• 6 minutes WTI @ 67.50, charts show $62.50 next
  • 14 minutes Saudi Fund Wants to Take Tesla Private?
  • 18 minutes California Solar Mandate Based on False Facts
  • 1 hour Starvation, horror in Venezuela
  • 1 hour Monsanto hit by $289 Million for cancerous weedkiller
  • 8 hours WTI @ 69.33 headed for $70s - $80s end of August
  • 4 hours Why hydrogen economics is does not work
  • 5 mins Anyone Worried About the Lira Dragging EVERYTHING Else Down?
  • 7 hours WSJ *still* refuses to acknowledge U.S. Shale Oil industry's horrible economics and debts
  • 12 hours Saudi Production Cut or Demand Drop?
  • 20 mins Oil prices---Tug of War: Sanctions vs. Trade War
  • 26 mins Correlation does not equal causation, but they do tend to tango on occasion
  • 33 mins Russia retaliate: Our Response to U.S. Sanctions Will Be Precise And Painful
  • 10 hours Merkel, Putin to discuss Syria, Ukraine, Nord Stream 2
  • 13 hours What Turkey Sanctions Are Really About
  • 6 hours Saudi Aramco IPO Seems Unlikely
Alt Text

PetroChina Sees Huge Boost In Profit

Though oil majors are constantly…

Alt Text

Exxon’s Shocking Supply And Demand Predictions

Exxon has a announced some…

Alt Text

Houthis Prepared To Halt Oil Tanker Attacks

Yemen’s Houthi rebels say that…

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James Stafford

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