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Claude Salhani

Claude Salhani

Claude Salhani is the senior editor with Trend News Agency and is a journalist, author and political analyst based in Baku, specializing in the Middle…

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Internet Report Says Syria has Largest Oil and Gas Fields

Internet Report Says Syria has Largest Oil and Gas Fields

A new propaganda video making the rounds of Internet conspiracy theorists claims that Syria has discovered the largest oil and natural gas and reserves in the world in its territorial waters. The new find the video claims, while offering great financial rewards to a country with a wobbly economy, to say the least, has at the same time been Syria’s curse. According to the video, this discovery is the real reason behind the Syrian civil war, a war that was instigated by the “Zionists who control 100 percent of the world media.”

According to the report Syria’s new find will place it ahead of Qatar, currently one of the world’s largest producers of natural gas. The fields, lying in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, off the Syrian coast, are also far more important than those off the coast of Israel. The video makes no mention of the oil and natural gas fields discovered in Lebanese waters.

The report claims that there are 40 oil fields in this yet untapped area and that just four wells alone can produce in a single day more oil than all the fields in Kuwait currently produce.

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If true, this could be fantastic news for Syria and the money could be used to rebuild the war-shattered country and its economy. But then again it is not going to be all smooth sailing for Syria, even if it indeed does have the world’s largest oil and gas reserves. As long as the current regime remains in place, so too will the sanctions imposed on Syria by the United States.

The video is cleverly done and like any propaganda effort worthy of its name, it encompasses elements of truth carefully wrapped around fabrications and exaggerations.

For example, the video claims that the civil war raging in Syria today is entirely over the fate of a gas pipeline that was to run from Qatar through Iraq and onto Syria and Turkey and into Europe, but Syria did not agree.

The rest, the report says, is “bloody history.”

Qatar, the report claims, along with Saudi Arabia, “under the authority of the Zionist –controlled US, funded all the terrorist activities against the Syrian government. In other words, the video want us to believe that the reason that Syria is at war has nothing to do with the internal situation in Syria. They would like us to believe that it is entirely the fault of the West who want to get their hands on Syria’s oil. They would like us to believe that lack of individual freedom and the absence of people’s participation in government has nothing to do with the current violence.

“Using the Zionist controlled world media empire,” which in the West, according to this report “is 100 percent controlled by the Zionists, ran fairy tale cover stories.

At the same time the video portrays the new might of the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah alliance, will defend Syrian and Iranian oil and it’s interests around the world. It boasts that Iran can attack all of the 35 US military bases in countries around it. It claims that the alliance has a total of 150,000 missiles that can sink all US warships in the Gulf and in the Eastern Mediterranean. It claims that Iran has advance EMP technology, --Electro Magnetic Pulse -- that can shut Israeli cities down.

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In simple terms a blast of EMP can render all electronic equipment such as computers and all machinery that uses electronics such as helicopters airplanes and ships inoperable.

It claims that Iran used EMP technology to hijack a CIA drone and that Hezbollah has 50,000 missiles it can throw at Israel.

In a rare televised speech Syrian President Bashar Assad said last week that Syria’s current problems will only be solved with “an iron fist.”

The president blamed the violence in Syria on “terrorists” and said the current crisis will only be solved by “stamping out terror.”


In a rare televised speech on state television Assad dismissed the political opposition to his regime, calling it “a failure” and that it had no role to play in resolving the country’s future.

"No solution can be reached with terror except by striking it with an iron fist," said Assad

"I don't think that any sane human being would think that terrorism can be dealt with via politics," he added.

By. Claude Salhani

Claude Salhani is editor of ArabSpringNow.com. He is a specialist in the Middle East, terrorism and politicized Islam.

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  • John Cook on August 08 2013 said:
    I agree with the quoted "conspiracy" video - the war in Syria has virtually Nothing to do with the ordinary people. Last I heard Assad has about 80% support. Just like Lybia it's being driven by western influences - the most virulent of which is Zionism.
  • james warren on August 26 2013 said:
    I too believe the problems in Syria are caused by the west. If they had nothing to offer in the way of natural resources the US/UK would never get involved. The US must control the worlds oil price at any cost. Without it the petrodollar goes down and with that so the US sinks. Just look at the genocide in west Africa (among others) to see no one cares when there's nothing to take. I seriously hope that Russia intervenes in at least supplying Syria with missiles that will take out the warships. Problem is Syria is surrounded by western funded puppets and will find it has enemies on all sides except Iran. The west should concentrate on mending their broken economies instead of fuelling yet another war.
  • valentin on August 28 2013 said:
    The author is a professional propagandist. In this article, he promotes the war to be started by blaming some shit on rationale people. Nobody heard of Syrian oil. So, he is conspirator himpself. Obviously, the Empire started to push the Assad when he refused to accept the American vassalage, offered by G. Bush II administration. Before that, he was promoted as a "liberal reformist" in the West. And he indeed started some reforms, he has free elections in the parlament. If you need tyrannies, look at the America allies: Quatar, Quate, Saudy Arabia and Bahrain. These are absolute radical islamic tyrannies. If people started the war because they want rule themselfes then why don't they uprise in Quatar/Bahrain? Why did US supported officials opressing the uprise in Bahrain?

    You conduct the war against islamic terrorist by supporting radical islamists and terrorsts against secular regimes. What do you do in America against people who attack government buildings and officials (with the holy purpose - to control their own country)?

    Now, your US used chemical weapons in Vietnam and Iraq. How do you think starts war by using protection against chemical weapons? They already started that war in Iraq by using this false argument and, thereby, breaking the international laws! You are criminal.

    Author uses dirty manipulaitons to inflame the war, as usually. I think that all NATO and this author must be executed as Nazi criminals in Nuremberg.

    His point is to promote the war.
  • Amvet on November 29 2015 said:
    It was reported at the start of the Syrian war that NATO planes brought fighters and arms from Libya to Turkey for further transport to Syria.
    It is known that thousands of foreigners are in Syria trying to do a US inspired regime change.
    One thing is clear.
    It is not a civil war but a foreign fueled regime change war.

    Regarding oil and NG, many wells have to be drilled before production potential is known.
    The Persian Gulf Sedimentary Basin extends a few km offshore of Syria, so there is a possibility of offshore oil and gas.
  • Rick on February 02 2016 said:
    Why do people think America is such a sweet innocent country in this world? Its not that we are bad People but the people in our government They is bad people and work for very bad people. Once you get it out your head that the government protects you and really cares about your well being you will start seeing through all their bs. Once I actually started researching conspiracies myself I realized that they were full of a bunch of facts not lies. The only thing thats usually missing from a conspiracy is the government admitting that its true.

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