• 5 minutes Covid-19 logarithmic growth
  • 8 minutes Why Trump Is Right to Re-Open the Economy
  • 12 minutes Charts of COVID-19 Fatality Rate by Age and Sex
  • 14 minutes China Takes Axe To Alternative Energy Funding, Slashing Subsidies For Solar And Wind
  • 28 mins Which producers will shut in first?
  • 21 mins The Most Annoying Person You Have Encountered During Lockdown
  • 3 hours Its going to be an oil bloodbath
  • 13 hours We are witnesses to the end of the petroleum age
  • 1 hour Saudi Aramco struggling to raise money for this year's dividend of $75 billion. Now trying to sell their pipelines for $10 billion.
  • 18 hours Breaking News - Strategic Strikes on Chinese Troll Farms
  • 1 day Death Match: Climate Change vs. Coronavirus
  • 2 hours Wastewater Infrastructure Needs
  • 16 hours A New Solar-Panel Plant Could Have Capacity to Meet Half of Global Demand
  • 17 hours >>The falling of the Persian Gulf oil empires is near <<
  • 19 hours Natural gas price to spike when USA is out of the market
  • 21 hours As Saudi Arabia Boosts Oil Output, Some Tankers Have Nowhere to Go
David Messler

Contributor since: 05 Mar 2018

David Messler

Mr. Messler is an oilfield veteran, recently retired from a major service company. During his thirty-eight year career he worked on six-continents in field and office assignments. He currently maintains an independent training and consulting practice, and writes on energy related topics.

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