• 5 minutes Desperate Call or... Erdogan Says Turkey Will Boycott U.S. Electronics
  • 11 minutes Saudi Fund Wants to Take Tesla Private?
  • 17 minutes Starvation, horror in Venezuela
  • 15 mins WTI @ 67.50, charts show $62.50 next
  • 5 hours Newspaper Editorials Across U.S. Rebuke Trump For Attacks On Press
  • 6 hours Mike Shellman's musings on "Cartoon of the Week"
  • 1 hour Permian already crested the productivity bell curve - downward now to Tier 2 geological locations
  • 11 hours Venezuela set to raise gasoline prices to international levels.
  • 49 mins WTI @ 69.33 headed for $70s - $80s end of August
  • 5 hours Batteries Could Be a Small Dotcom-Style Bubble
  • 18 hours Renewable Energy Could "Effectively Be Free" by 2030
  • 10 hours Scottish Battery ‘Breakthrough’ Could Charge Electric Cars In Seconds
  • 17 hours Corporations Are Buying More Renewables Than Ever
  • 6 hours Don't Expect Too Much: Despite a Soaring Economy, America's Annual Pay Increase Isn't Budging
  • 22 hours Again Google: Brazil May Probe Google Over Its Cell Phone System
  • 7 hours France Will Close All Coal Fired Power Stations By 2021
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Tom Kool

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