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Charles Kennedy

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Charles Kennedy

Charles is a writer for Oilprice.com

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  • Gazprom Signs South Stream Pipeline Agreement with Bulgaria

    Published 29 August 2012 | viewed 4,352 times

    Russian Gazprom on Monday signed an agreement for the construction of the Bulgarian section of its South Stream gas pipeline with Bulgaria’s National Energy Holdings.…

  • Piracy: Skulls, Cross-Bones and Letterhead

    Published 28 August 2012 | viewed 21,028 times

    You can’t fight piracy on the high seas with naval power and clever security solutions alone, you can only shift the balance temporarily. Today’s pirates…

  • Voters Favor Obama over Romney on Energy

    Published 28 August 2012 | viewed 4,831 times

    US voters apparently favor President Barack Obama’s energy policy over the energy independence plan unveiled by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to two new…

  • Iran May Allow Inspection of Military Installation

    Published 28 August 2012 | viewed 3,794 times

    During a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) this week, Iran may allow visiting diplomats to inspect a military installation southeast of Tehran and targeted…

  • US DOE Issues Report in Support of Natural Gas

    Published 27 August 2012 | viewed 4,498 times

    The US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory last week released a report in support of natural gas as a cost-effective resource for the…

  • Scientists Unveil How the Deep Ocean Traps Carbon

    Published 27 August 2012 | viewed 4,214 times

    The Southern Ocean operates as an absorber of carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, but until now scientists were in the dark as to…

  • Breakthroughs Make Desalination Equipment Investor's Pick

    Published 27 August 2012 | viewed 7,252 times

    Analysts are predicting that orders for desalination equipment, which makes drinking water from the sea, will triple over the next five years and metamorphose into…

  • Dipping into US Strategic Oil Reserves: A Speculator's Bonanza

    Published 25 August 2012 | viewed 15,882 times

    The White House is keeping the rumor-mill afloat with hints that it may draw from US strategic oil and petroleum reserves, watching the market respond…

  • Sudan-South Sudan Tensions Flare over Oil-Rich Abyei

    Published 25 August 2012 | viewed 4,265 times

    As new talks are set to get underway between Sudan and South Sudan, another skirmish is threatening the shaky peace as the two sides spar…

  • Securities and Exchange Commission Passes Key Tax Disclosure Ruling

    Published 25 August 2012 | viewed 6,384 times

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday passed in a 2 to 1 vote a requirement for American oil and mining companies to disclose…

  • Australia's Mining Boom Over?

    Published 25 August 2012 | viewed 5,215 times

    Australian officials are sparring over the status of the country’s mining industry, with Resources Minister Martin Ferguson telling the media that the nation’s mining boom…

  • Israel Reaches Out to US for Oil and Gas Development

    Published 25 August 2012 | viewed 9,564 times

    Israel Natural Gas Lines' is energetically courting US majors to develop its oil and gas industry, inviting firms specializing in exploration, production, pipeline construction, logistical…

  • Poland's Natural Gas Monopoly Purges and Merges

    Published 25 August 2012 | viewed 4,972 times

    Poland's natural gas monopoly, PGNiG, on Thursday announced plans to streamline its management and merge its subsidiaries after suffering major second-quarter losses. The natural gas…

  • Energy Independence by 2020 with Romney?

    Published 23 August 2012 | viewed 4,778 times

    Presidential candidate Mit Romney on Thursday promised voters a US entirely energy independent by 2020, the allegedly detailed plan for which he plans to unveil…

  • Wal-Mart Storms Energy World

    Published 23 August 2012 | viewed 9,999 times

    Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer now boasting two million associates and 150 million shoppers, is storming the scene with its own energy policy that has…

  • IAE, Iran to Meet in Vienna

    Published 23 August 2012 | viewed 5,439 times

    The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said that Iranian representatives have agreed to meet with the agency in Vienna on Friday in another…

  • Romney Raises $6mn at Big Oil Luncheon

    Published 22 August 2012 | viewed 5,082 times

    US Presidential candidate Mit Romney attended a lucrative luncheon on Tuesday, earning an easy $6 million in campaign donations from energy executives at the $50,000-a-plate…

  • Ethiopian PM's Death Brings Uncertainty and Opportunity

    Published 22 August 2012 | viewed 8,107 times

    The death of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi after a lengthy illness on 20 August could have the effect of temporarily stalling the country’s grand…

  • Platinum Gains on Miner Unrest in South Africa

    Published 22 August 2012 | viewed 6,242 times

    Platinum made its biggest gains today since May amid investor concerns over tensions with minors in South Africa and clashes between strikers and security forces…

  • Beyond the Conflict, Syria's Climate Realities

    Published 20 August 2012 | viewed 6,278 times

    Half a decade of drought has forced the migration of 1.5 million rural residences to Syria’s urban centers, as the regime has paid little attention to…

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