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  • 6 minutes America Is Exceptional in Its Political Divide
  • 11 minutes Perovskites, a ‘dirt cheap’ alternative to silicon, just got a lot more efficient
  • 4 hours Could Someone Give Me Insights on the Future of Renewable Energy?
  • 3 hours How Far Have We Really Gotten With Alternative Energy
  • 4 hours "What’s In Store For Europe In 2023?" By the CIA (aka RFE/RL as a ruse to deceive readers)
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  • 3 days The United States produced more crude oil than any nation, at any time.
Brian Westenhaus

New Energy and Fuel

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2011

Brian Westenhaus

Brian is the editor of the popular energy technology site New Energy and Fuel. The site’s mission is to inform, stimulate, amuse and abuse the news and views across the emerging field of energy and fuels in our future. You will find the most exciting and useful news, guides and tips for making and saving money in energy and fuel, just how things work or not, where you might want to invest or get involved in a brainstorming session with other readers.

Latest articles from Brian

  • It’s Time for the US to Recycle Used Nuclear Fuel

    Published 27 February 2011 | viewed 6,304 times

    Dale Klein, Ph.D., former commissioner (and former chairman) of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Texas System and Associate…

  • Another Massive Natural Gas Resource Becomes Available

    Published 25 February 2011 | viewed 6,209 times

    There is a huge reserve of natural gas already discovered, waiting for use and distributed worldwide.  The reserves are simply natural gas that is naturally…

  • Can Zero Point Energy Gain Credibility?

    Published 21 February 2011 | viewed 16,081 times

    There is a lot of activity in Zero Point Energy around the world.  In the U.S. it remains an oddball or unscientific field.  In other…

  • Ethanol Works and is Here to Stay

    Published 10 February 2011 | viewed 9,396 times

    Jennifer Johnson at Wahpeton North Dakota’s Daily News has looked into ethanol smack in the midst of America’s prime oil boom of the Bakken oil…

  • Generating More Fuel from Less Crude Oil

    Published 21 January 2011 | viewed 10,050 times

    The UK’s University of Bradford researchers are proposing a method for increasing the yield of the middle distillates, gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel at…

  • Wind Company Allows Consumers to Store Renewable Energy

    Published 10 January 2011 | viewed 10,065 times

    The state of Maine is cracking the market open for self-storing of renewable energy with a collaboration between a wind company and a thermal energy…

  • What is Big Oil Thinking but Not Saying

    Published 07 January 2011 | viewed 6,501 times

    Big Oil is much smarter than people think.  By Big Oil this writer means the free world’s independent oil companies.  For those watching, Big Oil…

  • Potential Job Boom in Nuclear Energy as Industry is poised for Enormous Growth

    Published 06 January 2011 | viewed 13,922 times

    One sure thing for future employment is in nuclear.  Now with three decades past the partial meltdown of a reactor at Three Mile Island and…

  • Everyone is Lying About Ethanol

    Published 05 January 2011 | viewed 16,142 times

    Let’s start with a lie, albeit most likely the lowest level of lie, everyone is lying about ethanol.  It has gotten so that the lies…

  • One Step Closer to Renewable Petroleum

    Published 31 December 2010 | viewed 5,447 times

    LS9, with a fresh $30 million in hand is planning to ready LS9?s lead products for commercial production and support additional development and growth programs.…

  • Airborne Wind Platforms: Generating Wind Energy Above 2,000 Feet

    Published 28 December 2010 | viewed 9,269 times

    NASA’s Mark Moore is developing methods the government can use to fairly evaluate competing ideas on tethering a turbine-vehicle flying and how to capture and…

  • Major Breakthrough for Seaweed Biofuel

    Published 20 December 2010 | viewed 7,535 times

    Getting biofuel supplies from seaweed has taken a giant leap forward from work by Yong-Su Jin, a University of Illinois Assistant Professor of Microbial Genomics…

  • Turning Carbon Dioxide and Methane into Liquid Fuels

    Published 15 December 2010 | viewed 18,252 times

    Liviu M. Mirica, PhD, assistant professor of chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis may have found and is developing a novel metal catalyst that…

  • Could the Farmland Bubble be about to Burst? What Will this Mean for Corn Ethanol

    Published 13 December 2010 | viewed 9,569 times

    There’s another bubble blown up and ready to pop. Its farmland all across the U.S. priced off the chart.  For the alternative fuel future this…

  • Driving Energy Costs Lower

    Published 10 December 2010 | viewed 5,672 times

    Two articles appeared last week worth some study by everyone.  The first spotted by Geoffrey Stiles is at a Wall Street Journal energy special pull…

  • Biofuel News: Research Moving away from Algae to Seaweed

    Published 08 December 2010 | viewed 8,476 times

    It’s coming – research interest is moving toward seaweed from algae.  For algae enthusiasts, keep in mind that technically speaking common algae is micro algae…

  • Biofuels and Sugar Production – The cure for Petroleum Addiction

    Published 03 December 2010 | viewed 8,931 times

    So far the best use of CO2 whether as a fuel use byproduct or already in the atmosphere is get it back to a simple…

  • One Step Closer to Practical and Affordable Fuel Cells

    Published 02 December 2010 | viewed 9,254 times

    A group of researchers led by Shriram Ramanathan at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are increasingly optimistic about the commercial viability of…

  • CO2 Being Used to Increase Oil Extraction

    Published 01 December 2010 | viewed 14,830 times

    Researchers have developed a soap-like additive for CO2 that turns it into a viable solvent for commercial-scale enhanced oil recovery to increase the amount of…

  • Forget a Potential Oil Shortage: A shortage of this Mineral Would be Much Worse

    Published 25 November 2010 | viewed 10,394 times

    Most folks think an oil embargo or a running out of supply would be a disaster, some even realize oil could drive nations to war.…

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