• 3 minutes e-car sales collapse
  • 6 minutes America Is Exceptional in Its Political Divide
  • 11 minutes Perovskites, a ‘dirt cheap’ alternative to silicon, just got a lot more efficient
  • 6 hours How Far Have We Really Gotten With Alternative Energy
  • 1 day The United States produced more crude oil than any nation, at any time.
  • 14 hours China deletes leaked stats showing plunging birth rate for 2023
  • 2 days The European Union is exceptional in its political divide. Examples are apparent in Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Netherlands, Belarus, Ireland, etc.
  • 7 days Bad news for e-cars keeps coming

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Why The Right Financing Matters More Than Ever

Nov 27, 2015 at 16:38 | Michael McDonald

As the price of oil has cratered, traditional financing alternatives across the energy industry have started to dry up. Where financing for new projects was once…

Hedging Your Energy Portfolio With Big Data

Nov 27, 2015 at 16:33 | Martin Tillier

Too often investors in the energy sector put on blinders and fail to consider energy related opportunities that are not in the traditional energy company mold.…

Inside the Numbers: Oil Markets Still Weak

Nov 27, 2015 at 16:19 | Editorial Dept

In the latest edition of the Numbers Report, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting figures put out this week in the energy sector. Each week we’ll…

Why Low Oil Prices Won’t Cure Low Oil Prices

Nov 27, 2015 at 15:54 | Gail Tverberg

The traditional understanding of supply and demand works in some limited cases–will a manufacturer make red dresses or blue dresses? The manufacturer’s choice doesn’t make much…

Iran Sweetens The Deal For Foreign Oil Companies

Nov 27, 2015 at 15:40 | Evan Kelly

We see a slight uptick in U.S crude imports this week as crude oil keeps on stockpiling. Both WTI and natural gas are getting slammed right after the December futures…

Oil Sands Producers Can Live With Alberta’s New Carbon Taxes

Nov 26, 2015 at 15:01 | David Yager

If business is good at anything, it is pragmatism. Take a hostile takeover for example. After weeks or months of trading insults and accusations in and…

Will Low Oil Prices Increase Internal Instability In Conflict Countries?

Nov 25, 2015 at 15:18 | Ryan Opsal

With over 1.6 million internally displaced in South Sudan, and another 600,000 refugees in neighboring countries, are oil price declines exacerbating humanitarian crises in oil-producing…

Oil Prices Down As Storage Keeps On Filling Up

Nov 25, 2015 at 10:23 | Matt Smith

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! One hundred and forty-eight years to the day after Alfred Nobel patented dynamite, and the fuse has been lit for an explosion to…

Weak Demand From Major Consumers Puts A Cap On Oil Price Growth

Nov 24, 2015 at 15:55 | Ron Patterson

The EIA publishes oil consumption numbers for all major nations. However they have data for most nations only through 2013. They do have data for…

Fossil Fuels For Power Gen May Soon Be In Terminal Decline

Nov 24, 2015 at 15:51 | Andrew Topf

It now makes less economic sense to build a fossil-fuel power plant than ever before, according to a new analysis. While it's probably too soon to sound the death knell…

Can Next Week’s OPEC Meeting Comfort Oil Markets?

Nov 24, 2015 at 13:20 | Tom Kool

This week, the North American oil rig count fell again after a pause, and oil prices continue to exhibit weakness. As below chart suggets, especially the…

Russian Equities Down, Oil Up As Turkey Shoots Russian Fighter Jet Down

Nov 24, 2015 at 09:50 | Matt Smith

One hundred and fifty-one years after the birth of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and today is unfortunately shaping up to be anything but a pretty picture. The oil market is being…

Oil Jobs Lost: 250.000 And Counting, Texas Likely To See Massive Layoffs Soon

Nov 23, 2015 at 11:39 | Charles Kennedy

Crude oil just capped off a third straight week of declines, as WTI nears the $40 per barrel threshold. Goldman Sachs is once again raising the…

Besides Europe, Saudis To Capture Russian Market Share In China

Nov 23, 2015 at 10:26 | Matt Smith

Today is national espresso day, and while crude oil prices received an early morning caffeine shot from rhetoric out of Saudi Arabia, the effects of this are fading. Despite OPEC’s…

Cheap Gasoline to Fuel Black Friday?

Nov 20, 2015 at 17:41 | Gaurav Agnihotri

As retailers across the U.S prepare themselves for this year’s Black Friday, most of them silently hope that this year’s consumer spending will be better than…

Mercedes Is Proposing A Novel Solution To Meet Energy Storage Demand

Nov 20, 2015 at 17:24 | Michael McDonald

Ever since Tesla announced its PowerWall battery project earlier this year, interest in stationary storage and battery technology in general has been explosive. Now, Mercedes…

Right Now Patience Is a Virtue for Traders

Nov 20, 2015 at 16:35 | Martin Tillier

The words “patience” and “traders” can rarely be found in the same sentence without a negative somewhere in between them. By its nature, trading appeals to people with mild forms…

OPEC Struggles To Sell Increased Production As Storage Swells

Nov 20, 2015 at 16:27 | Editorial Dept

Friday, November 20, 2015 In the latest edition of the Numbers Report, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting figures put out this week in the energy…

Oil Finds Some Support As WTI Hits $40 Mark

Nov 20, 2015 at 14:30 | Tom Kool

We start with an overview of last week’s most important data from the oil and gas sector:

Undeterred By Volatile Markets, Resource Investors Ramp Up Investments

Nov 20, 2015 at 11:19 | Dave Forest

I wrote in early August about how natural resource investment has been hitting surprising highs in 2015. And this week we got confirmation this is…

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