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  • The U.S. Mining Renaissance Just Got A Boost In This State

    The senate in the U.S. state of Michigan last week declared September 6 as “Michigan Mining Day”. And on Friday we got some news about an even-bigger endorsement of the ongoing U.S. mining renaissance. That came from major silver producer Hecla Mining. Which said that it is betting millions on the future of projects in an unexpected place: the state of Montana. Hecla announced that it is acquiring junior minerals developer Revett Mining. The latter firm being the owner of two significant projects in Montana.Related: Oil Prices To Fall Or Fly Depending On Iranian Nuclear Talks The key target for the…

  • Low Prices Don’t Justify Dismissing Entire Sectors

    As I discussed previously, the coal market -- on a worldwide basis -- is dismal right now. But certain parts of the world like India are still doing a brisk business. The thing is, resource investors and project developers are too often focused on fundamentals across an entire sector. If gold prices are up, we assume gold projects are a good idea. When coal prices drop, we throw out our entire slate of carbon-focused ideas. But that's a mistake. With any project, we need to look at the details. It's certainly true that now is a difficult time for many…

  • Metals Markets Set For Another Shock From This Key Producer

    One of the most ground-breaking changes in metals the last year was the Indonesian export ban. The government-mandated halt to shipments of unprocessed concentrates caused widespread disruptions in several global markets. And triggered bull runs for metals like nickel, as buyers worldwide scrambled to find alternate supplies. Now it looks like Indonesia's policies may be shifting again. At least for one metal. Aluminum.Related: The Most Challenging Oil And Gas Projects In The World Local press reported this week that government officials are considering a reversal of the export ban on unprocessed bauxite -- the feedstock that goes into making alumina and…

  • Major Win For LNG Producers Thanks To Oil Price Plunge

    Brief, but very interesting note this week from world LNG-hotspot Australia. Where it appears the environment is getting better for new project development - despite an overall softening in commodities prices. In fact, precisely because of that reason. Australian officials told a natural gas industry conference that costs in the domestic petroleum sector have been plummeting. Because of a pullback in sector activity, triggered by currently-low oil prices.Related: Beyond Iran And Pakistan: 7 Nuclear Wannabes John Ryan, associate secretary at the Department of Industry, said at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook Conference in Sydney that the scale of cost reductions has…

  • Gold Markets May Finally Have Something To Cheer About

    Momentum has been building amongst gold stocks this week. With gauges like the S&P/TSX Global Gold Index up 9% over the last week of trading. The interesting thing is, this rebound has come with very little movement in the gold price itself. As I write, bullion is languishing below $1,190 per ounce. But a few events are on the horizon that could really give gold investors something to cheer about. In some of the largest consuming nations on the planet.Related: The $6.8 Billion Great Wall Of Japan: Fukushima Cleanup Takes On Epic Proportion A prime example being regulatory changes announced last…

  • Texas-Based STW Resources Brings Water Revolution To Dry State

    The definitive answer to Texas’ drought, concerns about future supplies of potable water, and oil industry fears of fracking drying up is next generation technology that hits out at the water dilemma on three fronts simultaneously. Developed in the Netherlands by Salttech, the DyVaR Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) water processing technology was licensed in July 2014 by Texas-based STW Resources Holding Corp. (OTCQB: STWS) in the giant oil and gas venue of the Permian Basin. Now the proven next generation technology is moving across the state to provide local citizens and oil producers alike with more water than they ever…

  • Local Tax Reforms To Impact Global Metal Market

    Mining just got a lot tougher in one key commodities nation this week. Struggling metals producer India. The minerals industry is feeling the pinch after a slate of new measures implemented by the government. Which insiders say will raise the cost of mining — potentially impacting production of key commodities here. The first hit to miners was a raise in mineral royalties. Which was confirmed in India’s parliament last week.Related: Wall Street Losing Millions From Bad Energy Loans Royalties will now rise nearly across the board. With officials forecasting that the increased rates will grow royalty payments across the country by…

  • Here’s An Unexpected Shift In Global Coal Dynamics

    Prices in the worldwide thermal coal market appear to be stabilizing. Leading to the question: is there any hope of a recovery in sight soon? To find out, it’s critical to keep an eye on the supply dynamics unfolding globally. And one particular event may signal a big change coming, according to news emerging this week. That comes from important global coal producer South Africa. Where Platts reports that local producers may be getting a financial incentive to halt exports. That’s because state-owned South African electricity generator Eskom is looking for coal feed to its power plants. And may be…

  • Goldman Sachs Got It Wrong On Commodity Prices

    Goldman Sachs delivered a dire commodities outlook earlier this year, but RAB Capital Founder Philip Richards still sees compelling buying opportunities. In this interview with The Mining Report, Richards discusses his outlook for oil, gold, vanadium, zinc and nickel, and profiles companies with projects that will see the light of day even in harsh price environments. A few of these names have doubled in stock value in recent months, and still others look poised to deliver multiple returns on investment. The Mining Report: Goldman Sachs cut its price outlook for almost all commodities, including oil, which it said could go…

  • Low Oil Prices Spur Conventional Wildcatting Spree in Utah

    Utah has been an attractive oil and gas venue for decades, with three key plays that drew all the attention until a fourth play was discovered by a small wildcatter in 2004, ushering in the largest onshore discovery in the US in 30 years. Now, as oil prices slump and render unconventional drilling and fracking prohibitively expensive in many cases, all eyes are roving back to Utah’s conventional offerings and looking for another wildcatter to wow us like Wolverine Oil did in 2004. On the wildcatting scene, the real potential here is in the Central Utah Thrust Belt, where Wolverine…