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Rossi Vindicated? E-Cat Tested by Third Party Investigation

A report has been released detailing a third party investigation into the anomalous heat produced from reactions inside the E-Cat HT (High Temperature) machine.

High resolution thermal imaging cameras were used to record the heat of the reaction tube of the E-Cat, with the data recorded on a second by second basis; and the electrical power input was measured using a large bandwidth three-phase power analyzer.

Data was collected from two separate experiments, one using the E-Cat HT, and the other using the E-Cat HT2, a technologically improved version of the E-Cat HT.

Both tests used the exact same methodology, and both produced excess heat from an unknown reaction within the tube, and in quantities above anything produced by conventional sources.

Related article: What’s Happened to Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat?

The website ECAT stated that, the first test, in December, lasted for 116 hours before being shut down , producing 160 kWh of energy and consuming just 35 kWh; producing an energy density of 7 • 103 W/kg and a thermal energy density of about 6.8 • 105 Wh/kg.

The second test, in March, lasted 96 hours and produced around 62kWh of energy, whilst consuming 33kWh. This gave the machine a power density of roughly 5.3 • 105W/kg, and a thermal energy density of 6.1 • 107Wh/kg.

Even taking the most conservative energy production figures recorded, the reaction still functioned at a higher magnitude than any other conventional sources.

The next experiment will begin this summer and will last for around six months as a long term test for the E-Cat HT2.

By. Charles Kennedy of Oilprice.com

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  • surveillance on November 08 2013 said:
    . In both cases the power would be supplied by RF sources at either end of the cylinder. Different mixtures of Thermite have different melting and ignition points, and all can be induced to "meltdown" on
  • Tim on May 30 2013 said:
    Even and I mean even (as 3rd party testing has not been performed) if this technology is real, the amount of hurdles that has to be jumped through to get this technology moved from country to country is very large.

    Supposedly there is a cold fusion technology being developed in Australia for the past 40 years - hmmmmm 40 years to string investors along - and the Australian government is not ready to let the technology be implemented in their own country. 1. It isn't real and this is an excuse 2. The political walls that need to be scaled may never happen, even if the technology is real.

  • The Geoff on May 27 2013 said:
    The amount of astroturfing going on in the comments is the one thing that absolutely screams "scam!". I was interested, I was intrigued, then I read a bunch of entirely non-critical, clearly biased comments pushing the device as nirvana. Nobody does this unless they're desperately trying to make a few dollars from something before they get found out. You may think you're promoting this device, but you're doing quite the opposite, you're making it look more and more like a scam to me.
  • Brad Arnold on May 27 2013 said:
    LENR is a proven phenomena, so Rossi is just claiming he's improved it. Again and again he demonstrates his devices, and nothing he does satisfies his critics.

    This phenomenon (LENR) has been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers: http://lenr-canr.org/acrobat/RothwellJtallyofcol.pdf

    "Over 2 decades with over 100 experiments worldwide indicate LENR is real, much greater than chemical..." --Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

    "Total replacement of fossil fuels for everything but synthetic organic chemistry." --Dr. Joseph M. Zawodny, NASA

    I mean, how many experts need to say it before the "skeptics" are silenced? The level of denial exhibited by the nay-sayers is incredible. A reasonable person needs to ask: why are they being so obtuse.
  • Andrew on May 23 2013 said:

    Anything can be refuted with ifs and maybes, you should try to show some evidence sometime. The independent testing has shown evidence, the only evidence you have shown is a belief that Rossi is a fraud. If its a scam how much money is anyone involved going to pocket before throwen in jail? They all have doctorate degrees and can command a 6 figure salary..... They are going to throw that away for the profits of selling a few bogus machines? Then jail time? Lol. I have to ask who pays your bills? Whats your modavation for spreading seeds of deceit and half truths?
  • maryyugo on May 22 2013 said:
    Rossi has not been "vindicated" and nothing has been tested by a "third party".

    Rossi and his very close long time associate, Levi, ran the entire show. Hoho's link (above) explains it all. Essen admitted that he could not even rerun the experiment without help or much more study. All the equipment except for a few meters was supplied by Rossi, it was done in Rossi's lab and with his supply of mains power which he control entirely. Levi is not a third party. He is part of Rossi's team most of the time. The test was absolutely NOT independent of Rossi in any way.

    The power meter which was used relied on clamp on ammeters which would have missed both extra DC power and extra RF power, either of which Rossi could easily have added to the mains.

    The infrared images of the running reactor do not look like one would expect if there was, as Rossi says, a nuclear reaction making heat in a small cartridge of secret sauce. Such a scenario would certainly create a hot spot where the reaction was going on. No such a spot is seen in the images. What the images look like is a simple electrical heater and that is, without a doubt, what Rossi had the scientists test.

    It is a reasonable assumption that Rossi cheated by turning extra power from the mains on or off as needed to simulate an excess heat power source within the reactor.

    The way the experiment was performed, such sleight of hand could not be ruled out. This is what happens when you let scientists, who are not trained to detect deception and misdirection, conduct an experiment in which cheating and lying are highly probable. They get bamboozled and these guys did.

    Don't sell off your oil stocks yet. Or better yet do. I'll be happy to buy the lower priced shares.
  • Andrew on May 22 2013 said:
    If you read "krivits" interview you'll notice that he leads you to believe certain things with the order of questions. Notice at the bottom, "updated to include the question..... " why did he originally leave this out? What else is he leaving out? He is leading you to believe that independent testing should equal peer-review. It doesn't. Peer review means that you tell someone else how to make it, they go out and make it and test. By all means an independent test can take place anywhere. The testers brought and calibrated their own testing equipment, recorded ther results and did their own calculations and were allowed to publish reguardless of the results. Krivit had a beef with Rossi way back and has his own agenda. He however has one good article on his website, link below.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer on May 22 2013 said:
    The skeptics are unbelievable, I have been following Rossi and his E-cat for two years, he has had at least seven demonstrations and now the third party verification. I cannot help but believe some of the skeptics have a goal of deliberately delaying the implementation of this important energy source.
  • jetmech on May 22 2013 said:
    The "rossi Ecat" remains an unproven scam!
  • Hoho on May 22 2013 said:
    Uhh, people do realize that was far from proper third party testing, right?

    Just some light reading on it:
  • Thomas Fisher on May 21 2013 said:
    My best guess for a non cold fusion explanation of the "meltdown" and other tests would be to use a flammable metal powder that will heat up when exposed to an RF source, and that will auto-ignite above a certain temperature. Magnesium is a good guess since it will burn in the absence of oxygen, and the burning is enhanced in the presence of Hydrogen.

    The interior of the E-Cat is filled with pressurized hydrogen gas, which would be an ideal burning environment for Magnesium. Even without Hydrogen, Magnesium will reach ~3,100C, which will handily burn through ceramics. Some Thermite mixtures can get even hotter.

    If an Aluminum based Thermite mixture was used (alone or in a hybrid with a magnesium ignition source in the case of the November test), it might be even easier to replicate the result. It would have a melting point of ~660C, and once melted it would convect inside of the core and provide for a uniform heat source for the E-Cat. In both cases the power would be supplied by RF sources at either end of the cylinder. Different mixtures of Thermite have different melting and ignition points, and all can be induced to "meltdown" on command.

    This might actually be triggered by the electrical "control module" that is connected to the device. Alternatively, in the November test, they could have just punched enough RF power through to ignite the Magnesium/Thermite. In the photos the heat sources are clearly at either end of the cylinder, either because the charge was only located there, or because the Thermite had not had time to fully melt and convect before igniting. Once it ignites (by whatever method) you get a "meltdown".

    In the December test, its the same setup with RF sources at either end. The IR camera is underneath the device and cant see the caps, which would be hotter than the rest of the cylinder as the RF signal passed through. Power would be reduced and modulated to only melt the Thermite and allow it to convect within the inner core. (If it is not intended to "melt-down" some other similar, non reactive material could have been used)

    In the March test, the setup was changed, with an additional IR camera focused on one of the ends of the cylinder. This would have blocked Rossi from being able to have an RF source at both ends.

    However, there is a flange on the other end of the cylinder which might have served as a shield so that the camera was not picking up anomalous readings from the RF source being beamed through the cylinder towards the camera. Rossi says its meant to be connected to a heat exchanger, but the fact is that the flange wasn't in the previous tests that used just a single IR camera.

    In the December test, the device was already started when the researchers arrived (for that matter, it was just two researchers closely aligned with Rossi for those first tests. The "independent" researchers were only there for the March test).

    In the March test the device took 2 hours to heat up enough before the ON/OFF modulation of the "reaction" was started.
  • russ on May 21 2013 said:
    Cold fusion will now rapidly deploy as the Italian tide lifts all boats in the field. The impact on the oil industry will be $4 Trillion in stranded asset risk, as reported this spring by the London School of Economics. Here is a link to the stranded asset story http://goo.gl/A7UgP

    This new source of emission free energy can prevent more CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere. But we still have the crisis of the nearly trillion tonnes of fossil CO2 already emitted that is changing climate and destroying ecosystems, especially the ocean plankton pastures.

    But there is a solution that can replenish and restore the ocean pastures and in doing so convert billions of tonnes of CO2 into ocean life itself at the cost of mere millions. Like cold fusion the proof has been demonstrated and is ready for large scale deployment.

    Perhaps just in time these twin scientific discoveries have been transformed into technologies that will reverse the harm we have done in our pell mell burning of fossil fuels.

    It’s time for people to call on government and industry to save the world, and make a little money on the side…. Not the other way around! http://russgeorge.net
  • George Hody on May 21 2013 said:
    Stunning. Simply stunning! The need for oil has just been ravaged. Congratulations Dr. Rossi.
  • Alan Fletcher on May 20 2013 said:
    I modified Fig 9 in the paper to show the power and energy density of the eCat, using the most conservative of their estimates.


    Feel free to put it in the body of your article.


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