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The Top 5 Ways We Use Oil & Gas

The Top 5 Ways We Use Oil & Gas

Oil & gas products are…

The World’s Most Vulnerable Oil

The World’s Most Vulnerable Oil

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James Burgess

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Canada Moves Closer to Supplying China with Oil Following New Agreement

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is currently on a visit to China in order to boost cooperation in many key areas between the two countries. The first step towards this goal was made on Tuesday when an agreement was signed between himself and his Chinese counterpart, Wen Jinbao, to increase bilateral investment and promote energy exports to China.

"Diversifying our markets is a key priority for Canada," Harper said in his opening remarks to Wen. "We look forward to expanding our cooperation in many important areas, including energy, natural resources, tourism and education."

In truth, trade is already strong between the two countries, reaching almost $50 billion in 2011. The main purpose of the visit is to secure new markets for Canadian oil. The US currently accounts for 97% of Canadian oil exports, but since President Barack Obama rejected the proposed Keystone XL pipeline Canada has been desperately trying to diversify its energy sales.

Canada holds the third largest oil reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, with the current daily production at 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd), and expected to increase to 3.7 million bpd by 2025. Chinese state-owned companies have invested more than $16 billion in Canadian energy over the last couple of years in the hope of securing a steady supply of this oil to fuel their expanding economy. Sinopec has even invested in a proposed pipeline to deliver oil from the Alberta oil sands to Canada’s Pacific Coast.

Other agreements have also been signed to promote science and technology cooperation, student exchange programs and natural resource development. In fact Harper spent Wednesday selling Canada as tourist destination for Chinese travellers.

By. James Burgess of Oilprice.com

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  • Kat Sung on February 12 2012 said:
    704. Iran war (2) (1/28/2011)

    Be noticed that on 1/10, Treasury Secretary Geithner visited China. I allege it was to confirm the secret deal. Next day, there was such a news:

    [quote] Harper to visit China, seeking higher oil sales
    By David Ljunggren | Reuters – Wed, Jan 11, 2012

    OTTAWA (Reuters) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to visit China next month as his government looks to open new markets for oil sands crude in the wake of Washington's decision to delay approval of a major pipeline from Alberta to Texas.
    After winning power in 2006, Harper's Conservatives initially took a cool line with China and cited what they described as Beijing's poor human rights record.

    http://news.yahoo.com/harper-visit-china-seek-deeper-economic-ties-202731193.html [/quote]

    For the war on Iran, puppet Canada government ignores Beijing's poor human rights, now has a warm line to satisfy China's great appetite on oil.

    On Jan. 18, news reported that "Obama rejects oil pipeline from Canada, triggering loud controversy". Of course, it is not for the consideration of environment as he said. It is part of the secret deal for Iran war.

    All these events: Geithner's China visit, Harper's plan to visit China for oil export to China, Obama's reject of the oil pipeline from Canada, Chinese Premier Wen's visit to Gulf and new deals with these oil countries, were done within ten days - from Jan.10 to Jan. 18. The technical details must have been prepared in advance. That plan should have started from last November.

    My last clear warning for Iran war date was October. see "691. October 21 plot (11/1/2011)". It signals with Harold Camping's World End Day prediction and FBI's case of "Iran plans to assassinate Saudi ambassador in US soil".

    Since November, they were preparing this big one - bribe China. Part of this plot is NDAA. It was proposed in late November. When Obama signed it into law on 12/31, I wrote on 1/2, "700. National Defense Authorization Act (1/2/2012)". On point 5, I said,

    "5. War on Iran is their major goal. With great possibility, there will be false flag nuclear attacks on US cities to justify the Iran war. Most people realize the truth of the 911 attack. This law is created to deal with the people who won’t believe this government anymore when such “terror attack” happens again. "

    I would say my observation was very accurate. One week later, we saw all these events relate to Iran war.
  • shahab jafry on February 09 2012 said:
    China's move is also indicative of a proactive-reactive step away from reliance on Iranian crude. And the oil wouldn't have to pass through Hormuz either.

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