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The End Of A Dark Decade For Energy Commodities

The End Of A Dark Decade For Energy Commodities

Commodities have suffered through a…

Tesla To Add New AI Feature To Its Vehicles

Tesla assembly line

Tesla plans to add a new artificial intelligence feature to its vehicles, the latest from Twitter has revealed. As Electrek reports, Elon Musk broke the news in response to a question from a Tesla client whether the cars will ever get a “K.I.T.T. like A.I.”

The abbreviation refers to a fictional AI feature from the Knight Rider TV show, available on the 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. The Knight Industries Two Thousand, or KITT, was capable of talking to the driver and had access to other functions in the car.

Now that more and more fictional tech from sci-fi movies and books is becoming a reality, a KITT-type AI feature sounds like just another box to tick on the list. Electrek’s Fred Lambert recalls an earlier statement by Musk, who said that Tesla is working on new voice command features that will allow drivers “to do pretty much anything via voice command”.

Yet voice command is not exactly the same as KITT-style AI. It is more likely a step in a direction that will eventually lead to a KITT-style AI. The closest to this tech currently available, says Electrek, is accessing Siri on Apple Carplay, and Tesla doesn’t support Apple Carplay.

Meanwhile, Tesla is developing an AI chip that will enable Teslas to become autonomous. Back in 2015, Musk said a fully autonomous car could become a reality in 2018, as did other tech CEOs. Now, the Verge reported recently, the timeline for a fully self-driving car is being extended.

The problem is artificial intelligence—the artificial intelligence that will make a car autonomous. According to experts, there is still no reliable way to ensure an autonomous car’s ability to avoid accidents. In fact, it could be decades until this degree of safety is ensured, and this will lose a lot of money for those betting on car autonomy.

By Irina Slav for Oilprice.com

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