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  • Further Attempts to Destabilize Egypt

    Published 25 January 2013 | viewed 6,162 times

    Incident: Religious violence between Christians and Muslims in Egypt erupts to a dangerous level. In the city of Luxor, in highly Christian-populated Qena province, Muslim…

  • Jordan - Problems Ahead?

    Published 25 January 2013 | viewed 6,768 times

    Incident: Parliamentary elections on 23 January were billed as King Abdullah’s reform remedy for stemming the tide of rebellion. The opposition Muslim Brotherhood boycotted the…

  • Is Cameron About to Kill the EU

    Published 25 January 2013 | viewed 6,943 times

    Incident: British Prime Minister David Cameron is dangling a big choice before the country’s voters should his party win the next election: whether or not…

  • How can we Predict the Next Recession?

    Published 21 January 2013 | viewed 4,989 times

    A few thoughts on the "next recession" ... Forecasters generally have a terrible record at predicting recessions. There are many reasons for this poor performance.…

  • This Week in Energy - 18th January 2013

    Published 18 January 2013 | viewed 5,502 times

    This week, all eyes are on BP (NYSE: BP) in Algeria, and a massive hostage crisis that has sent panic through the markets and led…

  • Betting on Mediterranean Shale: 3 Plays, 1 Winner

    Published 18 January 2013 | viewed 14,044 times

    The Mediterranean has joined the shale game, but as most of Europe’s Mediterranean countries drag their feet, all eyes are on Israel, Turkey, and Algeria.…

  • What Traders of Commodity Stocks Need to Know About Rio Tinto’s Writedown

    Published 18 January 2013 | viewed 6,599 times

    What Traders of Commodity Stocks Need to Know About Tio Tinto’s WritedownThe breaking report from Rio Tinto and their unexpected $14 billion write down tells…

  • Tapping into Pakistan's Massive Oil and Gas Reserves

    Published 18 January 2013 | viewed 12,949 times

    Pakistan’s Tribal Areas (FATA) and Frontier Regions (FR) are believed to have massive reserves of oil and natural gas—which Pakistani officials have suddenly become very…

  • Oil Market Forecast & Review 18th January 2013

    Published 18 January 2013 | viewed 7,459 times

    Increasing demand for higher risk assets along with the unexpected drop in the past week’s U.S. crude oil inventories helped March crude oil spike higher…

  • Algeria Hostage Crisis - Look to Mali for Answers

    Published 18 January 2013 | viewed 7,276 times

    Incident: Islamic militants generally based in Mali launched an attack on Monday/Tuesday on a BP-operated gas field in the neighboring Algerian Sahara desert. They took…

  • Iraq - Kuwait - Turkey: Relations Hit a New Low

    Published 18 January 2013 | viewed 6,906 times

    Incident: In an indication of the dangerous new low reached in Iraqi-Turkish relations, Iraq’s central government has rescinded an exploration deal with a Turkey’s state-run…

  • Romania and the Shale Question

    Published 18 January 2013 | viewed 5,757 times

    Situation: Romania is ushering in a new government following December general elections, and this new government-designate is indicating that the shale question will be decided…

  • Algeria - Another Setback for the Galsi Pipeline

    Published 18 January 2013 | viewed 6,132 times

    Situation: The much-heralded Galsi gas pipeline that would expand Europe’s reach to Algeria (and North Africa’s) gas reserves has undergone another setback—this time it may…

  • EIA Predicts Gasoline Prices to Fall

    Published 14 January 2013 | viewed 4,421 times

    Another update on gasoline prices. From the EIA (Energy Information Administration): EIA expects that the Brent crude oil spot price, which averaged $112 per barrel…

  • What will Happen to the Economy in 2013?

    Published 12 January 2013 | viewed 5,015 times

    Note: Sometimes it is useful to jot down a few thoughts on how the economy is expected to perform. This isn't to test my forecasting…

  • Seismic Shift in Iraq, Seismic Energy Impact

    Published 10 January 2013 | viewed 5,863 times

    The struggle for control of Northern Iraq’s oil and gas and a looming Kurdish bid for independence will be the most visible energy-impacting conflict of…

  • Albania – Dubious Deals

    Published 10 January 2013 | viewed 9,403 times

    Incident: The sale of Albpetrol to ostensibly US-based Vetro Energy in September has been stalled after Vetro failed to make the deposit to back the…

  • Yemen - Oil War to Intensify

    Published 10 January 2013 | viewed 6,750 times

    Incident: Just east of the capital Sana’a at least five people have been killed in fighting near an oil pipeline that began the last week…

  • Iran-Pakistan: Western Pipeline Nightmare

    Published 10 January 2013 | viewed 6,555 times

    Incident: The National Iranian Gas Company has announced it will begin construction of the Iran-Pakistan (IP) pipeline within 30 days. Construction will start on the…

  • Iran - Power Play in Strait of Hormuz

    Published 10 January 2013 | viewed 7,925 times

    Incident: Iran has test-fired a newly upgraded missile system near the strategic oil and gas Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. The Raad (Thunder)…

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