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Martin Tillier


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Martin Tillier

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    In a forex dealing room, where I got my start and my training, talking your book is a time honored tradition. In its simplest form…

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    There is nothing I like more than when a big picture, fundamental narrative and a technical setup collide. Each can be reasons to initiate a…

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    Published 25 March 2016 | viewed 4,750 times

    Mention the word “coal” to most investors without the word “short” attached in some way and they, understandable and usually rightly, run as fast as…

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    Published 18 March 2016 | viewed 5,541 times

    If the last few weeks in the commodity markets have proved one thing it is that the strongest fundamental influence on pricing in those markets…

  • What The ECB Actions Mean For Oil

    Published 11 March 2016 | viewed 4,485 times

    In case it escaped your attention, Mario Draghi, the ECB President, announced a package of measures yesterday designed to stimulate the lagging Euro zone economies.…

  • Bottom Fishing In Natural Gas

    Published 04 March 2016 | viewed 8,710 times

    Over my time writing here I think I have established certain things. One of them is that I don’t have a lot of time for…

  • Looking For A Pattern In Choppy Oil Markets

    Published 26 February 2016 | viewed 5,066 times

    We, as human beings, love to look for order. We have a problem accepting that not everything falls into neat patterns, so we go back,…

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    Published 19 February 2016 | viewed 6,707 times

    Most people who study energy markets believe that, at some point, oil will recover, at least partially. Not even the most bullish observers see $110/Barrel…

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    With all of the focus on the price of oil over the last few months the gyrations in the price of the other product from…

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    It has been another wild week for those of us that track and trade the oil market. It started with a two day decline of…

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    For those who like to trade in the energy markets the last few weeks have been marked by one word: volatility. With 4 or 5…

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    It is hard to escape the feeling that, at some point, oil will bounce back. The dramatic yet sustained decline in WTI suggests to those…

  • Exaggerated Forecasts As A Contrarian Signal

    Published 16 January 2016 | viewed 6,151 times

    When markets correct dramatically, as stocks have done since the beginning of the year, the cynical trader side of me comes out in force. I…

  • Don’t Let Oil Markets Scare You, There Is Still Money To Make

    Published 09 January 2016 | viewed 6,163 times

    The last year or so have been, to say the least, painful for long term oil investors but, as I have said before, for traders…

  • These Could Be The Winners Of 2016

    Published 02 January 2016 | viewed 5,230 times

    Conventional wisdom would have it that 2015 was a disastrous year for oil and other energy industry related stocks. Certainly for those that have a…

  • Fed’s Decision Could Help Avoid The Worst Case Scenario For Oil

    Published 18 December 2015 | viewed 7,084 times

    Newcomers to financial markets could be forgiven for not knowing this, as we haven’t seen a rate hike in the U.S. for nine years, but…

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