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Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He has written for The Village Voice, The Progressive, Counterpunch, Online Journal, CorpWatch,…

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White House Covers Up Menacing Oil "Blob"

In an exclusive for Oilprice.com, the Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) has learned from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sources that U.S. Navy submarines deployed to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast have detected what amounts to a frozen oil blob from the oil geyser at the destroyed Deep Horizon off-shore oil rig south of Louisiana. The Navy submarines have trained video cameras on the moving blob, which remains frozen at depths of between 3,000 to 4,000 feet. Because the oil blob is heavier than water, it remains frozen at current depths.

FEMA and Corps of Engineers employees are upset that the White House and the Pentagon remain tight-lipped and in cover-up mode about the images of the massive and fast-moving frozen coagulated oil blob that is being imaged by Navy submarines that are tracking its movement. The sources point out that BP and the White House conspired to withhold videos from BP-contracted submersibles that showed the oil geyser that was spewing oil from the chasm underneath the datum of the Deep Horizon at rates far exceeding originally reported amounts. We have learned that it was largely WMR's scoop on the existence of the BP videos that forced the company and its White House patrons to finally agree to the release of the video footage.

The White House is officially stating that it does not know where the officially reported 10 miles long by 3 miles wide "plume" is actually located or in what direction it is heading. However, WMR's sources claim the White House is getting real-time reports from Navy submarines as to the blob's location. We have learned that the blob is transiting the Florida Straits between Florida and Cuba, propelled by the Gulf's Loop Current, and that parts of it that is encountering warmer waters are breaking off into smaller tar balls that are now washing ashore in the environmentally-sensitive Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas.

Corps of Engineers and FEMA officials are also livid about the cover-up of the extent of the oil damage being promulgated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its marine research vessel in the Gulf, RV Pelican. NOAA stands accused by the aforementioned agencies of acting as a virtual public relations arm for BP. NOAA is a component of the business-oriented Department of Commerce.

Similarly, the Coast Guard, which takes its orders from the cover-up operatives at the Homeland Security Department, is denying the tar balls washing up on the Florida Keys are from the oil mass. WMR has been told the Coast Guard is lying in order to protect the Obama administration, which has thoroughly failed in its response to the disaster. The White House's only concern is trying to limit political damage to its image in the electorally-important state of Florida while the Pentagon has spent between $25 and $30 billion on oil spill operations in the Gulf and the Atlantic to date.

WMR sources also report that the oil mass has resulted in dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico that have cut off oxygen and killed massive numbers of marine creatures and plant life. Seafood wholesalers from the Gulf Coast to New Jersey and New York have been told that the supply of shrimp, oysters, and other seafood from the Gulf is severely in short supply and that they can expect a possible total cut-off as the situation worsens. The shortage will also affect the supply of seafood, especially shrimp, to national seafood restaurant chains like Red Lobster and Long John Silver's.

There is also evidence that BP, Halliburton, and Transocean sank a drill to a depth of 35,000 feet at the Deep Horizon site some six months ago without the required permits from the federal government. WMR has learned from U.S. government sources that the drilling at 35,000 feet caused a major catastrophic event that required the firms' oil rig personnel to quickly pull up the drill and close the drill hole.

However, the Deep Horizon re-sank the drill some six months after the unspecified "catastrophe," resulting in another, more destructive chain of events following the explosion that destroyed the rig, killing eleven workers. When the Deep Horizon blew up, WMR has been told it also "blew down," cracking the the sub-seabed pipe that may have been re-drilled to a depth of between 25,000 to 30,000 feet, again, without a government permit.

Government sources also report that BP is intent on recovering as much oil as possible from the undersea geyser rather than simply plugging and capping the well, which would then place it off-limits to further drilling. The Corps of Engineers reports that BP is playing a game with Obama, convincing him of the feasibility of "shooting junk" into the subterranean pipe, which would stop up the pipe with a manufactured chemical compound called "MUD." However, WMR has been informed that BP actually intends to shoot cement into the pipe in an attempt to cap the well with the later intention of digging a trench for side drilling from the pipe to recover as much oil as possible. The technology that would be employed by BP is the same technology that was used by Kuwait to conduct slant drilling of Iraq's Rumallah oil field -- an event that helped trigger Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

Corps of Engineers and FEMA sources also give a failing grade to both Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who stands accused of being woefully incompetent in handling the disaster, and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. Government sources say both secretaries should immediately step down or be fired.

By. The Wayne Madsen Report for Oilprice.com - The no.1 source for oil prices

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  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    Have you seen any credible flow rates reverse calculated from the cubic area of the 'plume'. Even if 10 miles by 3 miles by 300 feet thick is overstated by a factor of 5, the flow rate would have to be exponentially larger than the official 211k gallons a day. I was previously figuring that perhaps density could bring the flow rate back down, but if the plume is indeed frozen, density would seem to my non-trained mind - pretty darn close to 1.
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    If the plume is a frozen chunk, will the dispersant have any real impact on it?
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    Purdue research exposes error in BP video"...Once Wereley used particle image velocimetry to create freeze-frame shots of the video, he used a computer code he developed to estimate how many pixels the diameter of the pipe was. BP said that the diameter was 21 inches, which Wereley estimated is equivalent to 400 garden hoses.Wereley created a conversion from pixels to inches to compute how fast the oil was coming out of the pipe. He used the area of the pipe and the speed of the oil, which he concluded was 2 feet per second, to compute the volume of oil being released. It was through these calculations that Wereley deduced 70,000 barrels of oil had been leaked..."http://www.purdueexponent.org/index.php/module/Section/section_id/11?module=article&story_id=21384
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    Try for yourself the math based on the size of the plume - convert the miles to feet - calc. the sq feet by reported length and width - use the depth to calc. sq cubic feet. Adjust for gallons per sq cubic foot - I think its around 7.2 or 7.4, then adjust for 28 odd days of flow. Even if you adjust down figuring the measurements are all taken at the widest points, its still a crazy number. Adjust down further figuring the numbers are very overstated estimates. Or better yet, take the various flow rates offered and see how big of a plume they could make it 28 days and then compare to reported size. They don't equate so one or the other is clearly wrong.
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    Let me get this straight. Big OIL is owned by the banks the big banks are owned by Oligarchs ie the royal families of Europe. Then they use this power to make the little guy work his whole life paying them while trying to avoid all the bogus laws. On top of that we could all be free if these evil people didn't kill people like Nicholas Tesla who invented alternative energy and hide all his inventions. So the power hungry could get their fill while making the little guy feel bad for just trying to live and not hurt anyone? Someone has to go to prison. And the list is a long one. SCUM!
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    Sorry but the calculations for oil is wrong because oil is not the only thing coming out of the pipe. It is a range of gasses and oil. So most of what they see coming out is dirt and other gases.
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    Please,......let us take all the above, and try to distil some sense into it.First, the 70000 barrels, at 42 gal/bbl. is per day....this is compatible with the biggest well I know of.Dispersant will not have an effect on a frozen clump. Anyway,the USA is the only country where the individual can own oil, a freedom which helped build. Total Oil is buying oil up worldwide (including Dallas Tx) using BIS (BIS.org Bank of International Settlements) money. Why that bank is perfectly safe, having been founded by the Nazi's, and having Bernanke as a Board of Director.This oil spill has really changed the entire operating basis of the world. Perhaps it is realized that there is no shortage of oil at deeper depths.Thanks, Dallas
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    brent jones has it right. The banks mastery of us is tantamount to war. We have yet to begin to fight back!
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    A BLACK DRAPE OF MOURNING SHOULD BE HUNG OVER THE DOI MISSION STATEMENT"Our Mission: Protecting America’s Great Outdoors and Powering Our FutureThe U.S. Department of the Interior protects America’s natural resources and heritage, honors our cultures and tribal communities, and supplies the energy to power our future."ONCE THAT DEPARTMENT REGAINS ITS SANITY, THE MOURNING CLOTH CAN BE REMOVED – ECOCIDAL JERKS!
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    The planet has been abused for scores of years. Sooner, rather than later, the fulcrum point will be reached when the effect of volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquake, drought, fire, pollution(air, water and soil) will have effects that most of our species can not imagine; muchless endure with their present level of life skills. We have been partying too hard and peeing into the wind while our brethern has suffered war, famine and disease. Buckminster Fuller said that the 1980's was the crossroad where humanity needed to make the correct decision to survive; and that man would make the wrong decision. We are presently witnessing unprecedented political, financial and environmental events, yet most minds do not recognize the pattern. Our vulnerability to the natural system has been underestimated by ignorance and arrogance. We will be painfully awakened from the slumber and it will be better for man in the long run. Imagine a world without war, famine or taxes; I have...
  • Anonymous on May 19 2010 said:
    Thanks for printing the story It stayed Classified far to long, couldn't get them to pute the booms in place...Slight correction...chg Florida Keys to Florida Ten Thousand Islands...there are more then 10,000,Mangrove Islands...that is were its popping up, It will kill them. I started screaming for Booms at 10 pm May 16th,...Finaly I posted ..."DEEPWATER HORIZON>Florida can't be saved, we will have a massive massive sea life Kill, say Good-by to the Ten Thousand Islands < 1:59 AM May 17th via TweetDeck" (GMT)Almost a total news blackout...even in the Fla Report 19, no booms in the Holding areas were sent south...as I Type this right now...We still have no booms in Collier, Dade or Monroe Counties. ...
  • Anonymous on May 20 2010 said:
    I read somewhere they said this "blob" is 300 ft thick, if so, some quick calculations show this mass contains some 1.5 trillion gallons of oil or approximately 4 billion barrels............ what have they hit down there????
  • Anonymous on May 20 2010 said:
    The "blob" lives in the white house
  • Anonymous on May 20 2010 said:
    Slimey bastards aren't they. Oil companies can lie right to a governments face and there is nothing they can do about. Not if they don't want the companies own private drilling and killing machine knocking down it's doors.
  • Anonymous on May 21 2010 said:
    Let's get this straight. Obama is not in charge of anything except maybe what he's eating for dinner. He doesn't make any decisions and never has. The question is "who are his bosses?" Does anyone really think that Obama was put into office by the guys on top because he was the most qualified? Well, he's the most quallified to take orders. Does anyone really think that the ruling families would suddenly put a guy like Obama in charge of everything. The presidency is a scam and this will not change. Blaming Obama is easy for us to do, but that's exactly what the higher ups want. Obama gets paid to be a scapegoat. That's one of his role! His role is not health care, gun control, pollution control, thinking about what's best for America, finances and so on...it's to represent the "government" in a particular and exact way that the higher ups want-some call them the NWO, some call them the Illumaniti.
  • Anonymous on May 21 2010 said:
    Once the whole southeast is polluted and barren, resistance to drilling will cease. GET IN LINE.
  • Anonymous on May 21 2010 said:
    My question is ..... If the oil is still around come hurricane season, and a hurricane passes through the affected area, will the states affected (wind rain etc), also have to deal with oil being blow inland also?

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