• 18 mins Iraqi Forces Find Mass Graves In Oil Wells Near Kirkuk
  • 49 mins Chevron Joint Venture Signs $1.7B Oil, Gas Deal In Nigeria
  • 2 hours Iraq Steps In To Offset Falling Venezuela Oil Production
  • 4 hours ConocoPhillips Sets Price Ceiling For New Projects
  • 3 days Shell Oil Trading Head Steps Down After 29 Years
  • 3 days Higher Oil Prices Reduce North American Oil Bankruptcies
  • 3 days Statoil To Boost Exploration Drilling Offshore Norway In 2018
  • 3 days $1.6 Billion Canadian-US Hydropower Project Approved
  • 3 days Venezuela Officially In Default
  • 3 days Iran Prepares To Export LNG To Boost Trade Relations
  • 3 days Keystone Pipeline Leaks 5,000 Barrels Into Farmland
  • 3 days Saudi Oil Minister: Markets Will Not Rebalance By March
  • 4 days Obscure Dutch Firm Wins Venezuelan Oil Block As Debt Tensions Mount
  • 4 days Rosneft Announces Completion Of World’s Longest Well
  • 4 days Ecuador Won’t Ask Exemption From OPEC Oil Production Cuts
  • 4 days Norway’s $1 Trillion Wealth Fund Proposes To Ditch Oil Stocks
  • 4 days Ecuador Seeks To Clear Schlumberger Debt By End-November
  • 4 days Santos Admits It Rejected $7.2B Takeover Bid
  • 4 days U.S. Senate Panel Votes To Open Alaskan Refuge To Drilling
  • 5 days Africa’s Richest Woman Fired From Sonangol
  • 5 days Oil And Gas M&A Deal Appetite Highest Since 2013
  • 5 days Russian Hackers Target British Energy Industry
  • 5 days Venezuela Signs $3.15B Debt Restructuring Deal With Russia
  • 5 days DOJ: Protestors Interfering With Pipeline Construction Will Be Prosecuted
  • 5 days Lower Oil Prices Benefit European Refiners
  • 5 days World’s Biggest Private Equity Firm Raises $1 Billion To Invest In Oil
  • 6 days Oil Prices Tank After API Reports Strong Build In Crude Inventories
  • 6 days Iraq Oil Revenue Not Enough For Sustainable Development
  • 6 days Sudan In Talks With Foreign Oil Firms To Boost Crude Production
  • 6 days Shell: Four Oil Platforms Shut In Gulf Of Mexico After Fire
  • 6 days OPEC To Recruit New Members To Fight Market Imbalance
  • 6 days Green Groups Want Norway’s Arctic Oil Drilling Licenses Canceled
  • 6 days Venezuelan Oil Output Drops To Lowest In 28 Years
  • 7 days Shale Production Rises By 80,000 BPD In Latest EIA Forecasts
  • 7 days GE Considers Selling Baker Hughes Assets
  • 7 days Eni To Address Barents Sea Regulatory Breaches By Dec 11
  • 7 days Saudi Aramco To Invest $300 Billion In Upstream Projects
  • 7 days Aramco To List Shares In Hong Kong ‘For Sure’
  • 7 days BP CEO Sees Venezuela As Oil’s Wildcard
  • 7 days Iran Denies Involvement In Bahrain Oil Pipeline Blast
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James Burgess

James Burgess

James Burgess studied Business Management at the University of Nottingham. He has worked in property development, chartered surveying, marketing, law, and accounts. He has also…

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Is War Imminent? US and UK Step up Military Action in the Persian Gulf

Is War Imminent? US and UK Step up Military Action in the Persian Gulf

War against Iran seems imminent as both the US and UK military commands ask for more funding to increase the preparation and deployment of military arms and personnel in the Persian Gulf.

The US has already added to the number of aircraft carriers it has stationed in the area, sending both the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Carl Vinson, along with a number of warplanes and tens of thousands of troops. The warships will be modified with antitank weapons and rapid fire machine guns, all specially designed for dealing with the Iranian fast attack boats.

Defence officials told the Wall Street Journal that, “The US military has notified Congress of plans to preposition new mine-detection and clearing equipment and expand surveillance capabilities in and around the strait, according to defence officials briefed on the requests. The military also wants to quickly modify weapons systems on ships so they could be used against Iranian fast-attack boats, as well as shore-launched cruise missiles.”

The Pentagon has also requested $82 million in order “to improve its largest conventional bunker-buster bomb, the 30,000-pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator. The bomb, officials said, was designed to take out bunkers like those used by Iran to protect its most sensitive nuclear development work.”

David Sanger, the chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times, acknowledged that the US is manipulating the conflict in Syria in order to weaken Iran before the regime change. “The argument commonly heard inside and outside the White House these days is that if the Assad government cracks, Iran’s ability to funnel weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas will be badly damaged — and its influence will wither accordingly. Similarly, if Iran’s effort to walk up to the edge of a nuclear weapons capability can be set back with a few well-placed GBU-31 bunker-busters, the country’s hopes of challenging Israel and Saudi Arabia to be the region’s biggest power will be deferred.”

The nuclear threat that Iran poses to the West has been overstated similar to the threat of “weapons of mass destruction” leading up to the invasion against Iraq. All so that US imperialism and its allies can engage in a campaign of economic, political and military aggression against, with the sole objective of removing the current regime.

By. James Burgess of Oilprice.com

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  • The Tileguy on May 03 2012 said:
    This view is so simplistic as to be laughable and Most expect more from an investigative reporter. Investigating would be a Start. A Nuclear Iran threatens destabilization of the entire region. The leader is a Religious Zealot diametrically opposed to Judaism and Christianity and there in lies just One facet of the problem. It doesn't matter whether You are religious, Many are and this means there will be confrontation at some point as there was in the historic past. Point 2 is the Destabilization of an area that supplies energy to the world, Not just the USA and face it, If Oil is not forthcoming to modern society, it wont be long before the death toll will be in the Hundreds of Millions if not Billions. Without Oil we can not possibly feed this planet and Many areas of the globe rely heavily on the USA & Canada's Breadbasket. So the answers are not simple and while the solution is seemingly abhorrent, the alternative may be catastrophically worse, and for far more than Just the USA.
    The USA can not allow an interruption of oil to the world and that includes to China and to Russia. They also cant allow a regime that has flat out called for the annihilation of Israel to create and stock a nuclear arsenal and Lets not be Naive. It is not a Sin for a Muslim leader to Lie to an Infidel, ANY Infidel So Russia and China who should also be concerned about the free flow of oil to the world and what it means to continued agriculture's success should weigh heavily on any decision they make regarding Iran's Belligerence and Obstinance. Iran is in control of its own destiny at the moment and whether it remains in control is completely up to them. Ya'll want to hang the USA for starting a war that has not even begun yet but I haven't heard any solutions or idea's to change the situation and I have not heard any plans on how you will feed the world if Oil is cutoff from the middle east either....How many have to starve due to a lack of the resources the world needs before you say OH , maybe I was wrong..Think things through and you will realize that options are very limited and the time it would take to cripple the agricultural area's due to oil starvation is exceedingly minimal. I wish i had a solution, I do not but I keep listening to see if someone can come up with an idea that does not involve Israel being erased or Iran's citizens who are caught in the middle from being pressed into a war that could be avoided by their leaders reassessing what is truly important. China and Russia should be telling Iran that They along with the UN will monitor Nuclear activity and Insure no weapons are built. Instead of saying we will honor our treaty there should be some conditions on those treaty's staying in effect.
  • tom on April 23 2012 said:
    iff its gonna happen, it will happen, for to long we as a free and democratic society have had to endure countless terror attacks and lets not foget where most of the money comes from, that supports these in human thugs. I just wonder how much longer we are going let events like 911 etc, happen, before we finally get the balls to blow the ass holes back into the dark ages. Iran, north korea etc, have threatened to attack the west on a number of occasions (us embassy i n iran, south korean warship and island).

    Its high time we shoewd these animals that we are prepared to take the fight directly to their front door, no more threats, no more enticements, lets just do, once and for all.

  • Mel Tisdale on March 04 2012 said:
    If Israel is allowed nuclear weapons, then so too ahould Iran. Let's not forget that it was Irael who started the Middle-East nuclear arms race. Looking at how they have treated the Palestinians makes me more scared of them than I am of a nuclear armed Iran.
  • Gordon on March 03 2012 said:
    Once again you have presented an anti-American opinion disguised as news. You claim to have intelligence that obviates all other intelligence regarding Iran's possession, or near posession, of nuclear warfare capability. You ignore the underlying, centuries-old religious hatred of the muzzies for Isreal and the contention of the ayatollahs that the complete destruction of Iran is an acceptable sacrifice, as long as Israel is wiped from the face of the earth. That will bring about the return of the Mahdi to establish the worldwide muzzy caliphate.

    You really need to broaden and deepen your understanding of what is transpiring in this mess before continuing to peddle your sophomoric disinformation.

  • Grant Warburg on March 02 2012 said:
    Disinformation article. The reason the US is at all interested in Iran is because on March 20, the Iranian oil bourse will no longet accept US dollars for crude oil. This puts the petrodollar at risk. Also at risk is the central banker ability to exploit the US dollar to conduct its nefarious activities around the globe.
  • dj miller on February 29 2012 said:
    If the fact that the Iranians are enriching Uranium faster and refuese inspections means that they are just kidding and playing bluff poker then the last paragraph is right. However if it means that they are upgrading the Uranium to bomb grade and somebody attempts to defer the thought then that person is either a traitor planting false information or stupid.
  • Robert Berke on February 29 2012 said:
    There will be no US attack on Iran, despite the all the sabre rattling. An attack would mean skyrocketing oil prices that most certainly will finish off a fledgling economic recovery, and with it, any chance that Obama has for re-election. And you can bet he knows it.

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