• 4 minutes Ten Years of Plunging Solar Prices
  • 7 minutes Hydrogen Capable Natural Gas Turbines
  • 10 minutes World looks on in horror as Trump flails over pandemic despite claims US leads way
  • 13 minutes Large gas belt discovered in China
  • 1 hour Would bashing China solve all the problems of the United States
  • 15 mins Yale University Epidemiologist Publishes Paper on Major Benefits of Hydroxchloroquine for High-risk Outpatients. Quacksalvers like Fauci should put lives ahead of Politics
  • 8 mins Model 3 cheaper to buy than BMW 3 series.
  • 4 hours Pompeo's Hong Kong
  • 25 mins Thugs in Trumpistan
  • 1 day China to Impose Dictatorship on Hong Kong
  • 14 hours COVID 19 May Be Less Deadly Than Flu Study Finds
  • 1 hour China To Boost Oil & Gas Exploration, As EU Prepares To Commit Suicide
  • 9 hours China’s Oil Thirst Draws an Armada of Tankers
  • 4 hours Income report showing potential future spending and economic growth
  • 2 days Iran's first oil tanker has arrived near Venezuela
  • 5 hours US-China tech competition accelerates: on Friday 05/15 new sanctions on Huawei, on Monday 05/18 Samsung chief visits China
  • 6 hours The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?
  • 1 day 60 mph electric mopeds
  • 2 days Let’s Try This....

Energy / Crude Oil

The Texas Oil Production Cut Plan Is Dead

May 05, 2020 at 09:06 | Irina Slav

Ryan Sitton, the Texas Railroad Commissioner who first floated the idea of state-mandated oil production cuts, has thrown in the towel after failing to convince his two co-commissioners…

Will Oil Markets Ever Recover?

May 04, 2020 at 17:41 | Tsvetana Paraskova

Oil companies, oil refiners, and oil traders believe that the worst of the demand destruction is already behind us. But the jury is still out on how long…

Shell Has A Dire Warning For Oil Markets

May 04, 2020 at 14:00 | Alex Kimani

After months of a deep and harrowing slide, fuel demand across the world is finally starting to sputter back to life. Traffic data, pipeline…

Oil Price Crash Forces Algeria To Cut State Budget By 50%

May 04, 2020 at 12:04 | Tsvetana Paraskova

OPEC member Algeria has decided it would slash its budget for this year by 50 percent, due to the drastically lower income from oil after the price crash. Algeria –…

The Most Critical Oil Storage In The United States

May 01, 2020 at 16:51 | Irina Slav

“Cushing, Oklahoma: Pipeline Crossroads of the World.” The emblematic slogan of the Cushing oil hub does not exaggerate. Cushing, a town of several thousand, has become a media…

The Oil Wells That Will Never Recover

Apr 30, 2020 at 18:04 | David Messler

It is very common today to read about shutting-in of producing oil and gas wells to reflect the reality there are fewer and fewer places

The Wave Of Shale Well Closures Has Finally Begun

Apr 30, 2020 at 17:40 | Alex Kimani

U.S. shale oil producers have so far held up admirably, hanging on for dear life amidst the biggest oil demand collapse in history. American producers continued to pump at record…

Are Mandatory Output Cuts The Only Way To Save U.S. Oil?

Apr 30, 2020 at 15:38 | Irina Slav

The United States has been on the opposite side of the OPEC oil cartel for decades in a great battle between the free market and supervised production levels. …

Chinese Investors Lost $1 Billion In Epic Oil Price Crash

Apr 30, 2020 at 13:30 | Alex Kimani

For many decades, the Chinese financial markets remained a tightly controlled affair that, for the most part, locked out foreign and exotic investments. That started to change during…

How Trump Convinced Saudi Arabia To End The Oil Price War

Apr 30, 2020 at 11:00 | Tsvetana Paraskova

U.S. President Donald Trump was so intent on saving the American oil industry that he told the Saudi crown prince that unless the Kingdom stopped the oil price war and…

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