• 5 minutes Trump vs. MbS
  • 9 minutes Saudis Threaten Retaliation If Sanctions are Imposed
  • 15 minutes Can the World Survive without Saudi Oil?
  • 8 hours WTI @ $75.75, headed for $64 - 67
  • 3 hours The Dirt on Clean Electric Cars
  • 11 mins Petrol versus EV
  • 9 mins EU to Splash Billions on Battery Factories
  • 7 hours The end of "King Coal" in the Wales
  • 7 hours These are the world’s most competitive economies: US No. 1
  • 16 hours Saudi-Kuwaiti Talks on Shared Oil Stall Over Chevron
  • 1 day Uber IPO Proposals Value Company at $120 Billion
  • 14 hours Closing the circle around Saudi Arabia: Where did Khashoggi disappear?
  • 5 hours E-mopeds
  • 16 hours Coal remains a major source of power in Europe.
  • 2 hours U.N. About Climate Change: World Must Take 'Unprecedented' Steps To Avert Worst Effects
  • 5 hours 10 Incredible Facts about U.S. LNG
Tom Kool


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Tom Kool

Tom majored in International Business at Amsterdam’s Higher School of Economics, he is now working as news editor for Oilprice.com.

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