• 4 minutes Pompeo: Aramco Attacks Are An "Act Of War" By Iran
  • 7 minutes Who Really Benefits From The "Iran Attacked Saudi Arabia" Narrative?
  • 11 minutes Trump Will Win In 2020
  • 15 minutes Experts review Saudi damage photos. Say Said is need to do a lot of explaining.
  • 2 hours Ethanol is the SAVIOR of the Oil Industry, Convenience Store Industry, Automotive Supply Chain Industry and Much More!
  • 1 min Ethanol, the Perfect Home Remedy for A Saudi Oil Fever
  • 2 hours Instagram Now Banning Photos Of People At Gun Ranges, Claiming They Promote "Violence"
  • 15 hours Let's shut down dissent like The Conversation in Australia
  • 8 hours Famous Manufacturer of Anti-Ethanol Additives Proves Ethanol's Safety and Benefits
  • 14 hours Collateral Damage: Saudi Disruption Leaves Canada's Biggest Refinery Vulnerable
  • 20 hours Saudi State-of-Art Defense System looking the wrong way. MBS must fire Defense Minister. Oh, MBS is Defense Minister. Forget about it.
  • 20 hours Hong Kong protesters appeal to Trump for support.
  • 5 hours US and China are already in a full economic war and this battle for global hegemony is a little bit frightening
  • 10 hours Trump Accidentally Discusses Technology Used In The Border Wall
  • 10 hours One of the fire satellite pictures showed what look like the fire hit outside the main oil complex. Like it hit storage or pipeline facility. Not big deal.
  • 13 hours Iran in the world market
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Robert Rapier

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