• 6 minutes Trump vs. MbS
  • 11 minutes Can the World Survive without Saudi Oil?
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  • 2 hours Satellite Moons to Replace Streetlamps?!
  • 2 days US top CEO's are spending their own money on the midterm elections
  • 1 hour U.S. Shale Oil Debt: Deep the Denial
  • 19 hours EU to Splash Billions on Battery Factories
  • 53 mins The Dirt on Clean Electric Cars
  • 2 hours Owning stocks long-term low risk?
  • 2 hours Can “Renewables” Dent the World’s need for Electricity?
  • 2 days Uber IPO Proposals Value Company at $120 Billion
  • 1 day The Balkans Are Coming Apart at the Seams Again
  • 2 days A $2 Trillion Saudi Aramco IPO Keeps Getting Less Realistic
  • 1 day 47 Oil & Gas Projects Expected to Start in SE Asia between 2018 & 2025
  • 2 days OPEC Is Struggling To Deliver On Increased Output Pledge
  • 14 hours The end of "King Coal" in the Wales
Robert Rapier

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2011

Robert Rapier

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    As U.S. sanctions on Iran have forced some countries to stop importing oil from Iran, crude oil prices have inevitably risen. The U.S. started down…

  • Creating Fuel From Thin Air

    Published 29 September 2018 | viewed 11,470 times

    Wouldn’t it be magnificent if we had a low-cost way to capture the sun’s energy and economically store it for later consumption? Actually, we do. Plant…

  • Why Peak Oil Demand Doesn’t Matter

    Published 22 September 2018 | viewed 21,725 times

    In the previous article, I discussed the natural gas projections from the recent report Rivalry: The IHS Markit View of the Energy Future (2018-50). IHS…

  • Refiners Aren’t To Blame For Climate Change

    Published 16 September 2018 | viewed 6,317 times

    For about a decade, Texas has considered the idea of erecting a coastal barrier to protect against the impacts of hurricanes. Texas A&M researchers concluded that a direct…

  • How Natural Gas Is Paving The Way To A Cleaner Energy Future

    Published 12 September 2018 | viewed 9,681 times

    Many environmentalists are staunchly against the idea that natural gas can act as a bridge fuel to a renewable future. Actor Mark Ruffalo echoed the…

  • New Fuel Efficiency Rules Could Boost Oil Consumption

    Published 11 September 2018 | viewed 6,904 times

    Last month, the Trump Administration announced that it would replace fuel efficiency standards enacted by the Obama Administration in order to make cars safer and more affordable.…

  • Why Diesel Prices Are Set To Soar

    Published 01 September 2018 | viewed 53,846 times

    The world is ticking down to a deadline that promises to have major ramifications in the global fuel markets. On January 1, 2020, the International Maritime…

  • Lower Gas Prices Are Right Around The Corner

    Published 25 August 2018 | viewed 24,678 times

    Fall arrives next month. Along with it comes relief from the heat, and usually at the gasoline pump as well.  It isn’t simply that demand for gasoline…

  • Venezuela’s Key Refineries At Risk Of Seizure

    Published 18 August 2018 | viewed 19,514 times

    In 2007, following Venezuela’s expropriation of billions of dollars of assets from U.S. companies like ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips, I suggested a potential remedy. Since Venezuela’s state-owned oil…

  • The Real Leader In Global Energy Production

    Published 13 August 2018 | viewed 8,865 times

    Last week President Trump spoke to business leaders at a dinner. Daniel Dale, the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, posted several tweets about the…

  • Are Natural Gas Prices About To Break Out?

    Published 11 August 2018 | viewed 30,504 times

    In the previous article, The U.S. Is Still The Global Natural Gas King, I highlighted the rise of the United States as the world’s leading…

  • The U.S. Remains The Natural Gas King

    Published 04 August 2018 | viewed 12,892 times

    Data from the 2018 BP Statistical Review of World Energy show that last year the U.S. maintained a healthy lead as the global natural gas powerhouse. In 2017, the U.S.…

  • How U.S. Shale Flipped The Script In Global Oil Markets

    Published 28 July 2018 | viewed 19,200 times

    In the previous article, Asia’s Insatiable Oil Demand, I covered global and regional oil consumption numbers according to the recently-released 2018 BP Statistical Review of…

  • Can Oil Demand Rise Much Further?

    Published 23 July 2018 | viewed 9,365 times

    Last month the 2018 BP Statistical Review of World Energy revealed that global oil production has now grown for eight straight years. Oil consumption rose…

  • Is The U.S. Overly Dependent On Russian Oil?

    Published 17 July 2018 | viewed 8,974 times

    At this week’s NATO meeting in Brussels, President Trump criticized Germany’s reliance on Russian natural gas: “Germany is totally controlled by Russia. They will be…

  • Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Set New Record

    Published 07 July 2018 | viewed 10,850 times

    In April of this year, the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii recorded an average concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide above 410 parts per million (ppm). This was…

  • Why Oil Prices Are Surging

    Published 30 June 2018 | viewed 54,069 times

    Oil prices rose last week to the highest levels since 2014. What was behind this price surge? Ironically, it was an announcement by OPEC that…

  • Global Energy Consumption Soars To New Heights

    Published 20 June 2018 | viewed 8,169 times

    This week the 2018 BP Statistical Review of World Energy was released, which covers energy data through 2017. It is the definitive source for global…

  • Venezuela Won’t Have Enough Oil To Export By 2019

    Published 12 June 2018 | viewed 21,763 times

    On May 21st President Donald Trump signed a new executive order prohibiting certain oil-related transactions with Venezuela. GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, argues…

  • China’s Surprising Move To Cut Solar Subsidies

    Published 11 June 2018 | viewed 12,736 times

    Chinese solar companies sold off sharply on Monday following an announcement by the Chinese government that it would take measures that may curb the astronomical…

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