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What are the Causes of Global warming

It’s a scientifically proven “Fact,” that over the past century, our planet has slowly been warming up. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the average temperature around the world has gradually risen by one degree fharenheit.
While this minimal warming might not seem all that significant, the truth is, according to Climatic Specialists all around the globe, the over-all impact will most certainly prove to be devastating if this continual warming process is not somehow ebated.

Scientists have been busily searching and studying in order to determine precisely what the primary, “key factors” are behind this progressive “heating up” process. Here’s what they have come up with thus far:

The Main Causes of Global Warming (Manmade & Nature)

To the surprise of many out-spoken environmentalists, it, in fact, turns out mankind and technology actually aren’t the only significant causes of global warming. There actually are a wide variety of 100%, ‘all natural” causes, ranging from volcanic eruptions, solar radiation and natural thawing of the Earths “permafrost” and glaciers.

In other words, the planet’s temperature, just like most other things in life and natural science, simply tends to fluctuate through natural, rhythmic, “ebbs and flows” and highs and lows that are caused and by sources within the planet itself, as well as the vacillating environment of  the solar system and universe that we are passively passing through.

However, before we start to get too comfortable and confidently assume that we as human beings are officially “off the hook,” the fact remains that several “man made” causes play a significant role in our current, global warming trend.

Welcome to the Greenhouse. Yes, the “Greenhouse” effect may very well be the most popular new term utilized in environmental circles and it’s time people really begin to understand exactly what it is, what it does and what we can do about it.

What Are Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases, being lighter than air, naturally rise up the outer limits of the earth’s atmosphere and then settle there, creating an impenetrable barrier that traps heat from being able to escape into space, holding it hostage within our environment and warming the temperature in the process.

It is feared that unless we change our ways, getting smarter about our greenhouse gas emissions, they could increase an addition 5 to 9% over the next hundred years and lead to some very serious problems maintaining a comfortable and healthy life on Earth.

So where does this greenhouse gas come from and what other culprits are responsible for our “global warming” problems?

Carbon Dioxide from Power Plants: Nearly 40% of our carbon dioxide emissions come directly from the process of burning ‘fossil fuels” in order to generate electricity. Of that almost 40% of our CO2 emissions directly attributed to generating power, over 90% of it comes from the burning of coal. Coal emits 25% more carbon per “unit of energy” than oil and 70% more carbon than natural gas.

Carbon Dioxide from Automobiles: Approximately 1/3 of the carbon dioxide emissions released into our environment comes from the burning of gasoline in internal-combustion engines of automobiles, buses, motorcycles, “SUVs,” recreational vehicles, trucks and of course, motor sports.

As motor sports (racing) continue to grow in popularity, the huge amount of fuel being used continues to grow annually. Just NASCAR alone, which is only one of numerous racing associations, admits that it burns over 1 million gallons of gas per year when you combine the gasoline used for the racing, trials, practice runs, etc. That doesn’t even take into account the gas spent traveling, hauling the cars, equipment, team and tools for each car back and forth to the track

Carbon Dioxide from Airplanes: The United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that aviation currently is responsible for just under 5% of global warming and that the figure could very well rise to approximate 15% by the year 2050.

Carbon Dioxide from Buildings: Scientists claim that something so very mundane as the regular maintenance, temperature control and cleaning of buildings structure actually account for nearly 12% of carbon dioxide emissions.

Methane: CO2 is not the only “Greenhouse Gas” that the planet is contending with these days. While carbon dioxide may be primary greenhouse gas, methane actually is 20 times more effective as CO2 at trapping heat in the Earths atmosphere. Emissions of methane released into our atmosphere have risen 145% in the last 100 years.

Methane naturally occurs as part of the biological processes behind everything from bovine flatulence to the organic bacteria and sulfur’s commonly found in bogs, springs, and wells. Methane is a natural form of gas that is released in rice paddies as well as the composting and decomposition of organic matter. However, methane gas is also released during the processing and preparation of fossil fuels.

Water Vapor: Believe it or not, something as natural and simple as “water vapor,” is the most prevalent and effective greenhouse gas on the planet. But, much of the cause behind its increasing levels entering the atmosphere is due to already increased global warming that has taken place, due to increased levels of CO2, methane as well as other greenhouse gases.

Water vapor is responsible for 2/3 of the heat currently trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere by all greenhouse gases. The hotter the atmosphere gets, the higher the level of “relative humidity” which holds the heat in even better.

Nitrous Oxide: Yet another of the infamous “Greenhouse Gasses, Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a colorless, non-flammable gas with a slightly sweet odor. Most commonly known as “laughing gas” and used as a medical anesthetic, nitrous oxide is naturally produced by oceans and rainforests.

Nitrous oxide is naturally broken down in the atmosphere through chemical reactions that occur with sunlight. Some of the most prevalent “man-made” sources of nitrous oxide are agricultural fertilizers, nylon, catalytic converters and nitric acid, along with the burning of organic matter.


Deforestation: According to NASA, besides, human caused carbon dioxide emissions released into the environment, deforestation actually now is the 2nd most prolific cause of atmospheric CO2 influx. Deforestation is responsible for nearly ¼ of all carbon emissions entering the atmosphere. The planet cuts and burns nearly 34 million acres of trees each year, including millions of acres of “rainforest,” equal to the size of the entire country of Italy.

The process of deforestation is “doubly” dangerous for the planet, because not only are we adding millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, but we are also wiping out the most effective cleansers of that deadly CO2 gas, the trees and plants that naturally “thrive” by consuming the carbon dioxide and offering up pure, clean, breathable oxygen as a free byproduct of the plant life cycle.

Melting Permafrost: Permafrost is the frozen soil throughout the arctic and sub-arctic regions, that contain all kinds of organic matter such as all kinds of frozen plants and animals that have been frozen solid and held inert for 30,000 years. Approximately 25% of the land mass of the Northern Hemisphere is “permafrost,’ or soil with a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) or less.

Permafrost has acted like a jail cell for carbon, methane and other greenhouse gases for several thousand years, perhaps dating back to the last “Ice Age.” As glacial regions and permafrost begin to melt, the 50 billion tons of carbon that scientists estimate is held in a state on inactive, suspended animation under the frozen surface of the tundra will begin and continue to be released into our atmosphere, creating a greenhouse effect that would make the residents of the hottest and most humid tropical islands faint in mere minute.

OK … so now we know the causes of Global Warming. It’s not ALL our fault, but we certainly have played a significant role in the decline of our environmental integrity. However, when you stop to think about it, that’s actually good news! You see, if we played a major role in creating, the problem, that logically means that we can also play a major role in SOLVING the problem! So just like in a good game of chess … it’s your move!

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  • Anonymous on January 27 2010 said:
    very helpfull
    Thanks xxx
  • Anonymous on February 21 2010 said:
    I do not believe in burning down the earth.However call this climate crap for what it is, a money grab of the wealthy to give to countries who do not have the nohow since the dawn of ages to build a toilet. Just look at the policies of the Poper and the marxist United Nations. For a minute there I thought I was talking about America.
  • Anonymous on March 03 2010 said:
    I believe that the global warming is a bunch of bulls shit. It is a government conspiercy.
  • Anonymous on March 30 2010 said:
    I can't figure out which is more arrogant, thinking man created global warming or thinking man can stop it.
  • Anonymous on April 05 2010 said:
    Yes, your explanation of the causes of global warming understood. My move? We drive a Honda insight which averages ~45 mpg, so we burn less gasoline. I worked last weekend and this weekend planting vegetables which "breath" in CO2. I haven't been on any airplanes for a year, work at home office, so don't use an additional building, am cutting down on eating meat.

    I'm trying! My efforts are probably a lot more effective than politicians who fly here and there and use a lot of jet fuel and probably emit a lot of hot air while doing so.
  • Anonymous on April 06 2010 said:
    In and around 1200AD temperatures were between 0.5 to 2 degrees centigrade greater than current temperatures. None of the causes mentioned above were present then. When government and editorials such as the above tries to railroad citizens into action they should read the following and other material like it.

  • Anonymous on April 08 2010 said:
    Our study has revealed that the major reason for the melting of the pole regions is the thin mantel at the pole regions, such coupled with increased molten activity in these regions, such as opposed to atmospheric changes. We note some change in atmospheric conditions but also note the ability of the earth to heal itself, particularly with respect to greenhouse gasses. Our study has become more self-proving over the past two years.
  • Anonymous on April 16 2010 said:
    Man made global warming has nothing to do with real science. I am sorry but your comment that it is proven is nonsense. I have worked extensively with integro-differential coupled models of nature like the GCM's. I can tell you definitely that bullshit in gives bullshit out. The GCM's do not include thousands of effects including aerosols (e.g. clouds). Right now there is a $1 million prize available if you can contribute to any real understanding of the Navier-Stokes equations which underlie all meteorology. WE simply do not know how to even vaguely get close to real solutions. So man made global warming and its so-called proofs are complete nonsense.... I suggest you look this nonsense under religion and politics.
  • Anonymous on January 02 2011 said:
    For all you who wrote negatives on this issue.The issue on global warming is so plain and simple, you dirty the water you drink from, your drinking water is dirty.How can everyone and i mean everyone , give or take a few individuals, contest such logic is beyond belief.My greatest battles were to teach the ignorant.....I allways lostNapoleon
  • Anonymous on January 04 2011 said:
    You state that green-house gases are lighter than air. But water vapour is denser than air, so it doesn't rise up as you say "Greenhouse gases, being lighter than air, naturally rise up the outer limits of the earth’s atmosphere and then settle there". As moist air ( water vapour in air-mix rises, it cools down, forming clouds and rain. Water vapour creates clouds which block the sun's rays, thereby cooling, not warming. The higher you go into the startosphere, the less mositure there is. So if 2/3rds of GHG are water vapour, then the theory about how much harm it is doing is clearly misleading.There is a lot of taxpayers money funding scientists who love to scare gullible politicians with ever escalating claims.This scam promises something which cannot be delivered by mankind, and those who take the money don't get found out until they are dead. Better than a Madoff scam......
  • Anonymous on January 04 2011 said:
    Water vapour does not as you claim quote "Greenhouse gases, being lighter than air, naturally rise up the outer limits of the earth’s atmosphere and then settle there". Water vapour cools as it rises, causes clouds or rain, reflects the sun's rays and cools the earth. As you go higher into the stratosphere, there is less and less water vapour. So that statement is wrong. Unfortunately, with scientists using scare tactics to bully politicians into giving them more grants of taxpayer's money, there is a lot at stake, and in these austere times,some scientists will do anything to keep those funds flowing. And not one of them can explain previous warmings in the earth's history, yet suddenly they have this opportunity to scare children about runaway global warming. This scam is better than Bernie Madoff's scam, because these guys get to spend your money now on promises that they and for that matter, mankind cannot deliver, now or in the future. When they are found out, they are long dead.
  • Anonymous on April 19 2011 said:
    Since CO2 levels continued to rise while temps peaked in 1998, doesn't that point to failure of global warming theories? Come on...there is no facts. The ice melting can be cause by soot falling on the snow from the recent spate of volcanoes, from fallout of coal plants, from geothermal activity within the earth, and on and on. It's basically anecdotal evidence that you are trying to use to support a scam that would have been exposed years ago had it not been for the liberal media.
  • Anonymous on May 30 2011 said:
    You state that there are scientific facts that show that the planet has been warming, how then do you explain that the last few winters have been amongst the coldest. In the meantime, if you have been paying attention outside you would have noticed that in Ontario at least, this has been a cold spring.
  • Anonymous on August 22 2011 said:
    Global warming has been going on for the past 20,000 years... ever since the ice age ended.
  • Anonymous on August 22 2011 said:
    Volcanoes cause more pollution than we do. I'm guessing former president Bush caused them too?
  • Anonymous on September 25 2011 said:
    bull - A) the global temp has been declining for the last 11 years B) we have half the co2 we have historically had on the planet and need more -co2 is one of the 4 elements necessary to sustain life on the planet. c) the sun controls "global warming" idiot.
  • Anonymous on September 26 2011 said:
    I am guilty of encouraging the idea of global warming by calling for taxation of fossil fuel carbon, so as to provide a painful yet also flexible incentive to reduce fossil fuel burning. **Mea Culpa**But I am also open to the possibility, which we need to bring out of the closet and into the open, that people who already have a philosophical peeve against the automobile have an emotional (if not also financial) vested interest in the basic idea of man-made global warming caused by the automobile and our way of life. We need federal laws to criminalize anybody who shouts down, threatens, assaults, or otherwise interferes with speakers on college/university campuses who upset the liberal applecart by, for example, questioning whether global warming is taking place or whether our way of life (as opposed to sunspots, etc) is the cause of it all.
  • Anonymous on September 27 2011 said:
    If greenhouse gases form an impenetrable barrier that keeps heat from escaping Earth, then how does heat from the sun reach Earth? Is this barrier impenetrable in only one direction? This article should not convince anyone that its authors understand the causes of global warming. This poor summary of the science does everyone a disservice.
  • Anonymous on September 27 2011 said:
    Global warming is a made up lie. Al Gore and all his friends are terrible liars."Global Warming" is still being discussed everywhere so the elite can create a "green" market and tax everyone who exhale CO2. I mean c'mon man. Really? CO2 emissions are needed for tree & plant life to exist!Global Warming is the biggest lie I have ever seen. The puppet masters have been trying so hard to spin this into a "truth", but it is not happening...
  • Anonymous on September 28 2011 said:
    Global warming is the biggest lie that...Where were you when George W. Bush was president?
  • Anonymous on October 13 2011 said:
    "The physical evidence for global warming is quite overwhelming, and it is downright irresponsible (and stupid) not to make use of it.More specifically: (1) precise measurements show atmospheric CO2 has increased from its 280 ppm pre-industrial value to the current ~390 ppm; (2) there is available an accurate HITRAN tabulation of line absorption coefficients for all of the atmospheric absorbing gases; (3) we have available accurate radiation modeling techniques as well as capable global climate models; and (4) that 9 Gigatons of carbon (coal, gas, oil) are being burned each year (by us humans).Based on this basic input data, the relevant physics is inescapably clear that the increase in atmospheric CO2 is indeed enhancing the strength of the terrestrial greenhouse effect, and thus causing global warming to happen – all directly attributable to human industrial activity." Stolen from Rabett Run who quoted others
  • Levine on December 04 2011 said:
    "Carbon Tax" means "oil price increase."Global warming is strategic misdirection/agitprop that will RAISE the price of oil.Cui bono? (duh)85% of Earth's volcanic activity occursundersea. Holocene Age(our present era since end of last Ice Age) will ending rather suddenly as these volcanoes will interrupt the Gulf Stream's ability towarm the Northern Hemisphere. Look it up.
  • John Doe on December 17 2011 said:
    Do you think that HAARP blasting a BILLION watts of MICROWAVE energy into the atmosphere MIGHT heat up the environment.We have 3 systems, and the Russians also have multiple systems.Affects Climate. Causes EARTHQUAKES. ..this is the product of SDI, just another military weapon!But, you want to blame it on us, really???
  • Dano on January 02 2012 said:
    What separates Earth from all the trillions of dead floating rocks is our beautiful but delicate ecosystem. An atmosphere that took billions of years of biochemical modification to support current life should be cared for just a little bit better by it's inhabitants. We trust doctors and car mechanics, why don't we trust the 98% of scientists who say this is a real problem? They can't all be part of some Al Gore led global conspiracy.
  • Bob Samone on January 16 2012 said:
    :-| when you think about it, every day, greenhouse gases are being released, that's tonnes and tonnes being released by millions of humans.
  • yaone ntonge on October 31 2012 said:
    thnks it hlpd me
  • raven on April 15 2016 said:
    its cool

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