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Matthew Smith

Contributor since: 09 Feb 2018

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is Oilprice.com's Latin-America correspondent. Matthew is a veteran investor and investment management professional. He obtained a Master of Law degree and is currently located in Latin America. Matthew writes on oil and gas, mining and infrastructure.

Latest articles from Matthew

  • Suriname's Oil Boom May Not Materialize Until 2027

    Published 24 February 2023 | viewed 7,630 times

    By late 2022 there were considerable concerns and doubts surrounding Suriname’s burgeoning offshore oil boom. Conflicting drilling results and seismic data saw 50% partners in Block 58…

  • Colombia’s Risky Plan To Import Gas From Venezuela

    Published 23 February 2023 | viewed 4,446 times

    Leftist Colombian President Gustavo Petro’s controversial plan to end hydrocarbon exploration sparked fears it will roil the oil dependent economy and endanger the strife-torn country’s energy security.…

  • Guyana’s Oil Potential Could Be Even Greater Than Anticipated

    Published 14 February 2023 | viewed 14,532 times

    Offshore Guyana is garnering considerable attention from international oil companies as a slew of oil discoveries since 2015 underscore the significant oil potential of the…

  • Colombia’s OIl Exploration Ban Could Crush Its Economy

    Published 07 February 2023 | viewed 8,724 times

    The future of Colombia’s battered oil industry is once again in doubt. The plans of the strife-torn country’s first leftwing President Gustavo Petro, who was…

  • Guyana’s Oil Industry Is In For A Stellar Year

    Published 24 January 2023 | viewed 9,852 times

    ExxonMobil made its first world-class oil discovery in Guyana’s territorial waters in 2015. Since then, the energy supermajor has made over 30 high-quality oil discoveries…

  • Suriname’s Oil Boom Hits A $10 Billion Snag

    Published 20 January 2023 | viewed 42,858 times

    A series of high-quality oil discoveries in Block 58 offshore Suriname combined with investment bank Morgan Stanley estimating that the block contains 6.5 billion barrels…

  • Venezuela’s Vast Oil Wealth Could Become The World’s Largest Stranded Asset

    Published 17 January 2023 | viewed 13,608 times

    President Joe Biden’s decision to authorize U.S. supermajor Chevron to recommence lifting crude oil in Venezuela breathed hope into President Nicolas Maduro’s plans to rebuild…

  • Venezuela’s Dilapidated Oil Industry Is An Environmental Catastrophe

    Published 11 January 2023 | viewed 8,374 times

    The collapse of Venezuela’s once prolific oil industry has triggered an economic and humanitarian crisis that accelerated in 2019 after U.S. President Donald Trump implemented…

  • Chevron’s Authorization To Extract Oil Will Not Boost Venezuela’s Production

    Published 07 January 2023 | viewed 9,375 times

    After Russia’s president Vladimir Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. along with many of Washington’s allies banned imports of Russian crude oil. This…

  • Colombia’s Oil Industry Is An Environmental Disaster

    Published 05 January 2023 | viewed 4,778 times

      For decades, the petroleum industry in South America has been dogged by one environmental catastrophe after another. Oil spills, flaring and other environmentally damaging…

  • The Dirty War For Colombia’s Oil

    Published 03 January 2023 | viewed 3,561 times

          The Latin American country of Colombia is synonymous with violence, drug cartels and cocaine trafficking after decades of bloody multiparty low level…

  • Guyana’s Oil Boom Will Only Accelerate In 2023

    Published 31 December 2022 | viewed 17,347 times

    Guyana’s offshore oil boom continues to gain momentum. It is the ExxonMobil-led consortium operating the 6.6-million-acre Stabroek Block offshore Guyana which stands to benefit the…

  • Peru’s Oil Industry Is An Environmental Disaster

    Published 30 December 2022 | viewed 5,697 times

    As an intense political crisis engulfs Peru, the country’s beleaguered oil industry continues to suffer from conflict with local communities. For nearly three decades a…

  • Suriname’s Oil Boom Is Far From Guaranteed

    Published 29 December 2022 | viewed 9,959 times

    After a swathe of oil discoveries in offshore Suriname, primarily in Block 58, since the start of January 2020 there was considerable speculation that the…

  • Peru’s Political Crisis Is Weighing On Its Energy Industry

    Published 25 December 2022 | viewed 2,622 times

    Peru’s long-running political crisis has erupted into violence. Scandal embroiled leftist president Pedro Castillo, who sought to upend the conservative establishment and decades of neoliberal…

  • Oil Investors Are Skeptical Of Brazil’s New President

    Published 23 December 2022 | viewed 4,069 times

    Former president and leftist candidate Luis Inacio Lula da Silva emerged victorious from Brazil’s hotly contested October 2022 presidential election. Populist hard-right president Jair Bolsonaro’s…

  • Guyana Is Becoming A Top-Tier Oil Producer

    Published 14 December 2022 | viewed 19,061 times

    Despite the dire predictions of peak oil demand, which will is expected to arrive during the next decade as the world transitions to a low-carbon…

  • Cocaine Conflict Is Causing A Crisis For Colombia’s Oil Industry

    Published 01 December 2022 | viewed 3,972 times

    The ferocity of Colombia’s low-intensity multiparty asymmetric conflict is rising once again. This frightening turn of events started in late 2018 when Ivan Duque became…

  • Tax Hikes Threaten To Cripple Colombia’s Oil Industry

    Published 23 November 2022 | viewed 5,467 times

    There is considerable speculation that the end is drawing close for Colombia’s economically vital hydrocarbon sector. The Andean country’s petroleum industry is facing significant headwinds,…

  • Can Colombia Secure Peace With The Last Leftwing Guerrilla Group?

    Published 22 November 2022 | viewed 1,609 times

    Colombia is locked in a never-ending cycle of grinding poverty, conflict and violence that has existed for nearly a century. The Latin American country’s decades-long…

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