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Irina Slav


Contributor since: 17 Jan 2016

Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

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  • Two Oil Shipments Delayed At Libya’s Hariga Port

    Published 18 July 2016 | viewed 7,321 times

    Protests over unpaid salaries from a unit of the Libyan Petroleum Facilities Guard have caused a delay of two shipments of crude oil from the…

  • Big Oil Begins To Worry About Trump’s Wall

    Published 17 July 2016 | viewed 18,455 times

    Donald Trump’s idea to build a wall along the southern border of the U.S. has been called everything from controversial to harebrained, but—to the likely…

  • China’s Oil Output Tanks , Hits 4 Year Low

    Published 15 July 2016 | viewed 14,242 times

    China’s crude oil output over the first half of the year stood at 101.59 million metric tons, down 4.6 percent and the lowest six-month figure…

  • Terror Attack Kills 84 in France

    Published 15 July 2016 | viewed 4,246 times

    A man drove a truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in the city of Nice yesterday and then opened fire, with 84 people losing their…

  • EV’s Won’t Kill Diesel – Electric Highways Will

    Published 14 July 2016 | viewed 16,096 times

    There are millions of trucks on the world’s highways at any given time, carrying cargo from one place to another and spewing diesel exhaust fumes.…

  • The Glut Is Far From Over As Offshore Oil Storage Continues To Swell

    Published 14 July 2016 | viewed 22,924 times

    Nine tankers carrying as much as nine million barrels of crude are floating in the North Sea as traders can’t afford to sell the crude…

  • Tesla Targeted by SEC, Cancels Car Buyback Program

    Published 14 July 2016 | viewed 5,784 times

    Tesla has been making headlines these days because of the investigations into two accident involving Tesla cars, one of them with a fatal result. The…

  • Iran’s Crude Output Hits 5-Year High in June

    Published 13 July 2016 | viewed 8,275 times

    Iran pumped 3.63 million barrels of crude daily in June, which is the highest since 2011, Platts reports. The cumulative increase since December has been…

  • Bacteria: A New And Unexpected Energy Source

    Published 13 July 2016 | viewed 12,767 times

    Meet the newest and most unlikely source of renewable energy: bacteria. The hunt for more renewable sources of energy is still on as the world…

  • EIA Expects Uptick In U.S. NatGas Production As Prices Soar

    Published 13 July 2016 | viewed 13,985 times

    Embattled U.S. natural gas producers have a reason to perk up: the Energy Information Administration has forecast that natural gas production in the country over…

  • Gazprom’s European LNG Market share in Jeopardy, says Fitch

    Published 13 July 2016 | viewed 6,216 times

    Growing competition from natural gas and LNG exporters, and a decline in gas demand in Europe are threatening the market share of its single-largest supplier,…

  • EIA Cuts Global Oil Demand Forecast, But Modestly

    Published 13 July 2016 | viewed 7,121 times

    The Energy Information Administration forecasts global oil demand to grow by 1.44 million barrels per day this year on average, which is down by 10,000…

  • Offshore’s Next Big Headache: Breakable Bolts

    Published 12 July 2016 | viewed 9,884 times

    The phrase “deepwater well” still makes a lot of people shiver, even six years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster that caused the worst oil-related environmental…

  • Shell’s New Sensors Could Reduce Exploration Costs Dramatically

    Published 12 July 2016 | viewed 12,694 times

    Searching for oil and gas is an activity with uncertain success—an activity with a bit less uncertainty were it not for 3D seismic surveying. And…

  • LNG Canada Delays Gas Export Terminal Launch Again

    Published 12 July 2016 | viewed 4,612 times

    LNG Canada, a Shell-led consortium formed to construct a liquefied natural gas export terminal on the Canadian coast, has for the second time delayed its…

  • ISIS Blows Up Five Oil Wells in Iraq

    Published 12 July 2016 | viewed 26,871 times

    Five oil wells set on fire is the latest disaster caused by ISIS militants. The de facto rulers of Mosul set the wells on fire…

  • Angola Slashes 2016 GDP Growth Forecast

    Published 12 July 2016 | viewed 11,310 times

    Angola’s government has cut its economic growth projections for 2016 by almost half, to 1.3 percent from 3.3 percent, Reuters reported, citing the country’s finance…

  • The Hague Tribunal Ruling On South China Sea Raises Tensions

    Published 12 July 2016 | viewed 15,845 times

    An international tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, has ruled against China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea, spurring concern about Asia’s biggest economy’s next…

  • Indian Refineries Panting under Weight of Demand

    Published 11 July 2016 | viewed 6,358 times

    India will be forced to start importing oil products if it doesn’t find a solution to a looming refining capacity shortage, the director for refineries…

  • Iran Finds New Revenue Source, Leases Out Oil Tankers

    Published 11 July 2016 | viewed 5,564 times

    Whatever some say about the global oil glut easing, there’s still ample demand for floating storage, and Iran is in on the deal. A source…

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