• 3 minutes CoV-19: China, WHO, myth vs fact
  • 6 minutes Trump reinvented tariffs and it worked
  • 9 minutes IEA Sees First Global Oil Demand Drop in a Decade on Coronavirus
  • 12 minutes Question: Why are oil futures so low through 2020?
  • 5 hours Is Pete Buttigieg emerging as the most likely challenger to Trump?
  • 5 hours Don't sneeze. Coronavirus is a threat to oil markets and global economies
  • 2 days "For the Public's Interest"
  • 2 days Natural Gas from Cow Poop Used to Save the Environment and Help Farmers
  • 8 hours Has Trump put the USA at the service of Israel?
  • 10 hours Solar Cells at 25 Cents Apiece (5 cents per watt)
  • 22 hours The New Class War Exposes the Oligarchs and Enablers
  • 22 hours Foxconn cancelled the reopening of their mfg plants scheduled for tomorrow. Rescheduled to March 3rd. . . . if they're lucky.
  • 2 days Coronovairus, Phase One Agreement, Lower for Longer
  • 2 days Is cheaper plastics feedstock on the horizon?
  • 9 hours Cheap natural gas is making it very hard to go green
  • 2 days Weekly U.S. Imports of Crude Oil. No, the U.S. is NOT oil & gas self-sufficient.
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    Bloomberg reports that Gold Extends Longest Streak Since 1920 on Central-Bank Stimulus.Gold rose, capping the longest annual gain since at least 1920, on renewed concern…

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  • One to Watch: Dow Chemical Cuts Energy Costs by $9 Billion

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    Household debt is way down. ... The good news is that in the past three years, Americans have made remarkable progress cleaning up their balance…

  • Let the Fracking Begin in Europe - Very Cautiously

    Published 23 November 2012 | viewed 8,851 times

    The European Parliament has rejected a proposal to ban new hydraulic fracturing operations on European Union territory, but while opportunities abound, they won’t be revolutionary…

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