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Oil Stabilizes Ahead Of Weekly Inventory Data

Oil Stabilizes Ahead Of Weekly Inventory Data

Oil prices held steady on…

Bank Of America: $90 Brent May Be Around Corner

Bank Of America: $90 Brent May Be Around Corner

Bank of America Merill Lynch…

Assad’s Use of Chemical Weapons Persuades Obama to Supply Arms to Rebels

The US has decided to provide Syrian rebels with small arms and ammunition after it confirmed that president Bashar al-Assad’s forces have been using chemical weapons in attacks during the civil war.

Bloomberg reported that Barack Obama has given a classified order to the CIA to arrange for the delivery of weapons to the Syrian opposition forces as he authorized lethal military aid to try and end the conflict.

Obama changed his stance on Syria after the opposition has begun to suffer at the hands of Assad’s forces who are receiving help from Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah.

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security advisor, explained to Bloomberg that “it’s particularly urgent right now in terms of the situation on the ground, in some respect, because we have seen Hezbollah and Iran increase their own involvement.”

Related article: Open Season on Syria’s Civil War

A decision as to whether the US will supply the rebels with heavier, more powerful weapons, is still being discussed, with some fearing the consequences it they were to fall into terrorist hands.

A G8 summit planned in Northern Ireland next week will see world leaders discuss Syria as the main topic. Obama will meet with President Vladimir Putin of Russia to try and persuade him to withdraw support for Assad. Obama may also try to work out a plan with European allies to provide more support to the rebels.

Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s foreign policy aid, doubts the US claims that Assad has used chemical weapons in the war, and warned that by increasing support to the rebels the US now risks ruining attempts to organise an international peace conference to end the war in Syria next month.

By. Joao Peixe of Oilprice.com

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  • Joseph E Fasciani on June 17 2013 said:
    Your reporter has not dug deeply enough for the truth here. The UN team assigned to confirm this has NOT found any use of any chemicals by Assad. What they did find was a small amount used very ineptly, which is typical of how poorly trained rebels would handle it.

    Later on in this article the writer states that "Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s foreign policy aid [sic], doubts the US claims that Assad has used chemical weapons...."

    So what we have are nothing but US CLAIMS of such use, EXACTLY the same lies used by Bush 43 to justify his illegal war on Iraq, for which he became the greatest war criminal to date of the 21st century. Obama, eager to show his macho resolve to be just as vicious, has started the propaganda machines to lay it on We, the Sheeple, who are increasingly aware of the lies and deceit of this administration.

    The truth is that only the US, the UK, and Israel support war, which is their long-term plan to keep the Mid-East in perpetual instability and crisis. This keeps the price of oil high, allows Israel's nuclear domination of the area, and prevents any Arabic-Islamic moves toward a real republic or democratic aspirations.

    IF Assad is removed, he will be replaced by another puppet dictator acceptable to the Axis of Evil Oil, as was done in Iraq and Libya. It's curious that very few reporters mention Syria's recent discovery of off-shore oil and gas.

    Both Iraq and Libya were triumphant examples of SECULAR states in an otherwise Islamic-dominated Arabic world; if such were truly the outcome the US et alia claim to seek, then they should have been left alone and become even stronger allies.

    Finally, Russia has been forced to defend its only seaport on the Mediterranean and in the Mid-East, thus its resolve to support Assad as best it can.

    Obama is not well-informed of the area's history and seeks only to serve his string-pulling masters on Wall St, the mega-banks, and the US weapons makers. Overall, this is a lethal combination that has always been and always will be opposed to a durable peace in the Mid-East.

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