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Kent Moors

Oil & Energy Investor

Contributor since: 01 Mar 2017

Kent Moors

Dr. Kent Moors is an internationally recognized expert in oil and natural gas policy, risk management, emerging market economic development, and market risk assessment. His consulting clients include the U.S. State Department, Russia, 27 other countries, six of the top 10 oil producing companies, and dozens of smaller public and private entities.

Dr. Moors is a prolific writer and lecturer, whose six books, more than 750 professional and market publications, and over 250 private/public sector presentations and workshops have appeared in 44 countries.

Oil & Energy Investor is Dr. Kent's e-letter, where he delivers the latest energy news from his travels around the world in his role as a consultant for major companies and governments.

Latest articles from Kent

  • You Won’t Guess Who Just Saved America’s Biofuels

    Published 30 October 2017 | viewed 11,838 times

    With all the focus directed to solar and wind power, it’s often overlooked that renewables also include turning biomass into biofuels. And the latter has…

  • Why Are Oil And Gas Prices Diverging?

    Published 26 October 2017 | viewed 27,827 times

    Almost from the start of modern trading of futures contracts in the early 1980s, there’s been an expected trading connection between crude oil and natural…

  • MIT Unveils Game-Changing Battery Breakthrough

    Published 21 October 2017 | viewed 31,267 times

    I won a science fair at age 12 by making a “perpetual motion” machine. It really didn’t do very much, but was kind of cool.…

  • A New Oil Crisis Is Developing In The Middle East

    Published 19 October 2017 | viewed 64,524 times

    After over 40 years in the energy business, more than two decades of that with a parallel career in intelligence, I regularly witness the impact…

  • The Geopolitical Consequences Of U.S. Oil Exports

    Published 08 October 2017 | viewed 20,174 times

    Two crucial things happened yesterday. The first you may have noticed – oil prices moved back up. As for the second, most so-called “experts” seemed…

  • Oil Prices May Hit $60 By End Of 2017

    Published 05 October 2017 | viewed 40,425 times

    As it turned out, my predictions of where prices would end up by the end of September were spot on. And now, we’re entering a…

  • Russia, China To Benefit From U.S. Sanctions On Venezuela

    Published 02 October 2017 | viewed 18,532 times

    The White House recently slapped new sanctions on Venezuelan officials, banning them from entering the U.S. That follows past, more general sanctions… As well as…

  • Oil Prices Haven’t Plateaued Yet

    Published 28 September 2017 | viewed 13,293 times

    Only a few weeks ago, pundits were bemoaning the collapse of oil prices. Then, these self-proclaimed soothsayers became doomsayers, and started predicting oil prices would…

  • Solar Costs Are Dropping Much Faster Than Expected

    Published 25 September 2017 | viewed 22,819 times

    Back in 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) began something called The SunShot Initiative. The intent was to set 2020 and 2030 targets making solar…

  • The Frac Sand Industry Has A Big Problem

    Published 21 September 2017 | viewed 25,939 times

    As you know, everything is bigger in Texas – ranches, oil fortunes, trucks, you name it. But there’s a certain court case that’s becoming a…

  • Is An Oil Price Spike Imminent?

    Published 15 September 2017 | viewed 36,534 times

    As the U.S. market begins its recovery from the double whammy served up by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, my earlier projections of where crude oil prices are…

  • Do These Benchmarks Signal An Oil Price Spike?

    Published 28 August 2017 | viewed 15,832 times

    As the market price for oil fell way below $50 in New York and hangs around $52 in London, there’s a much more important oil-price…

  • Venezuela’s “Oil Fire Sale” To Benefit Russia, China

    Published 24 August 2017 | viewed 33,900 times

    Venezuela is now on the brink of total collapse. As you’ve seen before here in Oil & Energy Investor, national oil company PDVSA looms large…

  • How To Play The Energy Market As Global Tensions Rise

    Published 12 August 2017 | viewed 9,799 times

    Much of my earlier career in intelligence was based on a simple assumption. It was the kind of approach the “craft” shares with a number…

  • Venezuela’s ‘’Election’’ Creates Opportunity For Oil Investors

    Published 03 August 2017 | viewed 10,595 times

    On Sunday, an “election” occurred in beleaguered Venezuela, a member of OPEC and owner of the largest oil reserves in the world. The result of…

  • Will Sanctions On Russia Push The EU To US Energy?

    Published 31 July 2017 | viewed 15,460 times

    Events of the last few days will be opening up some interesting energy investment moves. We just need the smoke to settle, first. It brings…

  • How Oil Prices Are Held Hostage By Derivatives

    Published 27 July 2017 | viewed 31,533 times

    The price of oil might just be the single most important number in the modern economy. Not only does it determine how much it costs…

  • Ecuador’s Defection From The OPEC Deal Doesn’t Matter

    Published 24 July 2017 | viewed 6,484 times

    Earlier this week, Ecuador’s Oil Minister Carlos Perez announced that the country would no longer abide by its commitment to the Vienna Accord. That’s the…

  • Tesla Just Changed The Energy Storage Game

    Published 16 July 2017 | viewed 36,330 times

    Back when Tesla Inc. (TSLA) unveiled a test of its new “Powerpacks” – batteries to power homes and businesses – it was clear that the company’s future…

  • Could Qatar’s LNG Gamble Increase Tensions In The Region?

    Published 08 July 2017 | viewed 13,786 times

    Early this morning (Qatar time), Qatar Petroleum announced it planned to increase production dramatically from its huge North Field in the Persian Gulf. The increase…

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