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Matthew Smith

Contributor since: 09 Feb 2018

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is Oilprice.com's Latin-America correspondent. Matthew is a veteran investor and investment management professional. He obtained a Master of Law degree and is currently located in Latin America. Matthew writes on oil and gas, mining and infrastructure.

Latest articles from Matthew

  • The Pandemic Will Not Crush Guyana’s Oil Boom

    Published 05 October 2020 | viewed 4,269 times

    There are growing fears that the COVID-19 pandemic will sharply impact deeply impoverished Guyana’s economy and fiscally vital oil boom. Newly appointed President of Guyana…

  • Venezuela’s Crude Oil Industry May Never Recover

    Published 03 October 2020 | viewed 25,408 times

    Despite President Maduro’s claims of a looming recovery for Venezuela’s economically crucial oil industry in early 2020 production keeps declining. Even measures aimed at revitalizing…

  • Can Colombia Overcome Its Natural Gas Crisis?

    Published 24 September 2020 | viewed 4,722 times

    Strife-torn Latin American country Colombia is facing an energy crisis which is being amplified by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and sharply weaker…

  • Colombia’s Security Crisis Deals Another Blow To Its Oil Industry

    Published 22 September 2020 | viewed 5,908 times

    Violence has broken out yet again in strife-torn Colombia after a law student was killed by police in Bogota two weeks ago for allegedly breaching…

  • Low Oil Prices Haven’t Derailed Brazil’s Offshore Boom

    Published 21 September 2020 | viewed 5,277 times

    Activity in Brazil’s energy patch keeps ratcheting ever higher. During January 2020, Latin America’s largest economy saw its all-important petroleum industry achieve a new milestone…

  • Big Oil Sees Major Potential In Suriname

    Published 07 September 2020 | viewed 18,656 times

    Suriname is one of Latin America’s poorest countries. Up until July 2020, the former Dutch colony was mired in a political crisis that emerged from…

  • Colombia’s Oil Industry Is Showing Signs Of Recovery

    Published 07 September 2020 | viewed 4,737 times

    While the August 2020 global rig count remains significantly lower than for the same period last year, because of oil’s protracted price slump, Colombia’s economically…

  • The Threat Of Oil Nationalism In Argentina

    Published 06 September 2020 | viewed 13,535 times

    Latin America has a long history of resource nationalism, particularly when it comes to petroleum. Since the end of World War Two, this has acted…

  • Venezuela Faces The Real Possibility Oil Production Dropping To Zero

    Published 01 September 2020 | viewed 12,910 times

    Venezuela once considered one of Latin America’s prosperous countries has plunged into the abyss. Years of economic mismanagement, cronyism and corruption have sparked a monumental…

  • Colombia’s Oil Industry At Risk As National Security Crisis Worsens

    Published 28 August 2020 | viewed 12,428 times

    In a surprise move roughly one month ago Colombia’s Supreme Court ordered the house arrest of former President Àlvaro Uribe after allegations of witness tampering.…

  • Can Guyana Salvage Its Much-Hyped Oil Boom?

    Published 25 August 2020 | viewed 13,600 times

    The deeply impoverished South American country of Guyana in recent years was heralded as the hottest new oil boom in the Americas. A series of…

  • Russia Is Winning The Battle For Venezuela’s Oil

    Published 24 August 2020 | viewed 10,162 times

    In just over a year Venezuela, and the push to oust socialist leader President Nicolas Maduro, has gone from being one of the world’s hottest…

  • Low Prices Put The Brakes On Peru’s Oil Ambitions

    Published 20 August 2020 | viewed 4,085 times

    One country often ignored when considering Latin America’s regional hydrocarbon sector is the Latin American country of Peru. Over the last two decades, the Andean…

  • Colombian Oil Major Reports Surprise Profits Despite Market Downturn

    Published 12 August 2020 | viewed 2,607 times

    The March 2020 oil price crash and COVID-19 pandemic has hit the global energy sector hard. In response oil companies are slashing capital spending, driving…

  • Argentina Scrambles To Salvage Its Shale Boom

    Published 05 August 2020 | viewed 12,628 times

    Only two years ago analysts were hailing Argentina’s emerging shale oil boom, which many believed would be the next major petroleum frontier in Latin America.…

  • Can Oil Save Ecuador’s Economy?

    Published 27 July 2020 | viewed 16,172 times

    For decades, oil rich Ecuador proved to be a risky and unprofitable jurisdiction for foreign companies seeking to tap its vast mineral wealth. This peaked…

  • The Quiet Destruction Of Colombia’s Shale Oil Potential

    Published 23 July 2020 | viewed 19,148 times

    Sharply weaker oil prices, falling investment and dwindling oil production are weighing heavily on Colombia’s economic outlook. Last decade, the strife-torn Andean country bet its…

  • The World’s Newest Oil Boom Is Facing A Major Problem

    Published 22 July 2020 | viewed 29,241 times

    After a series of major offshore oil discoveries since 2015, with the largest ever made earlier this year, the tiny South American country of Guyana…

  • Why COVID-19 Won’t Completely Crush Brazil’s Oil Boom

    Published 18 July 2020 | viewed 15,561 times

    Before the outbreak of COVID-19 and the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, an oil boom of monumental proportions was underway in Brazil,…

  • Colombia’s Gamble On Oil Could End In Disaster

    Published 08 July 2020 | viewed 20,698 times

    The latest oil price collapse coupled with the considerable economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has battered Colombia’s fragile economy. As the strife-torn Latin American…

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