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Jim Hyerczyk

Contributor since: 10 Jan 2013

Jim Hyerczyk

Fundamental and technical analyst with 30 years experience.

Latest articles from Jim

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    January Natural Gas January Natural Gas futures declined to a multi-year low at $2.229 earlier in the week, but selling dried up, triggering a short-covering…

  • Short Sellers Not Budging In NatGas Market

    Published 20 November 2015 | viewed 5,926 times

    Unleaded Gasoline   (Click to enlarge) Despite another increase in crude oil and gasoline supplies, it looks like value-seeking buying was strong enough to turn…

  • August Lows Now A Reasonable Downside Target

    Published 13 November 2015 | viewed 3,781 times

    Crude Oil Crude oil futures are expected to finish the week lower in a move solidified by the release of a bearish U.S. stockpiles report on…

  • Markets Still Waiting On Guidance From OPEC

    Published 06 November 2015 | viewed 4,148 times

    (Click to enlarge) FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS With the crude oil chart indicating a range bound trade, this week we’ll take a look at both sides of…

  • What Was Really Behind The Recent Oil Price Rally

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    The 6.3% rise in December Crude Oil on October 29 serves as a great example of just how starved the energy complex is for just…

  • Chasing These Markets Higher Will Prove Very Risky

    Published 23 October 2015 | viewed 2,728 times

    Short-term and long-term weather forecasts continued to weigh on December Natural Gas futures this week, despite a slightly bullish inventory report from the U.S. Energy…

  • The Right Side Of The Market Will Likely Be The Short Side

    Published 16 October 2015 | viewed 3,915 times

    (Click Image To Enlarge)December Crude Oil futures are set to finish the week over 8.00% lower if the pace of the current selling pressure continues…

  • Bullish Case For Oil Building

    Published 09 October 2015 | viewed 3,353 times

    Fundamental Analysis (Click Image To Enlarge)November Crude Oil futures opened the week higher and never looked back. This week’s rally was triggered by a technical…

  • Traders Content To Sit And Watch

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    Fundamental Analysis(Click Image To Enlarge)November Crude Oil futures finished another “observation” week with a slight down tick from the previous week. It was another observation…

  • Oil Prices Could Straddle This Zone For A While Yet

    Published 25 September 2015 | viewed 3,914 times

    Fundamental AnalysisNovember Crude Oil futures are in a position to finish flat to slightly lower this week, however, the chart pattern suggests that momentum is…

  • Oil Markets Still In The Hands Of The Short Sellers

    Published 18 September 2015 | viewed 4,888 times

    November Crude Oil(Click Image To Enlarge)Fundamental AnalysisAfter a lackluster start, November Crude Oil futures are in a position to finish the week higher, buoyed by…

  • It Won’t Take Much To Drive Oil Prices Lower

    Published 11 September 2015 | viewed 4,592 times

    October Crude Oil Fundamental Analysis Last week’s comments ended with a summary stating that crude oil is in a news driven market and that fresh…

  • A Good Sign For Bullish Traders… With A Catch

    Published 04 September 2015 | viewed 3,494 times

    October Crude OilTechnical Analysis(Click Image To Enlarge) October Crude Oil futures are in a position to finish the week higher after an impressive follow-through rally,…

  • Don’t Get Too Excited By The Recovery This Week

    Published 28 August 2015 | viewed 5,174 times

    The energy complex was volatile this past week, driven by outside factors and traditional fundamentals. The week began with crude oil under pressure because of…

  • Technicals Not Fundamentals Will Drive A Turn In The Oil Markets

    Published 21 August 2015 | viewed 4,717 times

    Crude oil futures plunged to a 6 ½ year low this week, setting in motion a sell-off in unleaded gasoline and energy stocks.The week started…

  • The Key Price Point To Watch For This Week In Oil

    Published 14 August 2015 | viewed 4,864 times

    October Natural Gas Early last week, October Natural Gas futures appeared to be showing signs of life as the technical picture started to take on…

  • Relentless Selling Pressure In The Oil Markets

    Published 07 August 2015 | viewed 4,408 times

    September Crude Oil futures reached a new low for the year this week as persistent oversupply issues continued to feed the bear market. There appears…

  • Shift In Production May Herald A Price Bottom

    Published 31 July 2015 | viewed 4,796 times

    September Crude Oil(Click Image To Enlarge)Although September Crude Oil futures are set to finish the month sharply lower, the market is in a position to…

  • Downtrend Too Strong To Pick A Bottom For Now

    Published 24 July 2015 | viewed 4,660 times

    September Crude Oil futures finished the week sharply lower and at a new low for the year. Let’s look at the numbers.Oil lost a little…

  • Mixed Signals Have Oil Traders On Edge

    Published 17 July 2015 | viewed 4,460 times

    Last week’s report ended with a call for a sideways trade with the crude oil market holding between $55.33 and $50.95. September Crude Oil futures…

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