• 3 minutes Could EVs Become Cheaper than ICE Cars by 2023?
  • 6 minutes Your idea of oil/gas prices next ten years
  • 12 minutes WTI Heading for $60
  • 5 hours Is California becoming a National Security Risk to the U.S.?
  • 13 hours Plastic Myth-Busters
  • 12 hours At U.N. climate talks, US Administration Plans Sideshow On Coal
  • 7 hours A Sane Take on Nord Stream 2
  • 14 hours Good Sign for US Farmers: Soybean Prices Signals US-China Trade Deal Progress
  • 21 hours Soybean sale to China down 94%
  • 8 hours I Believe I Can Fly: Proposed U.S. Space Force Budget Could Be Less Than $5 Billion
  • 15 mins UK Power and loss of power stations
  • 20 hours what's up with NG?
  • 11 hours OPEC Builds Case For Oil Supply Cut
  • 2 days Starbucks slashing its corporate workforce
  • 2 days New Oil Order- Diplomacy, Geopolitics and Economics
  • 2 days Pros and Cons of Coal
David Messler

Contributor since: 05 Mar 2018

David Messler

Mr. Messler is an oilfield veteran, recently retired from a major service company. During his thirty-eight year career he worked on six-continents in field and office assignments. He currently maintains an independent training and consulting practice, and writes on energy related topics.

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