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Martin Tillier


Contributor since: 19 Mar 2014

Martin Tillier

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    In financial markets, very few things are predictable; if they were we would all be fabulously wealthy. Some things, though, definitely fall in the category…

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    We all know in our heart of hearts that the real key to successful investing and trading is to be somewhat contrarian. Warren Buffet’s wisdom…

  • Why This Earnings Season Could Be Difficult For Traders

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    Next week will be one of the busiest for Q2 earnings releases from S&P 500 companies in general, but it is also loaded with reports…

  • Avoid Deception When Trading In Front Of Major Data Releases

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    Trading, in any market, is about taking risk on board. Successful trading, however, is about respecting that risk and managing it accordingly, and a large…

  • Keep An Eye On The Dollar – It’s More Important Than Ever

    Published 09 July 2016 | viewed 5,041 times

    I have, on many occasions in the past in these pages, touched on the relationship between oil and the U.S. Dollar. The basics of that…

  • Do Oil Markets Signal A Downturn?

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    Over the last few months, market watchers have become accustomed to a situation, or rather a correlation, that makes no sense. Oil and stocks have…

  • Thoughts On Brexit: Don’t Panic and Look for Value

    Published 25 June 2016 | viewed 4,478 times

    Okay, so the vote in the U.K. was a shock to many, not least the now “ex” British Prime Minister David Cameron. It was certainly…

  • Futures And How To Use Them

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    With energy, and oil prices in particular, being so much in the news over the last year or so it seems that a lot of…

  • This Summer Could Be Good For Solar Stocks

    Published 11 June 2016 | viewed 8,620 times

    Solar energy stocks are frustrating investments for many people. They look like a no brainer with low P/Es and a bright future for the industry,…

  • Why Oil Failed To Rally Further

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    Oil prices have been on a tear for the last month or so. A combination of a retreat by the dollar from its highs, increasing…

  • The Danger Of Round Numbers: WTI’s Rapid Retreat from $50

    Published 28 May 2016 | viewed 4,918 times

    Yesterday, to much fanfare from the online financial sites and business television stations, WTI, the benchmark for U.S. oil, broke through the $50 level. No…

  • Simple Risk/Reward Makes Natural Gas A Logical Buy

    Published 21 May 2016 | viewed 4,853 times

    There really is no better thing for a trader than when something, a stock, commodity or whatever, gets stuck in a range. It gives the…

  • Why The Sustained Bull Run On Oil Hasn’t Materialized

    Published 13 May 2016 | viewed 3,405 times

    It is, I’m sure, puzzling to a lot of people that after hearing so much news supportive of oil prices this week WTI has failed…

  • Choosing The Right Moment To Buy NatGas

    Published 06 May 2016 | viewed 8,215 times

    I have made the point in these pages several times that sometimes, for a trader, square is the best position. There is often a feeling…

  • How To Play The Oil Majors In 2016

    Published 29 April 2016 | viewed 4,613 times

    This week saw the first of the major multinational, diversified energy companies reporting earnings for the first calendar quarter of 2016. As expected, they have…

  • Why I Am Bullish On ConocoPhillips

    Published 22 April 2016 | viewed 5,929 times

    Ask most people, even those who follow the energy markets pretty closely, who is the world’s largest independent oil exploration and production company and I…

  • How You Can Profit From The Doha Meeting

    Published 15 April 2016 | viewed 7,030 times

    In a forex dealing room, where I got my start and my training, talking your book is a time honored tradition. In its simplest form…

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