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  • ExxonMobil Takes Step Forward on Colorado Oil Shale

    Published 18 March 2014 | viewed 17,356 times

    The Bureau of Land Management approved ExxonMobil’s plan for an oil shale research and development project in Colorado. The approval clears a key hurdle for…

  • Sufficient Commodity Supplies Offset Geopolitical Pressure

    Published 17 March 2014 | viewed 4,703 times

    Greater supplies of key commodities have prevented price surges over the brewing crisis in Crimea. Europe has an abnormally high supply of natural gas in…

  • Iraq Oil Production Hits 35 Year High

    Published 14 March 2014 | viewed 5,576 times

    Iraq produced oil at a rate of 3.62 million barrels per day in February, a 35-year high. Monthly output jumped by 530,000 bpd from a…

  • U.S. Oil Production Hits Highest Level in 25 Years

    Published 13 March 2014 | viewed 6,103 times

    New data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows that U.S. crude oil production is at its highest levels since 1989. December 2013 posted an…

  • Oil Drops on Test Sales from U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve

    Published 12 March 2014 | viewed 5,061 times

    After surging over geopolitical tension between Ukraine and Russia, global oil prices fell back on March 12. Improving weather in the United States suggests that…

  • Europe Consider Measures to Cut Gas Imports

    Published 11 March 2014 | viewed 4,835 times

    At a summit in Brussels next week, European Union leaders are expected to call for measures that would cut Europe’s reliance on imported natural gas,…

  • Oil Drops on China Demand

    Published 10 March 2014 | viewed 6,161 times

    Crude oil futures declined on new data from China showing that exports dropped by more than expected, providing fresh evidence of a slowdown in the…

  • NRC Finds Several Reactors with “Degraded Level of Performance”

    Published 07 March 2014 | viewed 6,259 times

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission just published its annual assessment of the nation’s nuclear power fleet, grading power plants on their performance and safety record.…

  • BP to Export Crude, Avoiding U.S. Ban

    Published 06 March 2014 | viewed 6,801 times

    BP is moving to export crude oil from the United States, but doing so in a way that avoids violating the export ban. It has…

  • LNG May Suffer Boom-Bust Cycle

    Published 05 March 2014 | viewed 5,532 times

    A flurry of construction around the world will greatly expand liquefaction capacity for shipping natural gas. Companies are hoping to move low-cost natural gas in…

  • Obama FY15 Budget Would Eliminate Oil Tax Breaks

    Published 04 March 2014 | viewed 7,758 times

    President Obama released his fiscal year 2015 budget on March 4, a $3.9 trillion package that includes a range of wish-list items in an election…

  • Capturing Methane Possible at Little or No Cost

    Published 03 March 2014 | viewed 5,107 times

    The oil and gas industry can capture leaking methane gas at little or no cost over the long-term, according to a new study by the…

  • Natural Gas Vehicles to Boom Over Next Decade

    Published 28 February 2014 | viewed 5,480 times

    New research from Navigant Consulting finds that the number of vehicles using natural gas will double over the next decade to 39.8 million. Much of…

  • Supermajors Balk at Canadian LNG Profit Tax

    Published 27 February 2014 | viewed 7,104 times

    Oil and gas companies hoping to win big on Canada’s nascent liquefied natural gas (LNG) export industry are balking at a new gas tax proposed…

  • U.S. Coal Exports Jump Three-fold Since 2005

    Published 27 February 2014 | viewed 6,944 times

    All this week, the Energy Information Administration has released updated data on U.S. energy trade, and in its latest tranche, EIA data shows that the…

  • IEA: Large-Scale Integration of Renewables Not Costly

    Published 26 February 2014 | viewed 4,647 times

    A new study released by the International Energy Agency concludes that the large-scale adoption of renewable energy technologies like solar and wind can come at…

  • Supreme Court Declines to Hear FERC Case

    Published 25 February 2014 | viewed 4,791 times

    The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case that challenged a pricing formula for long distance transmission lines. The decision leaves in place a…

  • Tesla Plans to Build World’s Biggest Battery Factor

    Published 24 February 2014 | viewed 13,820 times

    Tesla is set to announce a plan this week to build the world’s largest battery factory. The plan will include the involvement of Panasonic and…

  • Lack of Personnel in Government Holding Back Oil and Gas Development

    Published 21 February 2014 | viewed 6,777 times

    A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) finds that a shortage of talent in government positions is holding back the oil and gas…

  • Fukushima Plant Springs New Leak

    Published 20 February 2014 | viewed 5,905 times

    The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced that 100 metric tons of highly contaminated water leaked from the site of its crippled nuclear power plant…

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