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Andy Tully


Contributor since: 12 May 2014

Andy Tully

Andy Tully is a veteran news reporter who is now the news editor for Oilprice.com

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  • Electric Harley Winning Over Skeptics

    Published 26 June 2014 | viewed 6,427 times

    Electric vehicles are becoming all the rage, but one may just miss the point, according to aging aficionados of classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles.“The guys I'm riding…

  • Nigeria Offers To Step In If Russian Gas To EU Is Interrupted

    Published 26 June 2014 | viewed 11,864 times

    Nigeria says it is prepared to help Europe meet its long-term needs for gas at a time when there is concern about the western flow…

  • Dimples Are Cute, But Can They Also Save Fuel?

    Published 26 June 2014 | viewed 6,246 times

    Golf balls aren’t dimpled for mere cosmetic reasons. The pattern of tiny divots actually reduces drag by cutting air resistance in half.But no matter how…

  • U.S. Eases Longtime Ban On Oil Exports

    Published 25 June 2014 | viewed 6,049 times

    For the first time in almost 40 years, the U.S. Commerce Department has given two American companies permission to export ultralight oil, known as condensate.The…

  • Elevated And Levitated Transport Pods Get Trial Run

    Published 25 June 2014 | viewed 4,752 times

    A California company is getting ready to test a new form of elevated train at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) that could lead to a revolution…

  • Greenpeace On Defense After Harsh Report

    Published 24 June 2014 | viewed 5,694 times

    The global environmental group Greenpeace has acknowledged that it has made some serious financial mistakes recently but says that doesn’t mean it has lost its…

  • Proposed New Oil Sands Pipeline Draws Opponents

    Published 24 June 2014 | viewed 4,729 times

    Environmentalists, opposition politicians and First Nations leaders are uniting in criticizing the Conservative government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for giving conditional approval to…

  • Solar Cell Efficiency Theoretically Doubled

    Published 24 June 2014 | viewed 7,204 times

    Solar cells are only capable of converting less than one-third of the solar energy they collect into electricity. Now Sharp Electronics has come up with…

  • U.S. Shale Operations Cushioning ‘Iraq Effect’ On Oil Prices

    Published 23 June 2014 | viewed 7,292 times

    The rise in crude oil extraction from shale in the United States has been lessening the effect of the fighting in Iraq on the price…

  • Abandoned Oil Wells Leaking Methane

    Published 23 June 2014 | viewed 8,456 times

    Exhausted and abandoned oil wells in Pennsylvania may be leaking methane, one of the most potent of the greenhouse gases, but are not accounted for…

  • Putting Structural Material On A Diet

    Published 23 June 2014 | viewed 4,690 times

    The albatross for transportation, in so many ways, is fuel: its cost, its volume, and its weight. Sure, sci-fi movies show city-sized spacecraft wafting their…

  • Russia Halts Talks With Ukraine Over Gas Debt

    Published 21 June 2014 | viewed 8,424 times

    Since June 16, Ukraine has received no gas from Russia because it missed a deadline for paying off nearly half its debt of more than…

  • U.S. Import Tariffs On Chinese Solar Panels Could Raise Cost

    Published 21 June 2014 | viewed 11,624 times

    Proposed U.S. import tariffs on solar panels made by Chinese companies could increase their cost in America by an average of 14 percent, sharply diminishing…

  • Eye Of Moth, Toe Of Tungsten: A Witch’s Brew Improves Solar Cells

    Published 21 June 2014 | viewed 4,824 times

    Much recent solar energy research has been on how plants use photosynthesis to convert sunlight into energy in extremely low-light environments. Now EMPA, the Swiss…

  • France To Cap Nuclear Reliance, Move To Renewables

    Published 19 June 2014 | viewed 5,589 times

    The French government is proposing legislation that would cap its use of nuclear power at current level of 63.2 gigawatts a year and instead shift…

  • Farting Cows Target of Focused Breeding to Limit Methane Emissions

    Published 19 June 2014 | viewed 5,296 times

    What could be more natural than a cow or a sheep? What could be more pristine (except to the human sense of smell)? Yet such…

  • Out Of Pond Scum, Solar Panels

    Published 19 June 2014 | viewed 5,969 times

    This really isn’t as much of a stretch as it sounds. It’s just a matter connecting the dots in ways that might seem counterintuitive.Start with…

  • Renewable Energy Benefits Environment, Economies

    Published 18 June 2014 | viewed 11,808 times

    Renewable energy, if properly adopted, could create better-paying jobs, improve international trade balances, and promote industrial development around the world.That’s according to a new report…

  • New Solar Cell Boasts High Efficiency, Lower Cost

    Published 18 June 2014 | viewed 5,580 times

    Panasonic and SunPower have unveiled the specifications of a new technology that allows silicon solar cells to achieve record efficiency at a cost that they…

  • ISIS Seizes Major Refinery As Foreign Oil Companies Pull Staff From Iraq

    Published 18 June 2014 | viewed 11,331 times

    Some oil companies are disregarding Iraq’s assurances of tight security in the midst of a strong Sunni Muslim insurgency that is spreading throughout the country…

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