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Brian Westenhaus

Brian Westenhaus

Brian is the editor of the popular energy technology site New Energy and Fuel. The site’s mission is to inform, stimulate, amuse and abuse the…

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Rossi’s Ex-Partners to Release an Improved Version of LENR for Testing

Rossi’s Ex-Partners to Release an Improved Version of LENR for Testing

The Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies Global Ltd. (PDGT) firm that was and then wasn’t a partner with Andrea Rossi in marketing the E-Cat LENR reactor has announced the permitting of third party evaluations of their product named “Hyperion”.  PDGT had for a time an opportunity to learn what Rossi has accomplished and since is proposing they have a different take on LENR and are now ready to cooperate with recognized and reputable scientific and business organizations to test and evaluate the Hyperion reactor.

Back at the end of November PDGT offered news that a series of third party tests on Hyperion products were scheduled to be performed within the first months of 2012.  That test proceeding is being handled privately and was to take place after a certification of some kind.

Defkalion Hyperion Multieactor Diagram
The Defkalion Hyperion Multieactor Diagram

The new announcement is a major confidence builder as the firm is offering qualified engineers from institutions and industry a first look with their own instrumentation. Obviously at this time the offer isn’t to ship units out of their control, rather the offer is to provide the first look and the opportunity to confirm the claims and identify the applicability and estimate the savings and energy availability.  It is a shrewd move and there very likely will be takers.

The objectives at this early stage are simple.  Determine the excess heat of reactor discharge without a cooling apparatus to determine a total energy consumed to energy production ratio.  Also on the list is a radioactivity measurement and operational stability handled by the Hyperion control system.

The press release offers extensive details on the conditions PDGT hopes to hold through negotiations with test offers. In fact the conditions describe the firm’s resources and a kind of standard such that all tests will have similarity in protocol and the results can be relevant to others.  That’s an advantage to everyone at this stage.

Moreover, the firm is making clear they have minimum standards of test conduct.  At this stage LENR is a controversial technology. The base the level of doubt is the technology is not even credible.  The caution involved is not just protective of the firm’s proprietary technology, the caution also should firewall out the time and resource wasting detractors.

This stage is a very impressive boost for both PDGT and the LENR community.  While Mr. Rossi is at least greatly annoyed, and justifiably incensed, the PDGT effort may well boost his own efforts to a more accepted level faster.

The puff part is the Hyperion’s new very high discharge temperature, capable of exceeding 650º C.  That’s enough to drive steam turbines and getting close to dry steam.

At those discharge temperatures PDGT is suggesting the third party test can expect at least a 1:20 ratio of consumed energy to produced energy. It’s also way past what might be installed in homes. PDGT seems to looking at heat production and more industrial applications.

After the press release is a comment section that includes some impressive persons.  Jed Rothwell who runs the respected LENR-CANR.org was there to straighten up some visitors’ questions.  By early this morning the comments were getting quite sophisticated and precise in their assessment for the PDGT test offer.  The comments are a worthwhile read on their own.

LENR has got legs under it now.  Things are sure to move faster and news should be much more important and worthy of attention to a much wider audience.


By. Brian Westenhaus

Source: Better LENR News from Greece

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  • Gregoryyc on January 26 2012 said:
    Good job Brian. Your neutral reporting is much better than Krivit. My hat's off to you. Carry on Mr. Westenhaus.
  • Stephen Goodfellow on January 26 2012 said:
    Very good article. Surprisingly, the main media does not seem to have realized that there is more than the usual smoke and mirrors going on at the moment.
    A "Money for nothin' and your Chicks for free" energy source - one energy unit input, twenty energy units out - is nothing less than the Holy Grail energy solution for our civilization. According to your article, the Defkalion company is now putting its money where its mouth is, offering outside sources to come and test their device. A dream come true or a tasteless deception? I guess we ought to know shortly.

    Like I said, great article! More on this subject would be appreciated.
  • Roger Bird on January 26 2012 said:
    I believe in LENR. I have been hopeful and encouraged by Rossi and Defkalion. But all we get is hot air, and this is more hot air. Until a unit is actually tested by a third party (and not just talked about), it is nothing more than empty talk. There is absolutely nothing to gained by them to continue talking if they have something real. If it is unreal, then they need to talk. Consequently, I am uninterested in any talk until we get a real machine and get to watch it perform.
  • gbilios on January 26 2012 said:
    there is still no official data of the test results..current laboratory tests proved nothing useful so far..according to rosi e-cat defkalion does not have the key components to make it work. if LENR is real and does what its suppose to then big energy companies are not going to like this one bit. its like nikola tesla's wireless energy - energy is not meant for free!!
  • Liberty Newspost on January 27 2012 said:
    Thanks for writing about this. Its like the Sith Troll Lords have sent out their minions to debunk any facts posted about LENR or Cold Fusion on every website. The media will send 100 reporters to see a tattoo that a pop star got for a week but can't seem muster up a person to go to the Defkalion headquarters with some scientist and see if what they are saying is true for something that will essentially effect everyone on the planet. I guess we may have to what for the state sanctioned media 60 Minutes to do another report. However, I'm sure all is not as quiet as it seems. When you start digging into this story it reads like a best selling novel.
  • Jim Pelsor on January 29 2012 said:
    Is it possible for Dwfkalion to post the names of organizations it has agreed to have test its units, what protocols the tests will follow, and when the testing will be done?
    Also, when do they actually anticipate selling units in one country or another/
  • Corcoran on October 25 2012 said:
    Sounds like another Moller Air Car story to me. Anyone familiar with it. Company has been bilking money from individuals and corporations for years and has yet produced an air car that will fly unless it is hooked to a crane "in case it falls". This is all fluff.

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