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  • From The Toilet To The Tap--The Future Of Water Is Here

    As America’s oil-rich and breadbasket states dry up under the constant threat of drought and water supplies running dangerously low, a Texas company’s toilet-to-tap technology gains ground with a new joint venture agreement that brings this highly advanced wastewater treatment to the municipal marketplace. Difficult times call for what may seem like drastic solutions, but as the world struggles with a shortage of water that threatens industries, economies and increases the risk of yet more conflicts, toilet-to-tap solutions become not only acceptable, but essential. Now it’s going commercial. Last month, STW Water—a wholly owned subsidiary of STW Resources Holding Corp.…

  • Unexpected Development In India Could Hammer Gold Demand

    Here’s an unexpected twist to the ongoing gold market saga in India. Bullion donations from god. It sounds fanciful, but the world’s number two gold consumer is looking to donations from religious institutions to lower its bullion import demand. And insiders say the plan might just work. The scheme revolves around massive gold holdings accumulated by India’s Hindu temples. Which the government now wants to access, according to reports from local press this week.Related: Huge 100 Billion Barrel Oil Discovery Near London Reports suggested officials will launch a program in May where temples can loan their gold to the central government.…

  • Canadian Small Cap With Giant Potential In Argentina’s Shale Plays

    One of four significant resource plays for small-cap Canadian explorer Madalena has been described as a “sleeper” that has now awakened, with successful horizontal well testing in the Loma Montosa light oil formation in Argentina - showing 860 barrels of oil equivalent per day from a shallow and scalable resource play. On 8 April, Madalena Energy Inc. (TSXV: MVN and OCT:MDLNF) announced the completion and testing at a key horizontal well in the Loma Montosa formation at Puesto Morales (31,254 net acre block), which is one of four strategic resource plays in the company’s attractive Argentina portfolio. The Loma Montosa…

  • Is This $2 Billion Buy A Sign Of Opportunity In Palladium?

    Critical item for the global platinum-group metals market this week. Suggesting that big changes may be ahead for buying and pricing in this space. Major Russian PGM miner Norilsk said in an interview that it is creating an investment fund to buy palladium. Looking to consolidate much of the world’s privately-held stock of the metal under one umbrella. Norilsk’s head of strategic marketing, Anton Berlin, told Bloomberg that the planned palladium fund will be of significant scale. With managers looking to buy up to $2 billion worth of the metal.Related: Is Private Equity Distorting E&P Asset Prices? Berlin said some of…

  • Oil Price Hysteria Presents Great Opportunities

    After correctly predicting $47/bbl oil last year, Chen Lin, author of the popular stock newsletter What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling?, is licking his stock-picking chops at the bargains now available in international oil plays and the ones that could materialize stateside if the artificial pressure on domestic oil created by a ban on exports is not lifted. In this interview with The Energy Report, he names three stocks that are the victims of global hysteria around plunging oil prices and blindness to local opportunities.The Energy Report: Chen, last year you correctly predicted that oil could fall as…

  • We’ve Never Seen This Before In The Gold Market

    It might prove to be a one-off. But one group in the gold industry this week forged ahead with a unique strategy — which might just change the market. The group is India’s largest jewellery-maker, Rajesh Exports. Which said that it is taking an unusual step in securing gold supply for its operations. Buying gold mines. The firm’s owner, Rajesh Mehta, told reporters in Australia this week that he is visiting the country to vet potential mining acquisitions. Adding that his company has hired investment bankers to identify assets that could “ensure a reliable and permanent gold supply-line to our…

  • Platinum, Gold And Coal Prices Could Be Impacted By South Africa’s “26% Rule”

    The national government this week released a key policy review. Looking at how “black economic empowerment” (BEE) rules have been implemented by the mining sector. One of the biggest outcomes from the report was continued controversy over the “26% rule”. Which states that black interests in the country must control at least 26% of South African mining firms.Related: Energy Stocks May Be A Safe Haven For U.S. Investors The problem, according to the report, has been the implementation of this rule. With officials pointing out that some miners have achieved 26% black ownership for a short period — but then slipped…

  • The U.S. Mining Renaissance Just Got A Boost In This State

    The senate in the U.S. state of Michigan last week declared September 6 as “Michigan Mining Day”. And on Friday we got some news about an even-bigger endorsement of the ongoing U.S. mining renaissance. That came from major silver producer Hecla Mining. Which said that it is betting millions on the future of projects in an unexpected place: the state of Montana. Hecla announced that it is acquiring junior minerals developer Revett Mining. The latter firm being the owner of two significant projects in Montana.Related: Oil Prices To Fall Or Fly Depending On Iranian Nuclear Talks The key target for the…

  • Low Prices Don’t Justify Dismissing Entire Sectors

    As I discussed previously, the coal market -- on a worldwide basis -- is dismal right now. But certain parts of the world like India are still doing a brisk business. The thing is, resource investors and project developers are too often focused on fundamentals across an entire sector. If gold prices are up, we assume gold projects are a good idea. When coal prices drop, we throw out our entire slate of carbon-focused ideas. But that's a mistake. With any project, we need to look at the details. It's certainly true that now is a difficult time for many…

  • Metals Markets Set For Another Shock From This Key Producer

    One of the most ground-breaking changes in metals the last year was the Indonesian export ban. The government-mandated halt to shipments of unprocessed concentrates caused widespread disruptions in several global markets. And triggered bull runs for metals like nickel, as buyers worldwide scrambled to find alternate supplies. Now it looks like Indonesia's policies may be shifting again. At least for one metal. Aluminum.Related: The Most Challenging Oil And Gas Projects In The World Local press reported this week that government officials are considering a reversal of the export ban on unprocessed bauxite -- the feedstock that goes into making alumina and…