prices Soar As China Refuses To Buy From Australia

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    China banning Australian coal imports might be one of the most peculiar commodity stories of 2021. At a time when commodity prices are climbing, Chinese…

  • Oil Major Exodus In Iraq Creates Opportunity For China

    Published 05 July 2021 | viewed 4,505 times

    When the Bush Administration invaded Iraq in the spring of 2003, allegations that the US’ core interest is Iraq’s immense oil bounty were plentiful. Whilst…

  • This Norwegian Flagship Crude Could Save The Brent Benchmark

    Published 30 June 2021 | viewed 2,440 times

    Deliberations on which benchmark presents the best opportunities to trade just never seem to stop. The gradual decline of all erstwhile champions of North Sea…

  • Could East Africa Become The Next Major Oil Hotspot?

    Published 29 June 2021 | viewed 2,401 times

    The last 18 months have seen very few large-scale oil projects moving from a prospect status into an entire region’s next best thing. The Lake…

  • Can Fracking Save Colombia?

    Published 16 June 2021 | viewed 1,653 times

    Colombia remains one of most likely candidates to stop producing oil. Not because of environmental concerns or renewables energy taking over, the reason is much…

  • Middle East Oil Prices Rise As Global Demand Recovers

    Published 14 June 2021 | viewed 4,096 times

    Asia Demand Recovery Sparks July Pricing Hope First to confront the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Europe and North America are now spearheading the…

  • Solving Nigeria’s Gasoline Crisis

    Published 13 June 2021 | viewed 4,714 times

    The world of Nigerian refining is an enigma shrouded in a mystery. Although the story of Nigeria’s refining has been a friction point for some…

  • Can Oil Sands Be Banned?

    Published 10 June 2021 | viewed 5,600 times

    The boardroom wars around ExxonMobil, a district court in the Hague ruling Shell should speed up its emissions cutting above and beyond its own objectives,…

  • A War On Coal Is Playing Out In Central Europe

    Published 05 June 2021 | viewed 6,039 times

    The reputation of coal has sustained great damage from an increasing amount of analytical reports describing it as the lowest-hanging fruit to halt global warming.…

  • Russia’s LNG Boom Hinges On Foreign Tech

    Published 02 June 2021 | viewed 3,755 times

    Living the seventh year of sectoral sanctions that target its prospective oil and gas projects, Russia has grown accustomed to living under pressure. Sanctions have…

  • Japan Looks To Become Leader In Wind Energy

    Published 02 June 2021 | viewed 2,855 times

    Japan has notoriously been dependent on energy imports, being the world’s fifth-largest crude importer and second-largest LNG importer (having lost the top position to China…

  • Belarus Sanctions Might Be The Real Deal

    Published 26 May 2021 | viewed 3,294 times

    Multitudinous protests and years of international condemnations notwithstanding, the regime of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus might soon see its final days, all brought about by…

  • Is This Russia’s Most Peculiar Oil Deal?

    Published 22 May 2021 | viewed 3,853 times

    A Russian company called Rusinvest bought the Antipinsky Refinery and several oil fields in the Volga Urals region that came with it for 110.87 billion…

  • Russia Is Making A Comeback In This Growing Gas Market

    Published 17 May 2021 | viewed 2,800 times

    Second year into the pandemic-triggered limbo, many statements that would have seemed quite uncontroversial before COVID pummeled Europe’s energy markets today might seem questionable. Before…

  • India’s Faltering Oil Demand Sets The Tone For Middle East Producers

    Published 15 May 2021 | viewed 7,840 times

    India’s COVID travails have become the main talking point when it comes to Asian crude demand, once again pushing out the timeline of things finally…

  • Iraq Revives Its Monster Pipeline Project

    Published 13 May 2021 | viewed 3,097 times

    Recent news reports were replete with Iraq declaring its willingness to invest $15 billion into new gas-focused projects that could reduce its reliance on one…

  • India May Become Guyana’s Most Important Oil Client

    Published 12 May 2021 | viewed 8,384 times

    Nowadays one of the main buzz stories of the crude market has been focusing on Indian oil demand slumping as a consequence of the COVID-19…

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