• 4 minutes Energy Armageddon
  • 6 minutes How Far Have We Really Gotten With Alternative Energy
  • 10 minutes Russia Says Europe Will Struggle To Replace Its Oil Products
  • 8 mins Reality catching up with EV forecasts
  • 4 days "Natural Gas Price Fundamental Daily Forecast – Grinding Toward Summer Highs Despite Huge Short Interest" by James Hyerczyk & REUTERS on NatGas
  • 4 days A Somewhat Realistic View of the Near Future for Electric Vehicles Worldwide
  • 10 days The Federal Reserve and Money...Aspects which are not widely known
  • 14 days US Oil Independence is a myth and will always be a myth
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  • 17 days "Biden Is Running U.S. Energy Security Into The Ground" by Irina Slav
Viktor Katona

Contributor since: 20 Feb 2017

Viktor Katona

Viktor Katona is an Group Physical Trader at MOL Group and Expert at the Russian International Affairs Council, currently based in Budapest.

Disclaimer: views set out in Viktor's articles are solely those of the author in his private capacity.

Latest articles from Viktor

  • Why Algeria’s Oil Sector Isn’t Booming

    Published 06 September 2018 | viewed 30,692 times

    Algeria has survived the decade of political turmoil, with Arab Spring revolutions subverting authoritarian leaders across the Maghreb, largely unscathed. Popular unrest was swiftly quelled…

  • Is This The Riskiest Oil Frontier In The World?

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    Seven years after South Sudan became independent, leaving behind a sanguinary civil war, it finally reached the point where it places its bets on development…

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    Published 02 September 2018 | viewed 32,396 times

    For a long time, it seemed that France, Europe’s leading nuclear power producer, will seek to decrease the share of nuclear in its energy matrix.…

  • Is Renewable Energy As Clean As We Think?

    Published 23 August 2018 | viewed 51,222 times

    Fossil fuel energy has understandably become the clay pigeon of environmentalists in the past decades – with oil & gas companies having lied too often…

  • Deciphering The New Caspian Agreement

    Published 13 August 2018 | viewed 13,317 times

    It took more than 20 years for littoral states of the Caspian Sea to reach an agreement that would lay the legal foundations for the…

  • Who Profits From Iran’s Oil Major Exodus?

    Published 12 August 2018 | viewed 21,456 times

    Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Iran nuclear deal and slap sanctions on Teheran is the most significant energy development of 2018. The first round…

  • Is This Europe’s Newest Oil & Gas Producer?

    Published 08 August 2018 | viewed 27,796 times

    Few countries have a hydrocarbon history as difficult and convoluted as Portugal. It has lost its colonies just as Angola’s oil production was on the…

  • The Weirdest Oil Lawsuit Of 2018

    Published 06 August 2018 | viewed 13,131 times

    Rosneft has been rocking the Russian oil sector for quite some time already – first it acquired several domestic assets, in some cases bordering on…

  • Is This The Next Coal Megaproject?

    Published 24 July 2018 | viewed 19,791 times

    Some 80km from the Chinese border, the tiny Russian village of Yerkovtsy might provide the setting for a new Russo-Chinese megaproject. The 38 BCm/year Power…

  • Ukraine’s Natural Gas Transit Woes May Be Easing

    Published 21 July 2018 | viewed 13,897 times

    Despite significantly weakened interest towards internal political dealings in Ukraine itself, the issue of Ukraine’s gas transit remains a much-debated issue of the European energy…

  • The Last Oil & Gas Frontier Is Facing Major Challenges

    Published 18 July 2018 | viewed 11,849 times

    Upon hearing Papua New Guinea, very few us associate it with LNG – some might recall that it is one of the most heterogenous nations…

  • Yamal LNG Is Conquering China

    Published 16 July 2018 | viewed 23,756 times

    Russia’s energy ties to China have been discussed at length throughout our website – the construction of the 38 BCm per year Power of Siberia…

  • Korea Rapprochement Could Revive Energy Megaproject

    Published 24 June 2018 | viewed 12,031 times

    The June 12 Trump-Kim summit in Singapore has had an overall positive effect on the oil industry, cooling down expectations about the imminence of a…

  • Can Oil Pull Greece Out Of Poverty?

    Published 19 June 2018 | viewed 30,006 times

    In its eighth year of paralyzing austerity, Greece is facing another hot summer. Political controversies will be even more heated than the blessed Peloponnese climate,…

  • Who Gets Hold Of Russia’s Key Oil Hub?

    Published 17 June 2018 | viewed 7,887 times

    One of Russia’s most important oil ports, the sunlit Novorossiysk, has become a battleground for the country’ state-owned companies. Located in the ice-free Tsemesskaya Bay,…

  • Turkmenistan’s Natural Gas Dilemma

    Published 29 May 2018 | viewed 18,573 times

    Amid much (obligatory) fanfare, Turkmenistan has intensified its spin campaign on TAPI, the long-delayed pipe dream of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov which is supposed to supply…

  • Expert Analysis: What’s Next For Russian Oil

    Published 14 May 2018 | viewed 12,754 times

    In the wake of Putin’s May 7 inauguration, the corridors of power in Moscow have been replete with speculation regarding the composition of the next…

  • Why Russian Gas Is Critical For The UK

    Published 07 May 2018 | viewed 22,150 times

    Although some companies have learned to ride the waves of geopolitics quite efficiently, still in most cases political tensions only complicate the dealings of energy…

  • Will Gazprom Leave Ukraine Forever?

    Published 01 April 2018 | viewed 18,415 times

    Few expected such a dramatic turn of events in the long-ongoing Russo-Ukrainian gas dispute. Before the February 28 decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court, most…

  • The Energy Giant Taking Over Kurdistan

    Published 27 March 2018 | viewed 22,109 times

    After the steady buildup of a burgeoning strategic partnership between the Russian national oil company and Kurdistan’s Regional Government (KRG), the year 2018 threw cold…

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