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OPEC Oil Production Falls In December

OPEC Oil Production Falls In December

OPEC’s oil production fell in…

Oil Rig Count Declines Amid Falling Prices

Oil Rig Count Declines Amid Falling Prices

The U.S. oil rig count…

Clinton Email Scandal: Has Putin Played All His Cards?

Putin and Clinton

“All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” This brutal quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm comes to mind instinctively in light of the latest developments around the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers during her term in office.

A Tuesday statement by FBI’s director James Comey dropped a bombshell: he recommended no charges against Clinton and referred the matter over to the Department of Justice. Many, both critics and supporters of Hillary Clinton, expected this. The anticipation factor, however, does not change the fact that in his statement, Comey made a recommendation that goes against the law.

Here’s what he said. After detailing the actions that the FBI undertook in its investigation and describing the amount and type of email communication they analyzed – identifying eight separate top secret documents and over 100 containing “classified information,” Comey said, “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Now, extreme carelessness is punishable by law, even if it was not committed intentionally, which seems to be the focus of Comey’s recommendation for no charges to be pressed against the former Secretary of State. Zero Hedge, however, quotes the U.S. Penal Code, which specifically states that intent is not a necessary prerequisite for prosecution in case of mishandling of sensitive information.

What’s more alarming, however, is Comey’s admission that, due to a combination of factors, the FBI assessed there had been a possibility for “hostile actors” to gain access to Hillary Clinton’s personal email account. Enter Defense and Foreign Affairs and their report on warnings that Russia has intercepted sensitive information from Clinton’s email communication and is ready to release them as proof of Clinton’s violation of the law.

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Defense and Foreign Affairs quoted sources from the intelligence community that said the decision on whether to release the information will be made by President Putin at a time he considers right and that meanwhile, both he and those around him are getting annoyed with the slow pace at which the investigation into Clinton’s email communication practices is moving.

Hillary Clinton has made no secret of her attitude towards Russia, so Moscow clearly has reasons to worry about further tensions should Clinton become President. In light of this, it’s no surprise that DFA’s sources have suggested that the sensitive information would be released at such a moment as to make a maximum impact on the presidential race.

The question of whether or not the former Secretary of State violated sensitive-information-handling legislation seems to be settled. Since she is who she is – a more equal animal – an indictment remains unlikely. But it’s one thing to talk about 110 emails containing confidential information or eight emails containing top secret info.

This is quite abstract. If Russia, however, decides to wave some specific confidential documents in Washington’s face, things will stop being so abstract.

Of course, there are those who think Russia is bluffing. Yet, Director Comey made it pretty clear in his statement that hacking into a private email server is more or less a piece of cake for some intelligence services. If it was so easy to intercept Clinton’s communication, does anyone doubt that Moscow would hesitate to do it? Stay tuned for more Clinton leaks as November approaches.

By Irina Slav for Oilprice.com

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  • kushal kumar on October 31 2016 said:
    Let this Vedic astrology writer known world-wide for accurate predictions share with you particular predictions covering oil or oil prices as well in 2017. The oil sector looks to be in upheaval or turmoil , may be right or wrong, during February- March 2017 and again on August- September 2017. Oil prices will either shoot up phenomenally or go down phenomenally during the said periods of time. But it looks that the prices may shoot up. Contact this writer when the period is over , with your reactions.
  • JEAN on July 13 2016 said:
    Comen probably did not want to have an unforeseen auto accident, plane crash, heart attack or other calamity strike him.
  • Carlos on July 12 2016 said:
    All pols are liars. Donald too, except he lied to make billions.
  • E L peers on July 11 2016 said:
    Sure looks like H Clinton's missing email is Putin's trump card - no pun intended. if she wins, putin is in charge as she will back down in Europe just as Mr. O did...!!!


    ...A NATO official, writing to RFE/RL on condition of anonymity, said that Moscow is stationing "thousands of troops, including mechanized and naval infantry brigades, military aircraft, modern long-range air defense units and hundreds of armored vehicles in the territory."

    The military activity in Kaliningrad, which has no land connection to Russia and which borders EU members Lithuania and Poland, has raised alarms in Vilnius and Warsaw that can be clearly heard in Brussels and Washington.

    "They're making quite big military exercises in the Kaliningrad district [which is] very, very close to our neighborhood," says Andrius Kubilius, a former Lithuanian prime minister. "So of course we are worried about such military developments very close to our borders."

    In part due to such concerns, NATO this month is carrying out military maneuvers in Poland and the Baltic States, a U.S. military convoy recently travelled across Eastern and Central Europe in a show of the defense alliance's commitment to protect the region, and Washington is reportedly debating whether to store heavy military equipment in several Baltic and Eastern European countries bordering Russia.

    The Kaliningrad region, which lies along the Baltic Sea in what was once East Prussia, has long held strategic value.

    'Forward-Operating Base'

    Annexed from Germany in 1945, Kaliningrad was a closed military zone during the Soviet era, meaning only someone with special permission could get in.

    It is now home to Russia's Baltic Sea Fleet, as well as the Chernyakhovsk and Donskoye air bases, with thousands of Russian troops stationed there.

    As the confrontation with the West heats up, Russia is finding Kaliningrad the "obvious place" to deploy more military hardware, explains Dmitry Gorenburg, a Russian military expert at the CNA Corporation think tank in Arlington, Virginia....
  • John Boyd on July 10 2016 said:
    If Russia intercepted her State Department emails, it might be better for Putin not to release them, then black mail her once she is in office to get everythin he wants. If the Russians have evidence of Clinton Foundation Quid Pro Quo's, money for State Department favors that could put her in prison, Russia will get anything it wants from Hillary
  • Bill on July 07 2016 said:
    I for one would like to read these emails taken from Hillary Clinton server. If Trump is elected president then this act of courage and help could be the start of a better relationship between Russia and the US.

    As for Hillary Clinton, how could anyone trust her as president given her wiliness to lie. How could any country deal with her since she would unlikely to honor any agreement.
  • Mo on July 07 2016 said:
    Interesting article but what does it have to do with oil/energy news?

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