• 5 minutes 'No - Deal Brexit' vs 'Operation Fear' Globalist Pushback ... Impact to World Economies and Oil
  • 8 minutes China has *Already* Lost the Trade War. Meantime, the U.S. Might Sanction China’s Largest Oil Company
  • 12 minutes Will Uncle Sam Step Up and Cut Production
  • 39 mins A legitimate Request: France Wants Progress In Ukraine Before Russia Returns To G7
  • 6 hours Danish Royal Palace ‘Surprised’ By Trump Canceling Trip
  • 7 hours Recession Jitters Are Rising. Is There Reason To Worry?
  • 3 hours Used Thin Film Solar Panels at 15 Cents per Watt
  • 7 hours China has invested btw $30 - $40 Billon in Canadian Oil Sands. Trump should put 10% tariffs on all Chinese oil exported into or thru U.S. in which Chinese companies have invested .
  • 14 hours US Shale Economic Impact: GDP gain realized in shale boom’s first 10 years
  • 14 hours Wonders of US Shale: US Shale Benefits: The U.S. leads global petroleum and natural gas production with record growth in 2018
  • 20 hours It's Not the Job of the Government to Dictate Where Businesses Should Go
  • 20 hours Offshore subsea sub 50$/bbl : Rystad Energy: High stakes in store for subsea markets if oil falls to $50/bbl
  • 17 hours Philadelphia Energy Solutions seeks to permanently shut oil refinery - sources
  • 18 hours Tit For Tat: China Strikes Back In Trade Dispute With U.S. With New Tariffs
  • 13 hours Domino Effect: Rashida Tlaib Rejects Israel's Offer For 'Humanitarian' Visit To West Bank
  • 12 hours NATGAS, LNG, Technology, benefits etc , cleaner global energy fuel
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Tom Kool

Tom majored in International Business at Amsterdam’s Higher School of Economics, he is Oilprice.com's Head of Operations

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