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The Best Way To Play The Coming Gold Boom

The Best Way To Play The Coming Gold Boom

Analysts have turned shockingly bullish…

The Worst Is Over For Oil Markets

The Worst Is Over For Oil Markets

It has been a tough…

New Sanctions On Russia Anger EU, Oil & Gas Industry


With a vote of 419 to 3, the House of Representatives passed legislation envisaging firmer economic sanctions against Russia as well as a stipulation that would make it harder for the White House to weaken any future sanctions against Moscow.

The overwhelming vote, media noted, was a blow to President Trump, who had asked for flexibility in the adjustment of the sanction policy. Instead, the House passed the new sanction bill with veto-proof majority, The Hill reports, taking away Trump’s chance to block it.

Now, the bill must pass through the Senate, but it’s still unclear when the upper house will vote on it. If it approves the bill, sanctions imposed on Russia two years ago will become a law. Also, fresh sanctions against Iran and North Korea are included in the package.

In short, the future law stipulates that American oil and gas companies cannot do business in Russia or elsewhere if they partner with Russian companies that have a minimum of 33 percent in the venture. Given that Russian oil and gas companies usually hold much more than 33 percent in any joint projects in Russia, the ban is more or less complete.

However, the ban covers all deepwater, shale, and Arctic exploration—worldwide—and that sparked concern in the U.S. oil and gas industry, with insiders warning that it could hurt projects not just in Russia but around the world as well.

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Two senior officials, from the US Petroleum Equipment & Services Association and the American Petroleum Institute, wrote to legislators warning that the new, broader sanctions could lead to loss of American jobs, economic contraction, and other unintended consequences.

Europe is also unhappy with the formulation of the sanction package because it also covers Russian export pipelines, which means that U.S. energy companies will be banned from participating in such projects as the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. However, despite industry expectations that the bill will be tweaked to reflect these concerns, Congress has so far not relented/

By Irina Slav for Oilprice.com

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  • Marco DeCelis on July 31 2017 said:
    Some Americans have not cottoned on to the fact that it is a multi-polar world even though they themselves have been shunted off to the suburbs by the "newcomers".

    It is time for the EU countries to show some backbone. Put killer tariffs on their franking gas which is despoiling the world. Sanction the politicians who signed the Bill and
    make it impossible for them to do business in Europe. Raise tariffs on the American struggling industries. Send them a clear message to "frack off"
  • Marco DeCelis on July 31 2017 said:
    The US is trying to force Europe to buy the more expensive nastier fracking gas instead of ghe cheaper natural gas which Europe wants apart from the Baltic statelets.

    The NeoCon owners of the American mainstream media have browbeaten Americans into political correctnes.whereby it is considered repugnant to criticize anyone married gays, Muslims, mullahs,White Helmeted jihadists etc apart from Christians and Christians. Russians fit this niche nicely.

    So in a frenzy of witch-hunting the American politicians are trying to hurt the Russian people and force Europeans to curtail business with Russia. The Americans are not only meddling in European affairs but actually threatening us not to trade with countries they object to.

    It is time for Europeans to show a little backbone. Put insurmountable tariffs on their ghastly gas which is despoiling huge areas of the Planet. Sanction each and every American politician who voted for it. Choose their struggling more labour-intensive industries and give them a final coup de grace. Send then a clear message to frack off
  • Jack Ma on July 26 2017 said:
    It took two world wars before Britain relinquished the pound sterling as reserve currency. The USA is desperate and failing and making enemies all around the world. They are losing dollar hegemony. America and NATO are the new axis of evil. Putin is a nationalist and if he survives, he will probably be the one to free Americans from their own tyrannical government. Putin is a true world leader. Sad days for the USA and the 320 million sheep waiting to be slaughtered. IMHO
  • Naomi on July 26 2017 said:
    Germany has a $50 billion/year trade surplus with USA. Germany has the option of correcting the imbalance by purchasing US LNG. Much more painful options can be devised if necessary. The imbalance will be corrected.

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