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Caspian Power Trio Aims to Electrify the European Union

Caspian Power Trio Aims to Electrify the European Union

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan plan…

Groundhog Day for OPEC+

Groundhog Day for OPEC+

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Brian Westenhaus

Brian Westenhaus

Brian is the editor of the popular energy technology site New Energy and Fuel. The site’s mission is to inform, stimulate, amuse and abuse the…

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Is Rossi Looking at Mass Production for the E-Cat?

Is Rossi Looking at Mass Production for the E-Cat?

Andrea Rossi, the inventor and energy behind the E-Cat was interviewed by Gary Hendershot and Sterling Allan for the Smart Scarecrow Show last Saturday the 14th of January 2012.  The headline remark was Mr. Rossi has sent prototypes to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).  As best can be determined, that remark is in the past tense.

The customary view is the UL accepts products destined for sale in the final form, which is a fact.  However, the UL also offers governmental units assistance in establishing reasoned law, regulation and rules.  For manufacturers the UL also extends more than just final product tests, they work with manufacturers at the design stage to assure that a final product will in fact achieve an UL label.  It’s a highly likely prospect that the design stage is where the UL and Mr. Rossi have started the process.  A quick review of the UL policy suggests that the E-Cat is substantially interesting enough to begin the UL Process and that Low Energy Nuclear Reactions are a new field.

For the cheering section, The UL will have to have a working unit running to establish their parameters on the terms set by the UL.  At some point, if an application for certification is made, the certainty the E-Cat will offer an alternative power source is essentially – a sure thing.

The UL involvement follows news that National Instruments (NI) is working with Mr. Rossi in designing new control systems for the one-megawatt and home size 10 kilowatt (kw) E-Cat.  In the conversation Mr. Rossi offered that now great progress is being made and on his blog he’s indicated that they have been able to achieve stable steam production of 400ºC. This will be important later for the efficient production of electricity.

The NI participation offers a technically proficient and sophisticated set of tools, expertise and products that will improve the E-Cat and impact favourably on its price.  There are other hints in the conversation that suggest the operation of an E-Cat is going to be “Plug and Play”, so much so that a home unit is going to come very soon.

First, the E-Cat is being designed to self-sustain itself after the first initial warm-up.  For an hour the E-Cat is thought to need about 2.8 kw, or about the power of 28 100 watt bulbs.  From initiation of self-power, the only requirement is going to be electricity for the electronics and control system.  The home E-Cat will produce only heat for now.

It’s going to be very cheap heat.  Mr. Rossi is suggesting he can sell the E-Cat for $400 to $500 using the best engineering possible of the production line, automation of all aspects of the factory, and the use of robotics. The goal is to make this technology so affordable that everyone will be able to purchase a system.

The next revelation is E-Cat units would be capable of being re-fuelled by individuals, not by technicians – somewhat like changing the ink in a pen. After using a cartridge for 180 service days (counted up as the system is actively in use), the system will indicate it needs to be replaced.  An old cartridge would then be sent to Mr. Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation to be recycled as much of the remaining nickel could be salvaged, and it would only need to be re-processed. Previous information has made clear that opening a cartridge is not a good idea as nickel while safe in sizes like coins isn’t when nickel is reduced to the particle size within a cartridge.

To begin with cartridges are expected to cost somewhat more than $10 and over time come down to the $10 regular recycled cost. If a home were to need one unit for both water and space heating at $500 upfront and lasting 5 years and $13 each six months the monthly cost would be $8.34 and $2.17 or $10.51.

The next revelation is the hydrogen needed to feed the reaction is going be sourced from within the reactor.  The home E-Cat may utilize a material inside of the reactor core, which can release and absorb hydrogen.  While the production of hydrogen isn’t made clear, the reactor may be producing it as well as using it, or some means of scavenging is being used.  However it’s being done, very little in involved.  A new core will be loaded with about 10 grams and only picograms are needed for driving the reaction.

The enticing clue for the disbelieving set is the proprietary radio frequency generator that has emissions to interact with the reactions inside of the core.  Along with the catalysts this is information that will stay secret as long as possible.  What did slip is Mr. Rossi compared the use of the radio frequencies to martial arts. Rossi explained that the radio frequency generator allows the forces that would normally prevent the fusion process from taking place (Coulomb forces) to work for you, and not against you. Rossi offers that the full theory of how the system works will be revealed, as he put it, “soon.”

By all means have a look at the full video of the interview. Its does run over 1:50, but for those with cause to be interested, this is a very good use of a couple of hours.  There is also a transcript available too.


The Rossi interview follows a video from NASA that discusses the importance of proceeding with LENR research.  The over reaction by some of those reporting on the video release is making more of a note than the original news.  Or simply put, jumping to the conclusion the NASA video somehow supports the Rossi E-Cat is just false.  The gentleman at NASA, Dr. Joseph Zawodny does not mention Rossi name, just that the preponderance of research has become many reasons to get to work.

The NASA video does point out one important thing.  While the first to market will be forever a leader, the technology is just now taking off and where it will lead in the decades to come is today anybody’s guess.

By. Brian Westenhaus

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  • Brad Arnold on January 17 2012 said:
    First, the following link ought to convince even the most skeptical readers that LENR is real: This phenomenon (LENR) has been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers: http://lenr-canr.org/acrobat/RothwellJtallyofcol.pdf

    "Over 2 decades with over 100 experiments worldwide indicate LENR is real, much greater than chemical..." --Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

    Second, energy from LENR will be much less than any other source:

    "Energy density many orders of magnitude over chemical." Michael A. Nelson, NASA

    "Total replacement of fossil fuels for everything but synthetic organic chemistry." --Dr. Joseph M. Zawodny, NASA

    Finally, the market has not taken into consideration this new energy source emerging (probably because it seems too good to be true), so when Rossi's factory starts pouring out those LENR generators like sausages, predicably fossil fuel futures will drop immediately, dramatically affecting the value of fossil fuel assets.
  • Here2njoy on January 18 2012 said:
    My only comment is now there are over 17 theories by some fairly prominent physicists trying to explain the phenomena. Why all the interest from all of these people. Why is NASA now making statements. See the blog on newenergytimes(dot)com of January 15th. Seems like people are going to an awful lot of effort to prove something that doesn't exist! These truly are exciting times.
  • Dick King on January 18 2012 said:
    For home heating use, there are practical problems with a 10Kw heater that requires an hour and 2.8KwH to ignite. Most thermostats maintain temperature by cycling on and off, with the "on" cycles being about 15 minutes in practice. If an e-cat is installed with a normal thermostat, the thermostat will call for heat for about 90 minutes -- 60 minutes to start up but not actually deliver any heat, and another 30 minutes to actually deliver the heat. [The extra 15 minutes are because the house will have further called while the heater is "waking up"]. 2.8KwH to deliver 5KwH worth of heat an hour later. Not too a appealing.

    Is there an idle mode where the unit runs at say 10% capacity and consume only 10% hydrogen and cartridge capacity indefinitely, without requiring re-initiation and offering fast ramp-up to 100% capacity?

  • wikib on January 18 2012 said:
    The "hundreds of published scientific papers" were mostly published in the few years after 1989. Look at the graphs in your link. There is very little scientific interest in cod-fusion any more. Nobody has reproducible results. Calling it by the euphemism "LENR" doesn't help.

    It's sad that people take this e-cat seriously with Rossi's criminal background and his bizarre "demonstrations".
  • Adam on January 19 2012 said:
    For you hardcore skeptics, keep in mind that this very well may not be the typical "cold fusion" that we've all come to mock since F-P in 1989. It's very likely that they stumbled upon a new area of nuclear physics that we haven't realized until recently due to politics after the failed 1989 demonstration. Keep an open mind and do some thorough research of your own until you discount and bash it. You guys just sound very closed-minded.

    - Adam
  • Major General on January 19 2012 said:
    Rossi makes the casing of the e-Cat from steel.
    Why not copper.?
    Copper has 7 times the heat transfer rate than steel.
    With more efficient heat transfer there is less chance of a meltdown of the powdered nickel'
    Use copper from the dismantled Grid.
  • Charles Bergren on January 19 2012 said:
    With respect to the starting time. The unit can charge a heat sink and then the energy can be drawn out over an extended time period. Electricity is cheaper during some time periods (like when coal fires are banking down in the evening) so that energy is stored in refrigerator sized radiators full of salt (for dense thermal storage). That solves the heating problem, but doesnt do much for a car engine... its too heavy. That said, I'm sure the problem will be solved.
  • Adam on January 20 2012 said:
    I think the steel is used to block the little amount of gamma rays (radiation) that is emitted from the nuclear reactions occurring within. Copper unfortunately will not stop the gamma rays that are emitted from the E-Cat.
  • Jim Mooney on January 21 2012 said:
    The naysayers were all over cold fusion a few years ago, but NASA is now also behind it.

    It's Thomas Kuhn all over again. The old scientists have to die before something new is tried, since they run the departments, administer the grants, and decide who gets a career or not. Apparently enough old scientists have died so people are no looking at this seriously instead of just pooh-poohing without investigation.

    A theoretical physicist I used to correspond with confirmed this. He left academia because he said it was very political. The science was good, but the people who administered the money for the science were often old hacks who held back research without a fair and impartial investigation. Going on their emotions instead of being analytical.

    NASA is nothing to sneeze at, and oil price review is pretty hardheaded - neither are new age fluffheads or conspiracists, that's for sure.

  • Thomas on January 22 2012 said:
    The approach is excellent. Develop a working, sell-able product first.
    Then let the physicists who said it couldn't work scratch their heads over why it does work. If millions of these units are sold and they work fine, and science can't figure out why they work, who cares in the short term? It took almost 50 years for science to figure out about electrons and how they actually worked, although turbines, electricity over wires and light bulbs were working fine until then.
  • skeptical on January 27 2012 said:
    It's a fake. There is nothing substantial, only claims.
    It is so easy, according to Rossi.
    Yet he has failed to produce a simple convincing demonstration.
    Just let the device run for a week. He has not done that. The longest he's done is 4 hours, and now he wants to jump to mass-production of millions of household appliances that sit in your basement for 20 years?
    How about One Simple Demo first?

    Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. So far, there has been NO evidence.
    The discussion about whether he should make 10.000 or 20.000 and whether they will cost $400 or $500 are strawman-arguments.
    They are designed to lead everyone away from the elephant in the room:
    This Free Energy device has not been demonstrated or verified.
  • The Tim Channel on February 03 2012 said:
    Rossi device spawning uncontrollable spasms of biting sarcasm. Details:http://t.co/584Z4nYK

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