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James Burgess

James Burgess

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The Limitless Potential of the E-Cat: An Interview with Andrea Rossi

Resource depletion, climate change and rising oil prices have led to large investments in renewable energy and new fossil fuel extraction techniques. However despite the positive headlines on solar, wind, and shale, all of these sectors are beset with problems that add to our uncertain energy future. We appear to be decades away from finding a renewable source that will help us avoid the impending energy crisis.

Yet amongst this bleak outlook a relatively unknown Italian inventor could be about to spark an energy revolution?

Andrea Rossi appears to have produced the first working “cold” fusion device, or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR), with his Energy Catalyser (E-Cat) machine; a technology previously declared impossible by the scientific community.
The E-Cat machine could provide almost limitless, clean, cheap energy and could prove to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. Rossi could become one of the most revolutionary scientists since Darwin.

Notoriously reluctant to speak to the media about his work, we have had the honour of interviewing Mr. Andrea Rossi about his E-Cat machine.

Some of the questions we asked Mr. Rossi take a look at:

•    Why it took so long for him to go public with his discovery.
•    How the E-Cat will produce energy costing $10/megawatt hour.
•    When he will release more detailed information on the E-Cat.
•    Why he believes international media coverage of the E-Cat has been so muted.
•    His feelings towards critics and the scientific community.
•    His manufacturing and distribution goals.
•    How the E-cat will help reduce mankind’s dependency on fossil fuels.
•    + Many more details on the e-cat, LENR and Rossi himself.

Oilprice.com: What exactly is the E-Cat and how does it work?

Andrea Rossi: The E-Cat machine is basically a heater. It uses a secret catalyser to fuse hydrogen and nickel together to form copper. Copper has a lower energy state than Nickel, and the excess energy is released in the form of a gamma ray. The gamma ray hits a wall of lead where it is absorbed and transformed into heat. The whole process is incredibly efficient and can heat any fluid that passes through the machine.

Oilprice.com: Your E-Cat defies popular physics. Did you always expect the fierce resistance and criticism that you are facing?

Andrea Rossi: Yes, I always expected some form of resistance from people who are unwilling to accept change, but that is the case in all areas of life, not just in physics.

Oilprice.com: This could be the biggest news story of our lifetimes - yet the media coverage on this has been muted to say the least. Why do you think this is?

Andrea Rossi: A normal resistance against revolutions

Oilprice.com: Would you be able to tell us about the early days just before the E-Cat and what you were working on?

Andrea Rossi: I was working on energy plants powered by biomasses. Mainly waste biomasses, which didn’t compete with food.

Oilprice.com: Darwin fretted for a long time about whether or not he should tell the world about his Theory of Evolution, He knew that it would turn science on its head and therefore many would not believe him. Your E-Cat machine is similar. Many scientists don’t want to believe it because it defies their original beliefs. Did you ever question yourself when you first made the discovery? Did you refuse to believe at first?

Andrea Rossi: Yes, of course I questioned my discovery. It was hard to believe that I had finally produced a working example of LENR. I paid Sergio Focardi, the physicist and emeritus professor at the University of Bologna, to try and convince me that I was wrong, and relieve me of my obsession with LENR. In the end I ended up convincing him, and he decided to work with me in developing the
E-Cat machine.

Oilprice.com: Could you tell us a little more about your discussions with Sergio Focardi?

Andrea Rossi: There weren’t really any discussions. Like myself, Focardi is a man of few words. I just told him I would pay €10,000 to teach me why my technology was wrong which he accepted. But he didn’t earn the €10,000 because he has not been able to do so. This then led to him becoming my partner.

Oilprice.com: You spoke with Focardi in 2007 - why did it take you so long to go public with your discovery? Were you working on prototypes for 4 years?

Andrea Rossi: Before going public I wanted to be sure of what I had. I only fight if I am sure to win.

Oilprice.com: LENR has been marketed as a cheap source of clean energy; but no young technology is cheap. Can you give us an indication of the price per megawatt hour of the electricity produced by your LENR machine?
Roughly speaking ($/megawatt hour):
Coal: 95-135
Gas: 66-103
Nuclear: 113
Wind: (onshore) 97, (offshore) 243
Solar: 210 – 310

Andrea Rossi: I will only be able to officially answer this question once the E-Cat starts to generate electricity, at the moment we are concentrating on its heat production. We are currently working with Siemens to create a system to turn the E-Cats heat energy into electricity. Estimates have been made that the combined energy (both thermal and electric) will cost about $10/megawatt hour.

To view more discussions with other experts visit our new interview section

Oilprice.com: Complete transition to nuclear fusion would likely take decades to accomplish. High costs for fossil fuels would be a major incentive, but simply re-provisioning 7 or 8 billion people would be a major job. Once you have the patents in place what are your goals for manufacturing and distribution?

Andrea Rossi: Rome wasn’t built in a day. I try to follow the same philosophy, and show the same patience. The development will progress exponentially along the way to levels that we can’t imagine
today, but right now we focusing on building out a production line capable of producing 1 million E-Cats per year.

Oilprice.com: Do you think your past conviction in relation to Petroldragon, has hindered the acceptance of your E-Cat machine? Even though you were acquitted of all charges, do you think people are still expecting you to be discovered as a fraud?

Andrea Rossi: I have not actually had time to think about this. For me it is irrelevant, all that counts is my work, and that is what I will be judged upon.

Oilprice.com: With so many scientists writing off LENR as impossible, what made you continue to study it? Why did you think they were wrong?

Andrea Rossi: I don’t listen to anyone who tells me that I should stop. I have no time.

Oilprice.com: As of yet you have not let anyone study the intricate mechanisms inside of your machine stating the fact that the patents have still not been approved. This lack of transparency
has resulted in a great deal of criticism. Once you have received the patent will you reveal more detailed information on the E-Cat?

Andrea Rossi: Yes

Oilprice.com: You have stated in a previous interview that in the past two years your ideas as to what happens inside the E-Cat have changed a lot. You said that there is some form of fusion reaction, but it might not be the main energy source. Can you explain to us exactly what is going on inside your E-Cat machine? And where the excess energy is coming from?

Andrea Rossi: No, sorry I can’t. This issue is still confidential at the moment and I cannot add anything to what I have previously said, or to what you have correctly cited.

Oilprice.com: It almost seems as if you’re downplaying the role that LENR could play in providing cheap abundant energy for the world, by only developing relatively small units. Do you not believe that your LENR machine could truly solve a lot of the world’s energy problems? Do you plan to build much larger units of 10s-100s of megawatts, or is that not possible?

Andrea Rossi: We are already developing 1 MW plants, and it will be easy to link these plants together to make larger power plants. Due to the compact scale, and efficient energy production process, an E-Cat power plant will be much smaller than its fossil fuel or nuclear equivalent.

Oilprice.com: You mentioned linking 1MW plants together to make larger power plants. How would this work? What would the cost be?

Andrea Rossi: The 1MW units can be assembled at a reduced size of 10ft x 8ft x 8ft, and can then be stacked in series or parallel to produce the necessary power. It will cost 1,000 $/KW.

Oilprice.com: The problem with many clean energy technologies is that they use rare earth metals that are incredibly expensive. Does the E-Cat machine use any rare compounds that could dramatically influence the price of the machine in the future?

Andrea Rossi: I’m sorry but before the patent has been approved I cannot give any information about our catalysers.

Oilprice.com: Where did you receive the initial financing from to test and develop the E-Cat?

Andrea Rossi: I financed the development myself.

Oilprice.com: How are your current developments being funded?

Andrea Rossi: I am continuing to fund developments with my own money

Oilprice.com: Are you currently looking for investors?

Andrea Rossi: Only institutional investors.

Oilprice.com: Do you believe the E-cat is the answer to the impending energy crisis?

Andrea Rossi: Yes, I believe it will help.

Andrea Rossi: We are still very far away from powering transportation. It will be more than 20 years before we are ready to power transportation, but with the help of God nothing is impossible to working men.

Oilprice.com: What is your goal with the E-Cat machine? Are you hoping to change the world with a new, almost limitless energy source, or is your primary motivation financial?

Andrea Rossi: My goal is to develop a new source of very cheap, clean energy; it is the meaning of my life.

Oilprice.com: Have there been any recent developments you are able to share with us?

Andrea Rossi: We are very close to completing a 1MW plant in the US which will soon be opened to the public.

Oilprice.com: How many 1 MW plants have you currently made and sold?

Andrea Rossi: One 1 MW plant has been made and 13 are under construction. We would like to consolidate the first 14 before expanding. The oak must grow proportionally to the roots, otherwise hostile winds will sweep everything away.

To view more discussions with other experts visit our new interview section

Oilprice.com: How much would an E-Cat device cost?

Andrea Rossi: The domestic 10KW unit will cost around $900, the 1MW plant $1.5m. Both are totally different technologies.

Oilprice.com: Where will they be sold? Do they require specialist dealers to install them or could you literally pick one of the shelf, take it home, and plug it in?

Andrea Rossi: About a month ago I said that the E-Cats will probably be delivered within 18 months, and that they will hopefully be on sale from some point next winter. The installation of the E-Cat is very easy. Any normal plumber or contractor can be trained in how to install one into a home.

Oilprice.com: How many E-Cat units have you sold to date? Are you able to tell us more as to who your clients are?

Andrea Rossi: When we are in a position to disclose the names of our customers we will do so. That time is not yet upon us. Could you imagine what would happen to our customers if we would give their names to the public now?

Oilprice.com: If you are talking about the home unit to be primarily used for heating would it not be more efficient to use the E-Cat as a replacement for a conventional boiler and have it heat the water directly, rather than produce electricity to run an element to heat the water?

Andrea Rossi: Our current policy is to apply the E-Cat to an existing heater. It will be used to provide the central heating for a house, however a traditional boiler will still be needed to heat the water, this is due to the fact that the E-Cat needs time to warm-up and cannot therefore respond quickly enough to heat water on demand like a boiler can.

Oilprice.com: Nickel powders are toxic, and the heats generated within the reactor are high enough to cause serious damage. How robust will the home E-Cat system be?

Andrea Rossi: The nickel powders are completely inaccessible. Safety has been an absolute priority and the issues are currently under certification.

Oilprice.com: You talk of the fuel sources of hydrogen and nickel, but what about the catalyst? Will that need to be replaced at times?

Andrea Rossi: The refill cartridge will contain all the nickel (or copper, depending on whether it is the new or used cartridge) and catalyser together. Both will be replaced together.

Oilprice.com: Given that it takes time to power up an E-Cat as well as to power it down, do you think that a lot of people may keep their E-cats running on full power all the time, even when they don’t need the energy?

Andrea Rossi: No, because the E-Cat can be regulated.

Oilprice.com: How long does it take to ramp up or ramp down the amount of power generated?

Andrea Rossi: Circa 1 hour

Oilprice.com: To what extent is it possible to raise or lower the amount of power that the E-Cat is putting out during its operation?

Andrea Rossi: 100%

Oilprice.com: Once an E-Cat is installed and running, will it just run for 30 years producing a steady energy output, or will it need to be carefully regulated?

Andrea Rossi: The E-Cat should run smoothly, but will need a service after every 180 days of usage, when the fuel will need to be replaced.

Oilprice.com: Over the 30 year life span of the E-Cat, taking into account the purchase cost, running costs, maintenance costs, etc. How much should the E-Cat save a homeowner?

Andrea Rossi: Obviously there are many factors that will influence the answer to this question. The payback period could span from anywhere between a few months to three years, but after that the
customer should save at least 66% of his normal energy bill.

Oilprice.com: What position do you see your E-Cat machine taking in the future? Will each house have its own one, or will electrical grids be connected to giant E-Cat power plants?

Andrea Rossi: Maybe, but I prefer to only discuss things that I am sure of. If I say something I must be certain that I will do it because there will be no mercy for me, as you have already seen; and as has always been the case throughout my, not so easy, life.

Oilprice.com: Where do you see yourself and your company in one / three / five years from now?

Andrea Rossi: God only knows. We are working hard to develop exponentially the diffusion of this technology.

Oilprice.com: What do you make of the Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies Global Ltd.’s new LENR machine “Hyperion”? Does it offer serious competition to your E-Cat? Do you feel betrayed by
your ex-business partners?

Andrea Rossi: No Comment.

Oilprice.com: You mention the e-cat will work alongside fossil fuels. Do you think at some point in the future it will help reduce mankind’s dependency on fossil fuels.

Andrea Rossi: Yes

Oilprice.com: How can someone interested in purchasing one of your E-Cat machines go about doing that? Can they contact someone to place an order?

Andrea Rossi: Just send an email to: info@leonardocorp1996.com

We would like to thank Mr. Rossi for taking the time to speak with us and wish him good luck with further developments of the E-Cat.

Interviewer: James Burgess News Editor, Oilprice.com

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  • kwhilborn on March 29 2012 said:
    Excellent article. I respect and believe in Andrea Rossi.

    Brillouin Energy just announced they can also control LENR so now there is 4 entities claiming to control LENR. Andrea Rossi, Defkalion, Dr george Miley, and now Brillouin.

    There are many companies with much more resources that are known to be involved in LENR research. Mitsubishi, Toyota, MIT, and even NASA. I would not expect any of these organizations to be completely forthright about where they stand with controllable LENR. It would not shock me to see one of these jump ahead using combined ideas and newer and better patents.

    Steven Krivit is co-author on many books on LENR and also runs a new energy website. He has advocated AGAINST Andrea Rossi and I believe it is because he stands to lose both his website and book sale profits as LENR research continues. Be wary of what he says.

    This energy is known to some as cold fusion. It turns out that the fabled and notorious Pons/Fleischmann cold fusion experiments in 1989 were correct.

    The excess power did not exactly come from fusion, however it is based more on a happy accident when attempting cold fusion.

    The energy they achieved instead has been renamed Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (L.E.N.R.). According to one explanation of the excess power, instead of fusing Nickel and Hydrogen we are knocking pieces out and building entirely new atoms with the same weight, and the decay of them gives heat.

    Do not let the term Low Energy Nuclear Reactions fool you, as any nuclear reaction can be millions of times more energy than a chemical reaction.

    Okay we are talking "NUCLEAR". Do not let this term fool you either. We are using Nickel/Hydrogen/Carbon and not anything radioactive like Uranium. LENR reactions have no harmful radioactive gamma rays.

    So we have a clean, abundant (Nickel is fifth most common element on the planet), and cheap energy.

    1kg Nickel = 200 000 barrels of oil.
  • Robert Berke on March 29 2012 said:
    Rossi says that the process does release gamma rays.

    "The E-Cat machine is basically a heater. It uses a secret catalyser to fuse hydrogen and nickel together to form copper. Copper has a lower energy state than Nickel, and the excess
    energy is released in the form of a gamma ray. The gamma ray hits a wall of lead where it is absorbed and transformed into heat."
  • maryyugo on March 29 2012 said:
    Rossi says that the energy is produced by gamma rays interacting with lead. Yet he claims there is no danger from radioactive materials either during a run or after stopping the device. That makes no sense.

    In addition, when Rossi showed his earliest E-cats about a year ago, there was no evidence of any significant amount or thickness of lead in them. The exterior seemed to be made of fairly ordinary copper tubing such as is used by plumbers --and the devices were too small to have extensive shielding internally.

    When evaluating this interview, consider these facts:

    Rossi has never allowed an independent test in which he was not heavily involved.

    Every test Rossi has done has been widely criticized as using questionable methodology. Corrective steps have always been proposed and Rossi has never used a single one of them.

    Rossi says he works with Siemens? Why didn't the author of this article contact Siemens and find out if this is true and what the nature of the relationship, if any, actually is?

    Rossi says he sold 14 reactors but no client has ever come forward. Why not? At worse, they would be sought out for interviews. At best, they could exhibit the E-cat, write about it and make lots of money. If the customers are shy, perhaps they could give the article author an anonymous interview. He could report what they say but not who they are.

    Defkalion claimed they'd release test protocols and the identity of people and agencies involved in tests this month. They also promised test results. Instead of doing any of those things, they closed their forum and deleted a large number of posts and responses.

    Dr. George Miley wrote a preliminary paper for a symposium claiming he could make hundreds of watts from an LENR device. The paper only showed appx. 0.05 watts for a couple of hours and even that was questionable. Nobody has reported on the paper itself even though by now it should have been given at the meeting.

    All of the above is not encouraging. If Rossi is for real, he should allow black box testing of his E-cat by independent university researchers or other reliable scientists or labs. There is no risk to his secret in doing so. There is no reason to believe anything convicted felon Rossi says unless he gets independent testing. Why not ask him about why he never has?
  • David McElroy on March 29 2012 said:
    Rossi has accomplished a great feat, and I wish his E-Cat project well. HOWEVER, nickel is to be used to generate heat in a catalyst, and nickel is not an infinite or renewable resource. How would widespread use of the E-Cat machines affect the nickel market prices? And would the copper developed in the catalyst be recyclable by the owner or required to be sent back to the manufacturer? If E-Cat becomes a major energy producer, how long would world nickel resources be expected to provide for it, and at what cost? Nickel is important to many things, and is synonomous with coin. Well?
  • maryyugo on March 29 2012 said:
    @David McElroy

    Exhaustion of nickel is the least of Rossi's worries. The conversion of mass to energy per Einstein's equation yields 9.0 × 10^16 joules of energy per kilogram of matter. That's about 3 × 10^10 kilowatt hours (30,000,000,000 kilowatt hours). So every kilogram of nickel consumed would yield 30 MILLION megawatt hours of energy!

    That's why this would be so spectacular if it were real which it seems it's not.
  • kwhilborn on March 29 2012 said:
    @ David McElroy,

    Nickel is the fifth most common element on the planet. It is so abundant that Nickel would probably never increase in price from LENR use. Certainly not radically or much higher than normal inflation might put it.

    Oddly; using LENR power would make transportation and electricity so cheap that prices would fall on almost every item from Flat Screen Televisions to Bananas will be drastically reduced. There would be an economic boom beyond imagining.

    A business boom that big might make all metals increase in price.
  • Christopher Calder on March 30 2012 said:
    Why do we need Rossi and Defkalion to succeed?

    Because renewable energy is a global disaster, not a solution to any problem. The only renewable energy scheme of any positive value for large scale energy production is traditional hydroelectric power. Geothermal power is barely economically acceptable, but is not truly renewable as geothermal wells eventually run cold. The global biofuel fiasco has killed more people through malnutrition and related illness than all wars and acts of terrorism combined over the same time period, and has increased greenhouse gas release, topsoil erosion, and water pollution. Wind and solar energy are impotent symbolic gestures that can never replace fossil fuels.

    Please read THE RENEWABLE ENERGY DISASTER at: http://renewable.50webs.com/
  • Brad Arnold on March 30 2012 said:
    Just a side comment, I believe that Mr Rossi isn't accurate when describing the heat generated from the LENR exothermic reaction to be from gamma rays hitting the lead shielding. Instead, it appears to be a case of neutron capture. Let me add that Rossi is Prometheus - he was the first to improve the LENR Ni-H formula to an efficiency great enough to be commercial (over 6 COP).
  • Dedouille on March 30 2012 said:
    @ Maryyugo

    You cannot apply Einstein's formula here since the nucleus of Nickel is not entirely converted in energy.
    For exemple the reaction Ni62 + H = Cu62 is exothermic and release 3 MeV. So for 1 kg of Ni assuming a molecular mass of 62 g/mol you should obtain :
    E = 3.10^6*1,6.10^-19*(1000/62)*6.02.10^23 = 4,6.10^12 Joules = 1,3 GWh
  • JJ on March 30 2012 said:
    Suckers are born every minute - lots of 'em - and every one of them sincerely, devotedly believes in perpetual motion machines, infinite energy production, and the integrity of every politician they have ever voted for.

    Suckers may outnumber everybody else, especially since most everybody has fallen for some snake oil product at lease once or so.

    Maybe this guy and his imitators can get out of town before the tar & feather posse shows up - or the US gov (a paragon of integrity itself) puts them on its watch list, or a real scientist forces the suckers to reevaluate their current wet dream.

    Wots'a wuck evwybody, whoop whoop!!
  • Guru on March 30 2012 said:

    Rossi's e-Cat and Defkalion Hyperion probably work as change one of isotopes of Nickel to another isotopes with multiple phenomenons, so no exactly 1 kg of Nickel give 30 mil MWh of energy.

    Hyperion tech even today is sufficient for use in shipping transportation (and os stationary of course).

    For others posters: even in case when half of all planetary use of energy would be Ni-H LENR, only around 0,2% of world mining of nickel will need for LENR.

    I see this future: Big humbug and big investments into Ni-H LENR and few weeks/months after that drunkers from Dublin will launch (after 84th delay) their HephaHeat OU tech which will cheaper and simpler then LENR tech.
    Shortly: chaos after another chaos
  • maryyugo on March 30 2012 said:

    Of course you're right. I neglected to deduct the mass of the transmuted nickel which becomes copper. Anyway, I am sure we agree that finding nickel to feed E-cats isn't going to be a problem for thousands of years.

    If, of course, the thing works which is looking less and less likely as time passes with no customer revealed and no independent testing. It's been more than 14 months already since the original demonstration and press conference and Rossi gets less and less credible as time passes and Rossi makes more and more conflicting and incredible claims for his machine.
  • Sam Blankenship on March 30 2012 said:
    I am grateful for Mr. Rossi's courage to propose a new technology for meeting the world's serious energy needs.

    People were cooking meat while fire was thought to involve phlogiston. Mr. Rossi's approach of producing practical devices is valuable even while we look for theories about how they work.
  • TPBurnett on March 30 2012 said:

    Mary, you are always giving the same reason for why Mr. Rossi's process is not real, such as;

    -No independent testing.
    -No revealed buyers.
    -Questionable test methods.
    -Aspects of his process don't make sense to you.

    None of these issues have any bearing on whether Rossi's technology is real or even make it less likely. satisfying these issues for you does absolutely nothing for Rossi. Mr. Rossi doesn't need convinced competitors at this delicate time for his company. Rossi doesn't need you on board. He doesn't need your money. None of these problems you point out would be there if the U.S. Patent Office would grant Rossi at least some protection on his process.
    Everything I've said here has been repeated so many times on so many sites that I have lost count, but still you don't get it. Your paranoid suspicions and badmouthing of Rossi helps no one and some of your past statements border on slander. Only the buyer needs to beware. When I buy it will be from a reputable appliance store with a money back guarantee.

    If you ever have something that has some relation to whether the process is real or not, I would love to hear it.
  • earthhydro on March 30 2012 said:
    not so fast,,,Mr Bond...he slick dogged by the same question twice. One of the biggest giveaways he earlier blew about how many 1 megawatt units he has sold. according to pinochio he sed he has built 14 and in this interview did not answer how many have been sold.twice he was asked. however 2 months ago or so he claimed he had sold a unit and 13 were being made for customers. little problem was...the unit is still back in Bologna sitting there in a building with what Krivit called a couple of rented tables and a bag of tools. no shop, lab, etc. huh...i say you would be a blooming idiot to think he is for real.
  • Grauber on March 30 2012 said:
    Poineers have often been misused by the human system at all times - their knowledge was always been taken by someone else.

    So lets wait and see how this technology is implemented in a human society, that doesn´t deserve guys like Pons, Fleischmann and Rossi who lit the new fire.

    Do you really think that the petrol-dragon, who keeps runnig this ponzi-sceme for more than 100 years, is going to let the e-cat pass the way to the market ?

    Rossi and other inventors really need our help, our support and our protection.

    God with you, Mr Rossi
  • TPBurnett on March 31 2012 said:
    The issue of whether or not the first 1Mw plant has been sold can not be proved by the plants presents at Mr. Rossi's shop. On the very sales receipt for that unit published on line showed that Mr. Rossi would have to replace or repair all the main gaskets on the boiler chambers of the E-Cat units. It is not surprising that this servicing would take place back at Rossi's facility.
  • Al Sledge on March 31 2012 said:
    By what measure of grandiosity do some of you people DEMAND proof of Mr. Rossi's device? Who are you to demand anything? What have YOU contributed to society?! Are you part of that collective WE who feel that WE own everything?

    I too as an engineer work in the areas of "fringe science" on my own time, but design and build mainstream devices that the people who pay me insist that I build. My private thoughts belong to me, not my employer, and certainly not strangers like you.

    Mr. Rossi's device may, or may not work. But he has used his own money and resources in the development. I would say that this is his private property, and certainly not OURS.

    If the device does perform as he contends, he will create a huge enemies list, those in the energy business. When it comes to money, many would have no qualms about killing him and stealing his work.

    A couple of examples come to mind. Tesla, for all intents and purposes developed the alternating current used world wide and the first hydro plant to produce electricity. He died in poverty. After his death he was awarded as owning patents that were given to Marconi in the development of radio. Farnsworth developed the first all electronic TV system, as well as the first equipment for fusion, yet he too died in obscurity. Inventors who built science have never fared so well in history.

    Give Rossi the chance to live or die on his own. I would do exactly the same thing he is doing right now and I fully support his endeavors.
  • Elaisa on March 31 2012 said:
    Steve Krivit seems to me to be a fair and balanced reporter. Several examinations of Rossi's e-cat show clearly that it is a fraud. Please read and evaluate for yourself.

  • Captain of Tortuga on March 31 2012 said:
    Naysayers amaze me. You can't wait to cast doubt. What have you invested and what do you have to lose?

    A better question is who do you work for? What is a shill? I am proud of what Mr. Rossi is trying to do and there is no reason to denegrate his effort. He has not cost you a dime and hasn't injured anyone which is more than I can say about the companies that hire you.

    Disinformation by shills like you will be called out and condemmed. We are learning who you are.

  • maryyugo on April 01 2012 said:
    "But he has used his own money and resources in the development. I would say that this is his private property, and certainly not OURS."

    Rossi and Defkalion have looked for funding in many places. Rossi found some in Ampenergo (see the NyTeknik article about that. How do you know Rossi is using his own money? Because he says so? That's very funny.

    "None of these problems you point out would be there if the U.S. Patent Office would grant Rossi at least some protection on his process."

    Nonsense. If Rossi made a proper disclosure in a proper patent application, he'd be protected from the date he applied. It is not necessary to have an approved patent to be protected. That's just fiction. The reason Rossi doesn't have a US patent is that his application is grossly defective in that nobody can use it to replicate his "work".
  • Roger Barker on April 01 2012 said:

    Hey George, give it a rest will ya.
  • james johnson on April 01 2012 said:
    measuring heat output of a small heating device like the ecat is really easy.
    measure water temperature and volume in, then the temp of the water volume out. if there is mixed steam and water out, more difficult, but easily done. alternatively pressurize the system to avoid steam production and increase the water volume.

    run the output through a radiator to make a closed water loop.

    neither Rossi or Defkalion provide this simple information... they have lots of temperature measures, you can see steam and water out, but NO precise volume and flow measures with recorded temp differential.

    til we see that, i call BUNK.
  • Gian on April 02 2012 said:
    Dear maryyugo,it has already been stated several times that LENR cannot be patented per se.

    He is going to have to find other ways to patent some of the processes involved. While ridiculing P&F Cold Fusion since '89 the "Powers that Be" got busy aggressively patenting anything to do with CF,all related processes and side kicks etc. It will be very arduous for anybody to find a way to get around that!

    About Rossi being a convicted felon, unless you are an Italian Gomorra associate, you better detract that as he was sequentially acquitted of all charges.

    About the detractors, it's funny how the energy, banks, pharmas etc are all in the same hands and community that most of you belong.
    But there are some that are honest!
    I know who you are and what you are all about.
  • Mau on April 03 2012 said:
    you said, "little problem was...the unit is still back in Bologna sitting there in a building with what Krivit called a couple of rented tables and a bag of tools. no shop, lab, etc. huh...i say you would be a blooming idiot to think he is for real."

    "no shop no lab, etc.", then the unit should have come out of nothing !
    And the peoples that were there walking in and around it were seeing a hologram, a hologram connected to two radiators that dissipated his virtual heat.

    Please ...
  • Niccolo5 on April 03 2012 said:
    Both Rossi and Focardi know that a very cheap and simple test with water recirculating through the device and an insulated tub filled with crushed ice would promptly and conclusively settle the issue of whether the device produces significant heat energy. Just siphon out and weigh the liquid water that melts from the ice. It's well settled that the phase change heat of water ice is ~ 92W/kg. The only instruments needed are a cheap thermometer, clock, and bathroom scale. (The thermometer is only needed to increase precision of measurement by 20% by taking into account ice temperature. Since the promoters claim a COP better than 6, the extra 20% precision has no practical bearing on validity of demonstrations)

    Yet every demonstration to date is technically inconclusive. We can only speculate as to why Rossi and Focardi decided to make their demonstrations inconclusive, but we can be sure they could have easily made conclusive demonstrations had that been their purpose. They never intended to make conclusive demonstrations that their gadget actually works.

    One could plausibly argue that is why they are still alive and free.
  • Roger Bird on April 05 2012 said:
    Did anyone notice that the price of the 1 Mw plant is 1666.66 times greater than the price of the 10 Kw domestic unit, but the 1 Mw plant puts out only 100 times more energy than the 10 Kw domestic unit. I don't say this to prove that Rossi is a crook. I say this because my math is true. It seems like someone should fix that problem.
  • j. vanderzwaag on April 07 2012 said:
    Roger Bird
    one megawatt equals 1000 kilowatts
    and your math is way off
    if a 1 MW plant costs 1 million dollars and a 10 KW
    unit costs 1000 dollars then a 1 MW unit produces 100 times more thermal heat than a 10 KW unit.

    cost of 100 KW units = 100,000 $

    cost of 1000KW unit ( equal to 1 megawatt)= 1,000,000$

    10 times greater

    not 1666.66 times greater

    we will see if big oil ,big banks ,media,and the patent office , UL laboratories ,CSA ,and other
    foundations have the power to stop this LENR train

    they can apply pressure on many fronts to shut this
    down,and it will then be forgotten by all.
    this economy runs on oil and as long as there is oil
    all are stupid till the last drop.

    so i say to all those that keep new free energy
    technologies away from the consumers are at the end
    convicted by their own conscience , by degrading and polluting mother earth ,and bringing on all of us a
    habitat ,where in our food that is grown in a polluted air and polluted water will not bring your children and grand children a good live ,but sickness
    and disease
    do what is right and reduce our global need of oil
    as fuel ,and support LENR and allow it to be integrated in our current market place and give us all a better future for years to come.
    with LENR food can be grow anywhere in the world in
    glass greenhouses that filter out also harmful sun rays and can provide filtered clean air to such green houses and we can eat and be well.
    and we can live as long as those ancient races, that lived to be very old
    the big difference back then was ( before Noah's flood)was constant cloud cover ,where the damaging sun's rays never penetrated the food that was grown
    or their people
    the rainbow had never appeared until after the flood
    and the suns damaging ray's ,whether it is from direct sunlight or the damaged cell structure of the food we eat ,lead to our shortened DNA and untimely
    old Age.
    we are what we eat.
    This is knowledge from beyond and was known by the
    ancient Atlanteans ,the remnants of the Atlanteans
    founded ancient Egypt .
    a good book to read ,would be " Genesis of the new space age" on scribd and can be downloaded for free.

    stay out of the sun and eat food grown in UV protected green houses and give yourself a chance for
    a healthy long life.
    so give yourself a chance ,you deserve it all.
  • Joseph Fine on April 09 2012 said:
    The 1 MW E-Cat costs more per kW-hr because its output temperature is much higher. The 10 KW E-Cat provides hot water at 90 degrees C - not steam. (via a Heat exchanger). The 1 MW system is up to 260 degrees C and could produce electricity. Try producing electricity only with hot water!!!

  • Lodewijk on June 04 2012 said:
    The funny thing is that it all these heated discussions have no bearing on the final result. No one here can be a 100% certain either way. It is all guesswork, based on data that for some mean one thing, for others the opposite, and for yet others nothing.

    But then again people play solitaire too, just as a pastime... and this is more exciting: Is it for real? If that would be so, wow! If not, what an incredible show that was!

    Admitting ignorance of what is really going on back stage is not shameful. But watching the show now and then is fun, and all that for free...
    Never a dull moment tuning in to this one!
  • Mel Tisdale on July 21 2012 said:
    Way back when I was working on engine development there was some guy who claimed to have designed a new engine that was significantly more efficient than conventional engines. In his American interviews he claimed to have a car running up and down the British motorway network. In his British interviews he claimed to have a car running all around America.

    Another guy had some incredible way of expanding computer memory capacity that stored binary information in five voltage levels or some such hocus pokus.

    Nothing came of either, yet they both made quite a splash at the time in the mainstream media.

    I sincerely hope that Rossi is not in the same category, but the patterns of behaviour are ominously similar. With me it is 'once bitten, twice shy'. I certainly would not bet a penny on Mr Rossi coming up with a working model that passes independent qualified scrutiny.

    That said, there are too many highly qualified scientists claiming to have succeeded in building LENR devices to be able to dismiss the whole technology the way it was originally. Unfortunately it still caries the stigma originally associated with cold fusion, so I guess it is going to take some time for any such device to be accepted generally by the scentific community. Shame really, if LENR devices can b, then there is some very interesting science just begging to be done.
  • Mel Tisdale on July 21 2012 said:
    Sorry, my computer is about as reliable as Rossi. It posted my comment in the middle of typing.

    The clause 'if LENR devices can b' continues thus: 'if LENR devices can be shown to work, ...

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