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Charles Kennedy

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2011

Charles Kennedy

Charles is a writer for Oilprice.com

Latest articles from Charles

  • Despite Fukushima, Taiwan to Build 4th Nuclear Reactor

    Published 15 June 2011 | viewed 11,296 times

    Taiwan’s government intends to press forward with constructing the island’s fourth nuclear power station, despite political and environmental opposition. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is…

  • Germany’s Nuclear Phase-Out Generates Lawsuits

    Published 15 June 2011 | viewed 10,397 times

    On 3 June, after meeting with the premiers of German states, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Germany's abandonment of civilian nuclear power will be…

  • Weekly Geopolitical Summary, 14 October 2010

    Published 15 October 2010 | viewed 5,439 times

    In this week’s issue: •Head of Turkmengaz Fired and Replaced with Deputy•CYBERCOM to Go Operational This Month•Govt Takes over Hungarian Plant after Deadly Toxic Spill•French…

  • Swiss Finish Sets New Standard for Global Bank Regulation

    Published 13 October 2010 | viewed 7,365 times

    The traditional Swiss finishing school taught young women etiquette and social graces, but international bank regulators are talking about something much tougher when they refer…

  • Russia Makes Major Headway with South Stream Pipeline

    Published 08 October 2010 | viewed 5,506 times

    Russia’s South Stream pipeline plans have increased momentum, netting formal agreements in the Balkans, most recently with Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity of Republika Srpska and Macedonia.…

  • Turkmen Oil Delivered to BTC Pipeline

    Published 13 September 2010 | viewed 5,643 times

    British Petroleum has announced that Turkmen oil has begun to flow into the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, bypassing Russian territory, and delivering directly to Europe. Analytical Note:…

  • Russia Diversifies Oil Exports with China Pipeline Link

    Published 10 September 2010 | viewed 4,938 times

    Last weekend, Russia officially opened a section of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline link to China. Russia's RIA Novosti quoted Prime Minister Vladimir…

  • Liberia Moves to Allow Foreign Oil and Gas Exploration

    Published 09 September 2010 | viewed 7,493 times

    For the first time since it gained independence over a century and a half ago, Liberia has struck an agreement with a foreign company for…

  • Turkey’s Growing Influence in the Balkans

    Published 09 June 2010 | viewed 11,825 times

    Over the past two years, Turkey has launched a massive political, social, and economic offensive across the Balkans, focusing primarily on Bosnia-Herzegovina. More than two…

  • Russia Supports New UN Sanctions Against Iran

    Published 05 June 2010 | viewed 6,795 times

    INCIDENT: Iran has disputed a recent report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) claiming that it intends to use depleted fuel rods for pyroprocessing…

  • Israel Irked by Turkey-Syria Military Exercises

    Published 06 May 2010 | viewed 4,806 times

    Turkish and Syrian militaries conducted joint drills last week aimed at improving security cooperation on their shared border. The three-day exercises, which began on 28…

  • The Truth About Biofuels!

    Published 07 October 2009 | viewed 9,896 times

    Just a few decades ago, “biofuels” were all the rage in the media, as many well respected “power pundits’ predicted that they would eventually prove…

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