• 4 minutes Will We Ever See 100$+ OIL?
  • 8 minutes Iran downs US drone. No military response . . Just Destroy their economy. Can Senator Kerry be tried for aiding enemy ?
  • 11 minutes Energy Outlook for Renewables. Pie in the sky or real?
  • 7 hours Shale Oil will it self destruct?
  • 7 hours White House insider who predicted Iran False Flag, David Goldberg found dead in his New York apartment
  • 22 hours NYT: Mass Immigration Roundups in U.S. to Start Sunday
  • 48 mins Germany exits coal: A model for Asia?
  • 13 hours Carrot And Stick: North Korea Suggests It Might Lift Weapons Test moratorium
  • 13 hours Migration From Eastern Europe Raises German Population To Record High
  • 7 hours Washington Post hit piece attacking oil, Christians and Trump
  • 10 hours South Korea imports No Oil From Iran in June - First-Half Imports Fall 37%
  • 1 hour A Silence is heard
  • 14 hours Starlink Internet Courtesy of Tesla
  • 1 day U.S.- Taiwan: China Says Will Freeze Out U.S. Companies That Sell Arms To Taiwan
  • 1 day U.S. Administration Moves To End Asylum Protections For Central Americans
  • 14 hours Trump vs. Xi Trade Battle, Running Commentary from Conservative Tree House
Vanand Meliksetian

Contributor since: 13 Feb 2018

Vanand Meliksetian

Vanand Meliksetian is an energy and utilities consultant who has worked with several major international energy companies. He has an LL.M. from VU Amsterdam University Law and Politics of International Security where he wrote his thesis on Russian-European energy relations. He specializes in international legal and political developments.

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