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David Messler

Contributor since: 05 Mar 2018

David Messler

Mr. Messler is an oilfield veteran, recently retired from a major service company. During his thirty-eight year career he worked on six-continents in field and office assignments. He currently maintains an independent training and consulting practice, and writes on energy related topics.

Latest articles from David

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    Matador Resources, (NYSE: MTDR) is a small Permian oil driller that doesn’t get a lot of coverage, taking a back seat to some of the…

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    As predicted, a second wave of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the world economy with many European nations contemplating new shut downs. It looks like…

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  • Is U.S. Shale Finally Bouncing Back?

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    As the oil price dropped through the first and second quarters of this year, oil companies closed in wells and laid off drilling and fracking…

  • Oil Markets Brace For Tough End Of Year

    Published 05 October 2020 | viewed 14,554 times

    The worsening demand picture for oil and derivatives finally squashed the $40 WTI price last week. There were just too many negatives hitting at the…

  • Do Canadian Oil Drillers Still Have Some Potential?

    Published 28 September 2020 | viewed 3,112 times

    This company presents a good opportunity for investors with a minimum of risk, with exceptions as noted. Enerplus, (NYSE:ERF) is a Canadian driller with a…

  • The Future Of Fracking In The United States

    Published 15 September 2020 | viewed 19,709 times

    The recent combination of Schlumberger’s, (NYSE:SLB) OneStim business with Liberty Oilfield Service, (NYSE:LBRT) created a colossus in North American fracking. One estimate suggested the combination…

  • The Start Of A New Oil Market Supercycle

    Published 09 September 2020 | viewed 33,486 times

    It is over-simplification to say the world has been overwhelmed with too much oil and gas and inadequate drivers of demand for them over the…

  • The Real Reason The Oil Rally Has Fizzled Out

    Published 01 September 2020 | viewed 19,274 times

    One of the themes that is emerging as we review investment candidates is the era of oil growth, which is at least going to take…

  • Is It Time To Buy Canadian Oil Stocks?

    Published 19 August 2020 | viewed 22,947 times

    Canadian exploration and production companies have not rebounded from the sharp sell-off that took place in the oil patch after the OPEC+ fallout in March…

  • Why Fracking Activity Hasn’t Increased As Oil Prices Recovered

    Published 16 August 2020 | viewed 10,745 times

    It’s been a long dry spell in the Permian. Shale drilling and completions activity has collapsed to levels not seen since before 2000 (as far…

  • Here’s How Oil Could Skyrocket By 138%

    Published 10 August 2020 | viewed 49,734 times

    The market is gradually beginning to give credence to something I've been discussing in past OilPrice articles for a long time now. In a June,…

  • Microsoft And Halliburton Are Building The Oilfield Of The Future

    Published 27 July 2020 | viewed 81,615 times

    The oilfield has historically been a place where brawny men, and mighty machines came together to bore holes deeply into the earth to wrest stores…

  • Is Warren Buffet Right About Natural Gas?

    Published 23 July 2020 | viewed 58,003 times

    I have established a reputation as a bit of a contrarian in certain areas of the energy market. I have been tough on pipeline companies…

  • Is This The End Of The American Pipeline Boom?

    Published 13 July 2020 | viewed 17,405 times

    The Dakota Access Pipeline, (DAPL) was built to transport Bakken crude oil from its point of origin in far North Dakota to a terminus in…

  • Big Oil’s Investment Risk Is Spiking

    Published 07 July 2020 | viewed 19,990 times

    The major integrated oil companies: Shell,(NYSE:RDS.A, RDS.B); ExxonMobil, (NYSE:XOM); BP, (NYSE:BP); Chevron, (NYSE:CVX), and a few others, so named for their vertical stewardship of the…

  • Texas Oil Companies Are Already Preparing To Restart Production

    Published 25 June 2020 | viewed 39,062 times

    The oilfield was served up a harsh reminder that all is not “sunshine” and “strawberries” in the oilfield today. The EIA Weekly Petroleum Status Report’s…

  • Underinvestment Could Send Oil Prices Soaring

    Published 17 June 2020 | viewed 45,900 times

    The most recent edition of the Energy Information Agency monthly Drilling Productivity report confirmed what news reports had anecdotally told us. U.S. domestic shale production…

  • Can This Oil Giant Return To Its Former Glory?

    Published 09 June 2020 | viewed 39,209 times

    American shale peaked in February of this year, and is on glide path lower as the drilling decline takes its toll on legacy production. As…

  • Why Saudi Arabia Is Desperate To Extend OPEC+ Cuts

    Published 02 June 2020 | viewed 29,026 times

    OPEC+ hopes to reduce global storage volumes with their production cuts, and hopes to extend them through at least, the summer. OPEC’s regular meeting in…

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