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Harvesting Human Electricity Gains Commercial Traction

Harvesting Human Electricity Gains Commercial Traction

The harnessing of human energy…

The Keystone Oil Spill Effect

The Keystone Oil Spill Effect

The Keystone oil spill led…

“Wake the **** Up!” Bill Nye Says About Climate Change

Bill Nye

 “The planet’s on fire,” were some of the milder words that Bill Nye The Science Guy used in HBO’s “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”, to describe his thoughts on climate change, adding a few other choice words for the so-called climate deniers, telling them to “Wake the **** Up”—a far cry from his normal PBS kid-directed schtick that seeks to educate, rather than berate.

Pulling no punches, Nye was speaking directly to members of Congress—at least those that are not on the climate change bandwagon that has become the cause de celebre for progressive democrats such as AOC through the Green New Deal and carbon pricing.

Nye supported the AOC and the Green New Deal, selling the latter as a solution for global warming. Nye went a step further and chastised critics of the plan, who have pointed out the GND’s shortcomings when it comes to the plan’s ambiguous details, thin plan for executing it, and likely high costs.

Nye’s scathing words for those who oppose the plan didn’t stop there.

Said Nye of the proposed solutions “…when something costs more, people buy less of it….” Shaming his audience further with the barb, “Nothing is free, you idiots.”

Nye has long been an advocate for climate change measures, going toe to toe with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on the legitimacy of the science behind climate change, and debating whether climate change is human-driven. However, Nye has irked those in the climate change camp by tagging along with climate denier Republic Rep. Jim Bridenstine to Trump’s State of the Union address—a move that some in the scientific community said inadvertently backed climate denial.

Nye’s open chastisement of the climate-denier crowd may just buy him back some cred with his scientific peers.

By Julianne Geiger for Oilprice.com

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  • Greg Pearson on May 15 2019 said:
    So silly that a guy who is qualified only to be a high-school science teacher has become the face of climatology. And now he resorts to these tactics to try to sell theories. Regardless of your stance on climate change, clearly the movement isn't working in most hearts and minds. People aren't sold on the evidence, and yelling at them and cursing isn't going to change that.

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