• 9 minutes Chile Becomes The Latest Country To Commit To 100% Renewables
  • 12 minutes Does S Arabia Have 2 Mln Barrels in Spare Capacity?
  • 19 minutes Can US sue OPEC?
  • 13 hours Rally on Hold, if 69.5 don't break, 62.5 could be next.
  • 8 hours US disavows carbon tax
  • 1 day 67.50 was the low for now, $70 - $76+ back in play
  • 13 hours FBI Director: Russia Continues to Sow Discord In The U.S.
  • 12 hours Britain Has Identified Russians Suspected Of Skripal Nerve Attack?
  • 14 hours Where 3 Million Electric Vehicle Batteries Will Go When They Retire?
  • 8 hours What's wrong with SA oil consumption?
  • 4 hours Rio Tinto Says $4-Million Goodbye to Coal
  • 2 days Trudeau Shuffles Cabinet, Seeks To Reduce Reliance On U.S.
  • 1 day Daimler and BMW Will Beat Tesla in EV Race
  • 1 day Google, Hit With Record $5 billion EU Antitrust fine, To Appeal
  • 23 hours China’s Technology Sector Takes On Silicon Valley
  • 2 days Chartist predicting a $1 fall, after WTI drops $10
Vanand Meliksetian

Contributor since: 13 Feb 2018

Vanand Meliksetian

Vanand Meliksetian is an energy and utilities consultant who has worked with several major international energy companies. He has an LL.M. from VU Amsterdam University Law and Politics of International Security where he wrote his thesis on Russian-European energy relations. He specializes in international legal and political developments.

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