• 4 minutes Ten Years of Plunging Solar Prices
  • 7 minutes Hydrogen Capable Natural Gas Turbines
  • 10 minutes World looks on in horror as Trump flails over pandemic despite claims US leads way
  • 13 minutes Large gas belt discovered in China
  • 2 hours Rioting and Protesting
  • 5 hours The Downside of Political Correctness
  • 7 mins George Floyd’s History
  • 7 hours US and Australia Sign SPR Lease Agreement
  • 1 hour Let's try to link the recent events back to the situation with oil production and pricing
  • 20 hours Healing, Not Hatred
  • 50 mins In the Event of WW3, Oil and/or Renewables?
  • 2 hours Main Stream Media falls into depressed mood today after hearing the record May jobs report UP 2.5 MILLION JOBS !
  • 10 hours China To Boost Oil & Gas Exploration, As EU Prepares To Commit Suicide
  • 18 hours Trump waves a Bible
  • 4 hours Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history
  • 7 hours China’s Oil Thirst Draws an Armada of Tankers
  • 17 hours Trumps Oil Industry....
  • 20 hours Let’s Try This....
  • 22 hours Chicago Threatens To Condemn - Possibly Demolish - Churches Defying Lockdown
Vanand Meliksetian

Contributor since: 13 Feb 2018

Vanand Meliksetian

Vanand Meliksetian has extended experience working in the energy sector. His involvement with the fossil fuel industry as well as renewables makes him an allrounder who is not limited to certain topics. Furthermore, Vanand has worked as a management consultant for international energy companies such as Total and Vattenfall where he has gained detailed knowledge of the requirements of the private sector. He has expanded his understanding of the energy sector working for the Dutch government where he worked on the development of the North Sea energy strategy.

Vanand’s articles reflect his personal views and are not connecting to his work. He specializes in geopolitics, innovation, and policy.

Latest articles from Vanand

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  • The Oil Nation That Squandered Its Wealth

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