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Matt Smith


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Matt Smith

Taking a voyage across the world of energy with ClipperData’s Director of Commodity Research. Follow on Twitter @ClipperData, @mattvsmith01

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    The crude complex is already in the mood for Halloween later this week, spooked once again on what would have been Jackie Coogan’s 101st birthday.…

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  • Bargain Hunters Stop The Freefall In Oil Prices, For Now

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    Two hundred and eighteen years after the first recorded parachute jump, and the crude complex has pulled the ripcord on its recent free-fall. After three…

  • Oil Glut Appears To Be Getting Worse, Not Better

    Published 21 October 2015 | viewed 18,822 times

    Back in the spring, oil prices plunged to 7-year lows amid fears that U.S. inventories were going to fill to the brim. As we all…

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    On the day that Tom Petty turns sixty-five, the crude complex is trying to rebound after yesterday’s bout of free fallin’. Things are pretty thin…

  • Saudi Oil Inventories Reach Record High As Demand Wanes

    Published 19 October 2015 | viewed 7,602 times

    Forty-eight years to the day after Smokey Robinson and the Miracles released ‘I Second that Emotion‘, and oil services company, Halliburton, is echoing this sentiment.…

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  • Weak Economic Data Hamstrings Oil Rally

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    One-hundred-and-twenty-one years after the birth of E.E. Cummings, and the crude complex is just like one of his poems – undecided about where it is…

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    Thirty-five years to the day after AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black‘ went platinum, and storm clouds are returning to darken financial markets once more. Jumping right…

  • OPEC Thinks Oil Prices Have Bottomed

    Published 12 October 2015 | viewed 7,196 times

    Happy Columbus Day! While most markets are open in the U.S., our friends in the North are closed today to celebrate Thanksgiving, while both Japanese…

  • Strong Rally In Global Equities To End The Week

    Published 09 October 2015 | viewed 5,166 times

    With a hat-tip to birthday boy Scott Bakula, risk-on markets have made a quantum leap higher this week, and are continuing this trend today. Broader…

  • Highly Bearish Outlook For U.S. Natural Gas

    Published 08 October 2015 | viewed 8,249 times

    Goodness, gracious! ‘Great Balls of Fire‘ was recorded some 58 years ago today, and is an apt way to describe the 8-14 day outlook from…

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    Given it is such a colorful day in markets today, let’s do some painting by numbers to get a more complete picture of what is…

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    Thirty-seven years to the day after Benny and Frida from ABBA were married, and the recurring theme of ‘the winner takes it all‘ emerges once…

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    To celebrate Kate Winslet’s 40th birthday, there is a titanic shift underway as markets rally strongly to start the week. Although Chinese markets are closed…

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