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Alan Mammoser

Contributor since: 01 Jun 2016

Alan Mammoser

Alan Mammoser writes about energy, environment, cities, infrastructure and planning. He writes the weblog, www.warmearth.us

Latest articles from Alan

  • The Lone Star State May Host The World’s Next Big Hydrogen Hub

    Published 02 January 2022 | viewed 14,456 times

    It is widely thought that a future low-carbon hydrogen industry will arise in industrial clusters. The emphasis is on ports, where concentrations of basic industries,…

  • Why COP26 Should Be Focused On Hydrogen Demand

    Published 07 November 2021 | viewed 2,017 times

    The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) opened last week. It has…

  • The Middle East Is Looking To Dominate The Hydrogen Race

    Published 29 September 2021 | viewed 3,803 times

    For those looking to invest in hydrogen’s future, a key region to watch will be the Middle East, particularly the Gulf region where nations are…

  • Germany Takes The Lead In Pivotal Year For Hydrogen

    Published 28 June 2021 | viewed 7,771 times

    Announcements of large new electrolyser projects, and the formation of consortia to build them, are appearing in the news almost daily. What began as a…

  • The Two Major Obstacles To A Hydrogen Revolution

    Published 30 May 2021 | viewed 23,120 times

    Hydrogen will play an indispensable role in a future carbon-free energy system, according to nearly everyone concerned with the matter. But scenarios showing its share…

  • The Port City That Could Become Europe's First Big Hydrogen Hub

    Published 01 May 2021 | viewed 26,918 times

    Look to ports for the nascent green hydrogen economy Hydrogen, produced without carbon emissions, will find use in many sectors of a future ‘hydrogen economy.’ Its…

  • Why Hydrogen Needs Nuclear Power To Succeed

    Published 07 March 2021 | viewed 8,618 times

    For carbon-free hydrogen to play a significant role in decarbonization, it will need to be produced in large quantities at low cost to compete with…

  • The Hydrogen Economy Is No Longer A Pipe Dream

    Published 08 February 2021 | viewed 21,439 times

    The fifth World Energy Forum, hosted by the Atlantic Council as part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, occurred virtually late last month. In conjunction,…

  • The One Big Problem With A Central Asian Energy Corridor

    Published 24 January 2021 | viewed 2,762 times

    In Moscow last week, President Vladimir Putin hosted the prime minister of Armenia and the president of Azerbaijan. It was the first meeting of the…

  • The World’s First Major Hydrogen Hubs Are In The Making

    Published 06 January 2021 | viewed 18,977 times

    A profuse literature on hydrogen is coming forth from companies, governments, and energy market analysts. All are seeking the most likely paths forward for what…

  • The World’s First Hydrogen Hubs Are In The Making

    Published 22 December 2020 | viewed 20,843 times

    While hopes for hydrogen as a major energy carrier go back decades, a new generation of hydrogen plans are now coming forth from companies, industry…

  • Laying The Base For A Hydrogen Economy In The U.S.

    Published 25 August 2020 | viewed 8,426 times

    Announcements of plans and projects for hydrogen-based energy are appearing with ever scale and ambition in Europe and Asia. The United States, in contrast, is…

  • Europe Looks To Become The Global Leader In Hydrogen

    Published 29 July 2020 | viewed 16,721 times

    The energy system of the future took clearer form this month when the European Commission, the EU’s executive branch based in Brussels, adopted two closely…

  • Europe's Leaked Hydrogen Strategy Is Very Ambitious

    Published 05 July 2020 | viewed 28,304 times

    In the panorama of renewable energy technologies, hydrogen’s potential is seen in several sectors. It is what the IEA calls an ‘integration’ technology. It promises…

  • IEA: The Energy Sector Will Never Be The Same Again

    Published 15 June 2020 | viewed 44,083 times

    In its annual report World Energy Investment 2020, published late last month, the International Energy Agency describes ‘drastically altered’ energy markets in the wake of…

  • IEA Sees Unique Opportunity For Clean Energy During Covid-19 Crisis

    Published 16 May 2020 | viewed 22,644 times

    In the midst of a pandemic that’s shaken energy markets to the core and threatens to send the global economy into a depression, renewable energy…

  • Is The $110 Trillion Renewable Revolution Feasible?

    Published 30 April 2020 | viewed 21,036 times

    A new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) show that, to save the planet, a massive transformation of the world’s energy system will…

  • Building The Sustainable City Of The Future

    Published 26 March 2020 | viewed 15,988 times

    Masdar City, a development of the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), is beginning to take shape. The innovative city-district shows a possible paradigm for…

  • The Hydrogen Hype Hits The Middle East

    Published 05 March 2020 | viewed 23,327 times

    Participants at a recent ‘Future Energy Summit’ in Abu Dhabi discussed the problem of integrating variable renewable energy into electricity grids. Despite the significant challenges,…

  • The Electricity Grid Of The Future Is Being Built Here

    Published 23 January 2020 | viewed 17,236 times

    A Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi last week displayed the whole universe of systems and technologies that will be required for a post-carbon world.…

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