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Iraq Hopes to Expand Economic Relationship With the U.S.

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Contaminated Water has been Leaking into Ocean for Two Years at Fukushima

Shunichi Tanaka, the head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority in Japan, and the country’s chief nuclear regulator announced on Wednesday, that the nuclear power plant at Fukushima, has been leaking contaminated water into the ocean for the two years since the accident that saw three of the plants six reactors suffer a meltdown.

The problem stems from the fact that ground water is leaking into the basement of the damaged reactors, and becoming contaminated, and whilst that water is being pumped out and stored in huge tanks on site, the inflow has not yet been stopped, meaning that ever more ground water enters the basement and becomes contaminated.

Tanaka explains that neither his staff, nor those working for the plant’s operator have discovered where the leaks are coming from, and therefore have not been able to stop them.

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Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), the power plants operator, has constantly denied that any of that water heas been leaking into the Ocean, but in the last few days it has switched its position and finally admitted that it can’t actually say for sure that the water is not leaking into the sea.

Tepco has also admitted that the amounts of radioactive cesium, tritium, and strontium detected in groundwater around the plant has been growing, making the job of sealing the leaks even more urgent. Cesium and Strontium are especially dangerous to humans.

Tanaka claims that the evidence that the water is reaching the sea is overwhelming. “We’ve seen for a fact that levels of radioactivity in the seawater remain high, and contamination continues — I don’t think anyone can deny that. We must take action as soon as possible.

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That said, considering the state of the plant, it’s difficult to find a solution today or tomorrow. That’s probably not satisfactory to many of you. But that’s the reality we face after an accident like this.”

For some time now experts have worried that the plant has been constantly continuing to leak radiated material into the ocean, and these latest announcements have only helped to confirm those suspicions.

By. Joao Peixe of Oilprice.com

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  • Ronald Douglas kennedy on July 18 2013 said:
    California closes its San Onoffre plant due to mechanical / technical problems. But leave the radiated waste in place. Rolling the "black dice", there 20 foot sea wall will hold back an estimated 40 foot tidal wave if both earth plates rupture to gather: San Andreas Fault and Entire fault zone referred to as Newport-Inglewood-Rose Canyon fault zone. rated at 7.5 – 8.0. on its own energy factor.

    This piousness material needs to be moved from the, sea bluff to higher ground inland, dah
  • greydogg on July 16 2013 said:
    A poor choice of words in the title. Millions of gallons of radioactive water a day is a LEAK?

    Alternative title: Contaminated Water has been Spewing into Ocean for Two Years at Fukushima?
  • Rick on July 15 2013 said:
    People laugh and make jokes, but radiation is making it's way to the US, especially on the West Coast. The building holding the cooling ponds has a bulging wall and if it collapses, the West Coast will be radiated beyond belief. The sea water radiation is causing problems with the fish that we eat and is only getting worse. Man cannot fix this, robots cannot fix this; only Christ's return can heal this planet.
  • Jewfrobro on July 15 2013 said:
    The Wormwood prophecy explains alot of what is going on. It states that a star from heaven is thrown down and 1/3 of the waters became bitter and many died. When we look at this with a Hebraic perspective the star(Wormwood) is a fallen angel. The angel was thrown down and gave man the knowledge to use nuclear power. Chernobyl literally is translated from the word wormwood. Could the Bible be telling us that 1/3 of our water supply will become undrinkable and will kill. I think wormwood is nuclear power and the bitterness of the water is radioactivity. We are all carrying chernobyl radiation in us, us military testing radiation, russian military, chinese military, fukushima radiation, north korea, etc. etc. Radiation leaking from many sites in the us and the world with no one knowing what to do with this waste. Are we STUPID! Why open up this can of worms without knowing how to deal with every problem that may arise. As a whole we have rebelled against Yahweh and His ways. We think our ways are better than the creators ways. Now Yahweh is our only salvation from reeping what we have sown. We can't fix it now only Yahweh can. May Yahweh bless you and Praise Yeshua for He is coming soon!
  • I'm not here on July 15 2013 said:
    Notice the word 'containment' is not used and 'damaged reactors' are actually melted cores gone missing. (3) melted core from each destroyed reactor Units.

    Containment was lost 2 years ago either during the Great Quake or when the reactor cores melted down and through. The metal and concrete shells [containment(s)] are cracked, have a hole burnt through or are missing due to explosions.

    The results is high radioactive readings from groundwater and seawater as the lost containment allows the (3) melted radioactive blobs to come in contact with fresh groundwater or leak injected cooling water. This besides any remaining melted fuel exposed to open air.

    Almost like the foundations of the units themselves are cracked with no access for repairs, Daiichi is a living nightmare with no solution and will only get worse.

    'Cold shutdown' is meaningless without containment(s).
  • big bird on July 15 2013 said:
    this had to happen in order for godzilla to be born
  • Zharkov on July 15 2013 said:
    Why were there no steel boots on the fuel rods so they could have beeen removed by electromagnets attached to cables from cranes or helicopters?

    Why were there no alternate plans for removing fuel rods in the event of explosion or meltdown?

    Why did the U.S. State Department force Japan to try nuclear power against the wishes of the Japanese people?

    Japan's earthquake and Tsunami risks were obvious at the time, so why place reactors where the danger is greatest?

    Why has the U.N. ignored the radioactive fallout that now blankets the Northern Hemisphere, and the damage to the food chain in our oceans? Where are the international teams to remove the burning fuel rods?
  • Leech on July 15 2013 said:
    Isn't this pathetic - an entire, world-wide nuclear industry totally unprepared for the most obvious danger of earthquake and Tsunami?

    Where are the U.S., British, Russian, Chinese, nuclear teams to help? Could the answer be that they are equally unprepared?

    Nuclear power was sold to the world as "too cheap to meter", and now it is costing us the ocean's food chain, polluting our land, our rainwater, our crops, and contributing to skyrocketing cancer rates in the U.S. and elsewhere.

    It should be obvious by now to every nation that nuclear power is too dangerous to exist. At least Germany and Switzerland have common sense enough to look elsewhere for energy. Natural gas is the answer in the U.S., not more nukes.

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