• 2 days Iraq Begins To Rebuild Largest Refinery
  • 3 days Canadian Producers Struggle To Find Transport Oil Cargo
  • 3 days Venezuela’s PDVSA Makes $539M Interest Payments On Bonds
  • 3 days China's CNPC Considers Taking Over South Pars Gas Field
  • 3 days BP To Invest $200 Million In Solar
  • 3 days Tesla Opens New Showroom In NYC
  • 3 days Petrobras CEO Hints At New Partner In Oil-Rich Campos Basin
  • 3 days Venezuela Sells Oil Refinery Stake To Cuba
  • 3 days Tesla Is “Headed For A Brick Wall”
  • 3 days Norwegian Pension Fund Set to Divest From Oil Sands and Coal Ventures
  • 4 days IEA: “2018 Might Not Be Quite So Happy For OPEC Producers”
  • 4 days Goldman Bullish On Oil Markets
  • 4 days OPEC Member Nigeria To Issue Africa’s First Sovereign Green Bond
  • 4 days Nigeria To Spend $1B Of Oil Money Fighting Boko Haram
  • 4 days Syria Aims To Begin Offshore Gas Exploration In 2019
  • 4 days Australian Watchdog Blocks BP Fuel Station Acquisition
  • 4 days Colombia Boosts Oil & Gas Investment
  • 4 days Environmentalists Rev Up Anti-Keystone XL Angst Amongst Landowners
  • 5 days Venezuelan Default Swap Bonds At 19.25 Cents On The Dollar
  • 5 days Aramco On The Hunt For IPO Global Coordinators
  • 5 days ADNOC Distribution Jumps 16% At Market Debut In UAE
  • 5 days India Feels the Pinch As Oil Prices Rise
  • 5 days Aramco Announces $40 Billion Investment Program
  • 5 days Top Insurer Axa To Exit Oil Sands
  • 6 days API Reports Huge Crude Draw
  • 6 days Venezuela “Can’t Even Write A Check For $21.5M Dollars.”
  • 6 days EIA Lowers 2018 Oil Demand Growth Estimates By 40,000 Bpd
  • 6 days Trump Set To Open Atlantic Coast To Oil, Gas Drilling
  • 6 days Norway’s Oil And Gas Investment To Drop For Fourth Consecutive Year
  • 6 days Saudis Plan To Hike Gasoline Prices By 80% In January
  • 6 days Exxon To Start Reporting On Climate Change Effect
  • 6 days US Geological Survey To Reevaluate Bakken Oil Reserves
  • 7 days Brazil Cuts Local Content Requirements to Attract Oil Investors
  • 7 days Forties Pipeline Could Remain Shuttered For Weeks
  • 7 days Desjardins Ends Energy Loan Moratorium
  • 7 days ADNOC Distribution IPO Valuation Could Be Lesson For Aramco
  • 7 days Russia May Turn To Cryptocurrencies For Oil Trade
  • 7 days Iraq-Iran Oil Swap Deal To Run For 1 Year
  • 9 days Venezuelan Crude Exports To U.S. Fall To 15-year Lows
  • 9 days Mexico Blames Brazil For Failing Auction

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Iraq Begins To Rebuild Largest Refinery

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Tsvetana Paraskova

Tsvetana Paraskova

Tsvetana is a writer for the U.S.-based Divergente LLC consulting firm with over a decade of experience writing for news outlets such as iNVEZZ and…

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China's EV Plan Could Cause An Oil Price Crash


Oil prices could decline to $35 a barrel next year if China and India speed up the adoption of electric cars to cope with severe pollution, Steen Jakobsen, Chief Economist & CIO at Saxo Bank, told UAE’s news outlet The National in an interview published on Wednesday.

“I think down the road, this whole electrification which is a big issue in 2018 will really kick off,” Jakobsen, who is known for making bold predictions, told The National in a phone interview.

“The reason I think it will be big is that the single biggest issue in China is pollution and a way to deal with it is to get electric cars. On top of that, India has a similar problem,” Jakobsen noted.

Earlier this year, China and India unveiled plans to dramatically accelerate the adoption of EVs, which has prompted the IEA to take notice and promise a review of its long-term oil demand forecast.

Also this year, the EVs market became crowded with Tesla’s new unveils, along with the legacy automakers and truck makers who announced big investments and shifts to more electric car production—including Ford and GM. Earlier this month, Ford signed a deal in China to establish the 50/50 joint venture Zotye Ford Automobile Co Ltd that will offer a range of stylish and affordable all-electric vehicles for consumers in China.

Earlier this week, Shell entered into a partnership with a consortium involving some of Europe’s largest carmakers to build a network of EV fast-charging stations across the continent. Initially, the charging stations will be installed at 80 highway Shell sites, beginning in 2019.

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Saxo Bank’s Jakobsen told The National, referring to India and China:

“The two most populous nations in the world will lead the charge towards electrification and as that happens investment into batteries and alternative energy will explode because this is going to be the single biggest concentration of growth in one sector since the internet. If you get better batteries, you reduce the demand for fossil oil.”

Jakobsen’s prediction for 2018 is bold, compared to most analysts who see oil prices at $40 to $60, although there are some projections that the price of oil may hit $80 next year.

By Tsvetana Paraskova for Oilprice.com

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  • Dr cyril widdershoven on November 29 2017 said:
    Nice piece, very optimistic about EV. Just introduction and state-led enforcement will not put it totally in place. Have a look at renewables, when looking at total percentage of renewables in total energy volumes worldwide, still not very impressive, even with multibillion programs. With EVs, the most interesting issue will be that these companies are making a loss on them, look at Tesla. At same time, most of it is based on subsidies, which looking at Europe will end and cause EV market to get dented extremely. Also, with 40% less action radius than claimed, total impact will still be less than expected. 40% shorter driving distance on their storage caps, this will mean more electricity is needed, aka a call again on fossils, as the rest is normally not available, due to storage (night) or capacity. Will have to see what really will go on, China and India will enforce, but consumers not able to pay. Indian-Chinese cars are also not wanted, not even by their own people.
  • david on November 29 2017 said:
    wow. 2018 and $35.00 per bbl. I don't even know where to begin.
  • JustMeNS on November 29 2017 said:
    Steen always makes bold statements. I looked up his last December's bold statement and maybe 1 of 10 came close. It gets him a headline though. We are many years before EV takes off. Check Peter Tertzackian for a thorough discussion on this topic. Anyone that wants to sell me oil for $35.00/barrel next year, I will buy and immediately resell at a $30.00 profit.
  • Josh Gregner on November 29 2017 said:
    We don't need that much, to disrupt the oil sector substantially: about 1% to 1.3% of the total oil demand is fine to stop the growth in demand.

    Of course in absolute terms 1m bpd is still a massive amount of oil. So current oil demand predictions rely on growth in India and China as OCED countries are already in decline with their oil demand.

    So will China tip the scale in 2018? We will see. I'm not convinced just yet. The aggressive EV mandates only go into force 2019. But then there were already more than 100.000 electric busses sold in China in 2016. I expect that to go much more this year and of course - as car makers are getting ready for their EV mandates in a year - EVs might make a first showing. What will tip the scale is, once heavy duty trucks are electrified. So a BYD version of the Tesla Semi could end oil demand growth very quickly.

    Will that happen in 2018? We will see. Will the world know about this in 2018? We will see. Is it possible? Absolutely! Will oil go down to $35? Who knows... But with battery prices collapsing, EV mandates tightening and China seeing EVs as their final shot at a global car market? I would not want to be long in oil right now...
  • shelly on November 29 2017 said:
    Please those two countries have horrible power grids & there is no way they can improve their power grids enough to Sustain all the electricity needed to charge all those cars.
  • Kr55 on November 30 2017 said:
    step one for both of those countries is to get off coal power, which they are making minimal progress at. It's proven pretty clearly that EV's actually create more harmful polution than modern gasoline powered cars in situations where the EV is being powered by dirty coal plants.
  • Marcus Rönningås on December 01 2017 said:
    @Kr55: Thankfully China is ramping up renewables and scaling down coal. 2016 China's electricity mix was 57 % coal - which is a lot - but renewables was up to 34 % and growing.

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