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Bears Are Back In The Oil Market

Bears Are Back In The Oil Market

In the midst of an…

All-Time Low Spare Capacity Could Send Oil To $150

All-Time Low Spare Capacity Could Send Oil To $150

Many oil markets watchers have…

UN Believe Switch to a Green Economy will Create 60 Million Jobs

Despite the continuing economic difficulties faced around the world, and the subsequent falling levels of investment as governments try to reduce their budgets, the UN is still pushing to create green jobs as part of a move towards a green economy.

The UN is of a mind that green policies put in place to help the switch from the current high-carbon economy to a low-carbon economy will create tens of millions of jobs around the world over the next two decades. In fact a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) predicted that up to 60 million jobs could result from the switch.

“The shift to a greener economy is creating employment across a range of sectors. In fact, an increasing number of assessments are showing that net gains are possible.”

Green energy technologies and the switch to a green economy have already created millions of jobs in countries around the world. In the US the green energy sector employs three million people in areas such as wind, solar, and energy efficiency. In the UK it has been one of the few sectors to actually grow, and create jobs, currently providing a million people with employment. Brazil’s rapidly growing economy relies a lot on renewable energy, and three million people, about 7% of employed people in the country, now work in the green energy sector.

UNEP also believes that the switch to a green economy could help permanently lift millions of people out of poverty, and provide basic benefits such as electricity and clean water to many parts of the world.

By. Charles Kennedy of Oilprice.com

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  • ilma630 on June 12 2012 said:
    The UN can wish for what it likes, but the reality is that the push for green energy will push millions of people INTO poverty, not take them out of it.

    The UN is also under the misguided notion that the energy sector is a business in it's own right. People don't buy energy for it's own sake, but because they need it to live, work, socialise. It's a service based industry, not an end product. All businesses need to reduce their costs to survive in the global economy, not load them.

    What the UN completely fails to understand, is (i) that CO2 has consistently demonstrated via observational evidence that it does not control global temperature, (ii) even if it did, a warmer world would on balance actually be beneficial, (iii) the supply and reserves of hydrocarbon fuels is so abundant that we have many decades at a minimum to develop alternatives, so there's no hurry, (iv) that renewable energy is expensive and unreliable, and places undue strain on electrical grids, (v) causes the backup generators to run inefficiently, and (vi) that the expense of renewables is such that it loads economies with costs that they cannot endure (unsustainable).

    It's also about time that the term 'green' was fully examined, as oil is green, gas is green, i.e. that they were produced naturally, whether from geological processes or the decay of plant material (which fed off CO2 in the first place). What exactly is 'green'?

    It's also about time that the UN, greens, etc. placed man before the earth, as to put man at the back of the queue is to cause him suffering rather than relieving him of it.

    On jobs, we saw what has happened in Spain (for every 1 'green' job bought, 2-3 'real' jobs were lost), and the US 'success' is not at all successful, with solar companies folding left, right and centre, taking millions of tax payer subsidies with them. People also hold up China as an example, but they're only making solar and wind products for export (to the gullible West).

    The sooner the UN get a grip on reality, the better, but then they won't, as it's all about global power and unelected bureaucratic rule. The Rio+20 summit on 'Sustainable Development' is all about a power grab, designed to subvert national sovereignty and democratic governments, not about building national economies (which need cheap & easy access power) such that poverty is eradicated. Thankfully, all the signs are that Rio+20 will be a dismal failure, although to many (the rational of this world), that will be a success.

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