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Debate Rages Over Global Oil Demand

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Russian Oil is Fueling Geopolitical Fragmentation

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Is It Time to Get Back Into Energy Stocks?

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Brian Westenhaus

Brian Westenhaus

Brian is the editor of the popular energy technology site New Energy and Fuel. The site’s mission is to inform, stimulate, amuse and abuse the…

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New LENR Machine is the Best Yet

New LENR Machine is the Best Yet

The new leader is Brillouin Energy with a new process named the Hot Tube Boiler.  Sterling Allen at PESN interviewed Brillouin’s Robert W. George II, CEO; and the inventor, Robert Godes, the Chief Technology Officer.  Mr. Allen learned Brillouin has had two significant independent validations of their scientific model and claims. One of those was by Los Alamos National Laboratories. The other was by Dr. Michael McKubre of Stanford Research International (SRI), who subsequently joined their board of advisors.

What puts Brillion out in front first is the temperature output.  Brillouin expects the test of the new Hot Tube model at SRI will be capable of delivering steam at temperatures from 400ºC to 500ºC (750-932ºF).  These kinds of temperatures are called superheated or deliver “dry steam”, a steam form that does not contain water mechanically suspended.  Dry steam is what’s needed for generating power and moving heat because it saves a great deal of water and is more efficient.  Pressures, especially for turbine drives can be much higher.

Hot Tube Boiler
Brillouin Hot Tube Boiler.

The second Brillouin advantage is control and predictable output. The Brillouin team noted Dr. McKubre has joined the Brillouin Board of Directors because of the consistency of the results.  So far as we know, Brillouin is the first cold fusion or LENR process that is able to repeat tasks every time, without exception.

Brillouin believes they understand how LENR works, and if operating results are proofs, then the company has the idea worked out.

Robert Godes explained it’s not a nickel-hydrogen fusion reaction. Nickel is merely a catalyst.  “A tiny amount of hydrogen protons are converted into neutrons. These newly produced neutrons are soon captured by hydrogen ions or other atoms in a metallic (e.g. nickel) lattice near to where the hydrogen ions were converted to neutrons. The captured neutrons generate heat because the new atoms that are one neutron heavier shed excess binding energy as heat to the lattice, resulting in a dramatically clean, low-cost, hi-quality heat output.”

Godes goes on to explain the error in “cold fusion” and “LENR”, instead using the terms Controlled Electron Capture Reactions or “CECR”, for “phonon-moderated hydrogen reactions.”

For documentation the suggestion is in the firm’s business summary, “Evidence suggests this reaction involves the synthesis of neutrons, which accumulate on hydrogen dissolved in a matrix (lattice), which progresses to deuterium, then tritium and on to quadrium that decays to helium.  In a Brillouin reaction the process is promoted and catalyzed in a highly energized nickel matrix. The process releases thermal energy far in excess of what is possible from chemical reactions. The important feature is that neutrons are generated and accumulate in a comparatively low-energy environment, and this accumulation generates heat.”

Simply stated, hydrogen in a nickel lattice exposed to Brillouin’s proprietary electro-stimulation will yield heat and at the end, helium.

Four Steps to Heat and Helium
Brillouin 4-steps to Heat and Helium.

Godes noted that 1.024 ml, a volume about the size of a #2 pencil eraser, of water provides as much energy as two 48-gallon drums of gasoline. “That is 355,000 times the amount of energy per volume – five orders of magnitude.”

Refueling and service expectations are extraordinary as well.  Godes expects systems will last 3-5 years before servicing, including refills or replacement of the nickel lattice.

Godes points out the nuclear process Brillouin utilizes is the same albeit better understood and thus controlled, as is being used by the competition including Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, Defkalion’s Hyperion, Piantelli’s Nichenergy, George Miley’s LENUCO, and Celani’s Cold Fusion Energy Inc.

Is there a business model in this that makes more sense than the seemingly odd reports about Andrea Rossi or the off/on information flow out of Defkalion?

The Brillouin CEO is Robert W. George II, who was a Managing Director at Grosvenor Financial Partners.  Mr. George has honest, real and practical experience in bringing startups to market.  It’s very likely that George can find a way to get the technology into customer’s hands at a price that’s attractive enough to attract even more customers.

The premise now should be that Brillouin has the technology worked out.  Note that three patents have been filed – so far no issues because of the US Patent Office’s inability to recover from being mislead by experts over the Cold Fusion Debacle over twenty years ago. But the prior art is on file, copycats be warned . . .

Yet Godes points out that there are certain aspects that he has filed for patent protection on, and still others that he plans to maintain as proprietary or trade secrets.  The intellectual property, or the know how to do the electro-stimulation, have to do with the circuitry used to control the CECR technology. “These trade secrets constitute a challenging barrier to entry for competitors,” said Godes.

The electro-stimulation is more complex than what is presumed to be going on at the E-Cat or Defkalion efforts.  The Brillouin documentation says in the Business Summary, “One of the intellectual property methods claimed in Brillouin’s Patents, and being used in both systems, is designed to aid stimulation of phononic activity by introducing Q pulses. These are high current pulses through the lattice of our CECR reactor. The Q pulses cause electromigration, which means the nickel atoms and the hydrogen ions get moved by passing electrons. In other words, electromigration causes the creation of cold neutrons, which is an endothermic reaction. The cold neutrons accumulate on the hydrogen nuclei, from 1H to 2H to 3H to 4H then to 4He in milliseconds (see “step” block diagram below). Each time a neutron is added to the hydrogen nuclei it is an exothermic reaction. Unlike plasma physics, where high-energy particles would be emitted, this binding energy is released as pure heat.”


Mr. Allen has met Andrea Rossi, visited Defkalion and talked with the Brillouin people and without realizing it has hit on the key measure we have for now, “when I was watching the data emerge from the Defkalion set-up, when I was in Greece, I was expecting to see a steady curve, but instead what I saw were intermittent spikes from the nuclear events. The Brillouin curve would be steady.”

Allen believes that Brillouin can turn the reaction on and off, govern it up and down, and run it in steady state, capabilities that none of the competitors are reported to have yet.

By whatever the name, cold fusion is looking marketable – one of these is sure to get trails one day soon.  Then the improvements will come, miniaturization, and the human tendency to exploit good ideas with the whole of good minds intuition and imagination.

By. Brian Westenhaus

Source: Three Cold Fusion Processes Coming to Market

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  • linda on April 23 2012 said:
    Wow, just.... wow.

    Here in New Zealand, we are fighting to preserve our beautiful, pristine environment from being sold to greedy investors who want to charge us the maximum or market will bear for our own electicity and other things (http://aotearoaisnotforsale.com/). This is going to change everything.

    When? When can we have it? We can't wait for this! What a world we will make!
  • Brad Arnold on April 24 2012 said:
    So it is the hydrogen, not the nickel, that is fueling the exothermic reaction. OTH, the nickel lattice will still need replacement.

    Too bad the US Patient Office appears to be universally declining all "cold fusion" applications. Perhaps if Brillouin can minimize economic disruption by only introducing replacement boilers for existing power plants, they will get annointed by the powers-that-be. Second generation decentralized heat generating Brillouin boilers could be marketed eventually.
  • Axil Axil on April 24 2012 said:
    Axil Axil - Q-WAVE MAY BE WEAK ..

    A COP of 2.9 for the “wet system” that Brilliuon Energy has currently developed is not going to be competitive in the marketplace for providing
    hot water. The Q-wave stimulant of the reaction is not efficient in my opinion.

    The “dry system” where hydrogen is used in the envelope similar to Rossi is a total unknown quantity and might not produce increased COP as Brilliuon
    Energy hopes.

    Reading between the lines, it sounds like Brilliuon Energy is concerned about the low efficiency of their reaction in terms of COP. This area may be a weak spot in the Brilliuon Energy reaction approach.

    Rossi uses chemical assistance to improve reaction efficiency. IMHO, there is currently no positive indication that Brilliuon Energy’s Q-wave
    stimulant will equal the efficiency of Rossi’s reaction and simultaneously provide precise control of the Brilliuon Energy reaction.
  • Stefan on April 24 2012 said:
    Sounds as a desperate catching-up to attract the investments; well, the only current advantage they offer over others is a supposedly "better understanding" which is going to be coveted into a better product in "near future" - such self proclaimed "concrete advantage" is a very weak ground. The actual-operational-device with higher COP would be enough ;o)
  • maryyugo on April 24 2012 said:
    If you're relying on Sterling Allen as a source, you're in deep trouble. He linked his web site to a recent report that Obama secretly went to Mars in 1998. And he believes that there is a secret 10,000 mph train that runs in a vacuum tunnel from coast to coast and is only available to some elite people.

    And that's not the biggest of the whoppers you can find at peswiki.com. Sterling routinely reports positively on obvious free energy and magnet motor scams such as Steorn, Mylow and Carl Tilley. He's been fooled and scammed time and again.

    If Brillouin has some convincing data of large amounts of power for a long time, properly measured independently by reliable experts, I have yet to see it. It certainly is not appearing on Sterling's web site. All I read there are claims.

    Just curious: do you still believe Rossi and Defkalion's claims?
  • Big B on April 24 2012 said:
    Hmm, I thought 4H decay releases a neutron and 3H, not a beta.
    3H does decay through beta, to release helium and beta particle.

    Did you guys get something wrong here?
  • Roger Bird on April 24 2012 said:
    Brad Arnold, I think that you are right about the nickel lattices. I think that the trick is to get the hydrogen to combine with neutrons, not nickel combining with neutrons. This could all happen with the pulses. But still, there is still going to be some "degradation" of the nickel, no matter how precise the pulses are.

    It would be like expecting your furnace to not need maintenance every now and then just become it is better built than someone else's furnace.
  • Roger Bird on April 24 2012 said:
    maryyugo is a liar and has an agenda to discredit LENR. This is not science and she is not a scientist.
  • maryyugo on April 24 2012 said:
    Some obvious flagrant typos ("hyrogen" and "Q-pluse") don't help their credibility. Nor does this message on Sterling's web page (of course we can't know for sure if it's really from who it says it is):

    "Glen Wurden
    There is not now, and has not been "an independent validation" by Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    I am the Fusion Program Manager at Los Alamos National Laboratory."

    Here: http://pesn.com/2012/04/19/9602078_Brillouin--Understanding_How_LENR_Works_Will_Enable_Us_to_Be_First/ (scroll down the comments section)
  • maryyugo on April 24 2012 said:
    "maryyugo is a liar and has an agenda to discredit LENR. This is not science and she is not a scientist. "

    How would you know if I am a scientist and what difference does it make? How is Rossi doing these days? What has Defkalion done recently? Where are their clients? Where are their factories? Where are their machines? Who's tested them independently? How do you know they are not simply flagrant scams? Stop attacking the person, Roger, that's simply stupid. Try addressing some facts for a change.
  • psi on April 24 2012 said:
    I see that the indomitable Maryyugo has alreadly struck. "Still?" Time may be running out, Mary. Both Defkalion and Rossi have announced verifiable milestones. What will you do if they deliver. The smart money is less certain they can deliver than you are certain they cannot. But wave after wave of new data and increased competition don't look good for the naysayers. Do you still believe "the heat" is not real?
  • maryyugo on April 24 2012 said:
    Defkalion has been lying through their teeth since last June when the promised they'd have Greek government certification and show working prototypes of reactors by the last quarter of 2011. Then they promised tests in early April and they said they'd announce the testers and test protocols ahead of time and the results afterward. They have done NONE of those things. I'm sure believers have wonderful excuses for them but it makes them liars.

    Rossi has lied about so many things so many times, he's the joke of the internet. Or do you still think he works with National Instuments and two famous universities? You know, the ones that deny working with him.

    None of the so-called competition has shown robust multiple watt power production for the required time periods (days to weeks) to be credible. Those that claim they have done so have not allowed independent verifications.

    There is, thus far, no decent evidence in favor of robust or commercial grade LENR/CF reactions whatever. That LENR/CF even exists is still in grave doubt to anyone who takes a reasonable look at available data. What the believers are doing is confusing claims for credible information. It's not.
  • Nicola A De Flora on April 26 2012 said:
    As the evidence mounts and more scientist find excess heat in various experiments from various setups. The Questions after Galileo is not why but how or some would say the Theory . Hot fusion experts after 60+ yrs. billions and billions tell us 25 to 50 more yrs. and X billions more and comptemt for evidence and no theory after 23 yrs. Fission and fusion are happening all over the universe without a theory and a dollar spent. We need to look at this (fusion) in a new way so we can go from chemical energy to cheap controlable nuclear energy.Just as chemical energy and machines freed us from back breaking work and slavery this will result in a quantum jump in Humanities possiblities . so lets cheer these scientist on Maryyugo.
  • Roger Bird on April 27 2012 said:
    maryyugo, again you lie. I look at facts, and I even look at evidence. You should try it sometime: http://nickelpower.org/2011/12/30/replicators-as-if-december-30-2011/ I look also at the fact that you have an agenda to discredit LENR, no matter how much evidence is demonstrated.
  • Roger Bird on April 27 2012 said:
    maryyugo, it is just as wrong to say that something is not so when the evidence points to it being so as it is to say that something is so when the evidence does not point to it being so. And it is immoral to say that someone is a crook when you don't have proof positive.

    The very people that you accuse of being true believers are uncertain either way while you truly believe that Rossi et. al. are a bunch of crooks, without courtroom level proof.

    The worse part of your evil behavior is that if and when LENR is proven to be true all you have to do is change your handle to avoid the necessary and righteous blowback that you would be getting.
  • ivan on April 29 2012 said:
    Best LENR device? where is the prototype? where could I see it! I look all around the place I could not find it!!!. ... Brian, next time you write an article please document it properly, a ghost device is not good enough!
  • Alan DeAngelis on April 30 2012 said:
    Wouldn’t nickel nuclei be much bigger targets than a proton, a deuteron or a triton for any neutrons that might be formed?
  • H. R. Gillis on May 03 2012 said:
    Has anyone actually observed helium formation in any Brillouin reactor? One of the concerns I have about the suggested reaction process of multiple neutron captures is that adding neutrons to deuterium is very difficult. This is why deuterium (in the form of heavy water, D2O) is used as a neutron moderator. Can anyone explain why this situation would be different in the Brillouin device? It seems to me that it might be easier to extract useful energy from such a device by alloying the nickel "catalyst" with a strong neutron absorber- - such as boron-10. This would also confirm if any neutrons are being formed in the device.
  • charles potnar on May 08 2012 said:
    Mary Yugo has an agenda. She will write from the comfort of her cold fusion heated and powered house because Big Energy Atomic and Oil still mail the checks.

    This individual's paycheck will cause her to denounce free energy even as she calls from her fusion powered cell phone and rides around in her cold fusion powered or water powered car. Good luck, Mary, your time is up. God bless, you'll have to find other employment. Perhaps a pastry chef or something working with the hands, as the mind doesn't seem to sharp.

    Good luck, Mary, we got used to you as the dog that barks on the corner lot at every passerby, and we will miss you when your paycheck stops.
  • bindlepete on May 31 2012 said:
    The paid trashers of LENR are beginning to appear as they did on " climate change:"

    I guess this is too big a threat to the staus quo but remember the secrets are being worked out in Japan, Russia , Korea and China. Just like the " omerta" on Japans small domestic fuel cells that cogenerate now being built and installed by Toshiba, Panasonic and Sanyo.

    Not good for this market as it is too disruptive to the utilities, insurance co's and hydrocarbon industry. Better to waste the energy and get rich quick. Soon the regulators like the NRC and FERC will step in along with the home insurance boys.

  • Chris Skinner on June 02 2012 said:
    Ever since Fleishmann and Pons they have been trying to avoid the term "cold fusion" like the black plague.But I say the original description still aptly fits what is going on.So what if the characterization and natural mechanism behind it is not exactly the same as hot fusion which occurs in stars? The end result is still the same:hydrogen eventually winds up becoming helium.And it all occurs at temperatures far below what happens in stars.By all definition and accounts,that is still COLD FUSION.So what if mother nature has a clever trick up the sleeve for getting the same final end result a different way without extreme temperature and pressure?
  • Dave From NJ on June 21 2012 said:
    "Brillouin 4-steps to Heat and Helium"

    Godes seems to have the best grasp as to what is going on. I am amazed that he only as a BSEE degree. This makes me think that the real brains employed by the Department of Offense have probably had this worked out long ago.

    I find it very interested that oil has dropped $30 per barrel since this story broke in April. Maybe the end-game is here and the speculators know it.
  • dfnj on July 06 2012 said:
    One hundred years ago, people said fossil fuel solve all our problems. Twenty years ago people said the Internet would solve all our problems. Now people are saying LENR will solve all our problems. I think if humanity is going to make any progress at all we need to evolve our psychological mindsets.

    What difference does any technological revolution make if the end result is always the same. Things are worse now than they were before the Internet and fossil fuel. Everyone complains about the government. Everyone thinks government is the problem. Capitalism, communism, co-op, or whatever "ism" you want to try. At some point, whichever system you use, everything will work great until someone starts messing around with the metaphysics of the "ism". If the bankers want to destroy their own currencies nothing will stop them!

    Here's the problem with the governments of the world. It has nothing to do with the "system". All the world's problems have to do with people in power. The problem with power is it makes the people in power have contempt for the people under their influence. There is a point where the power-holder no longer respects the humanity (either out of fear or pity) of their subordinates. Something clicks inside the power-holder's head and the power-holder no longer sees their subordinates as human beings but as sub-human animals. The golden rule no longer applies and "insects" are squashed in response to psychopathic emotions.

    The power-holder rationalizes their own behavior based on the idea that the sub-human scum are not deserving of any respect or human decency. Any respect given at all would mean the power-holder is no longer in power. This cycle of contempt by the power-holders gets repeated over and over again at every level of society. I pity the power-holders because the pressure created by having the responsibilities combined with all the fears of not being successful, that is, losing their position of power, is proven to be overwelming.

    If humanity is going to make any progress, at some point we need to create new tactics to influence our leaders and people in positions of authority. We will need new tactics that will ease our leaders' fears. These new tactics will have to be very subtle. So subtle that they would not create any additional fear-reaction in the power-holder. We need new tactics that will influence our leaders to never stop loving and respecting humanity. Otherwise, we will continue to see false-flag terrorist attacks in order to preserve the status-quo. Or some other type of extreme heinous attack against humanity.

    I hope and pray LENR is a great and long lasting technological revolution. But my inner sense is telling me if fossil fuel or the Internet could not make any progress how could LENR make any difference. People love to hurt people. It's in our human nature. Fear is too powerful and overwelming.

    Will technology ever make any real progress in the World?

    Try to imagine a World where each person in it is treated like a priceless piece of fine art.
  • Lord Fairhead on July 26 2012 said:
    My goodness, has anyone noticed how impatient the internet is making everyone? All this ridiculous LENR speculation is pointless. It looks that by the end of 2012 we will have our answer one way or another, when either the e-cat business implodes, or Signor Rossi (or some other LENR developer) is nominated for the Nobel Prize.

    In the meantime, has anyone heard any new stuff about the iPhone 5?

    That last bit was a joke, by the way...
  • Bruce Hopkins on September 16 2013 said:
    I notice there has been no activity here for 1.2 years. Does this mean the idea is dead??
  • louis nardozi on June 25 2018 said:
    Here's what I don't understand. Why not keep everything a trade secret, build reactors and sell power? Most places, the electric company is required to buy what you produce. Use the profits from one to buy another, two to buy two more and in a couple years you're the de facto energy supplier of the world.

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