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Tesla Model 3 Is Consumer Reports’ Top Pick For Electric Car

Tesla Model 3 is the Top Pick in the electric car category of the annual ‘Best Cars of the Year’ report of Consumer Reports released on Thursday.

In ‘The 10 Top Picks of 2021’, Tesla Model 3 is also labeled as “green choice” by Consumer Reports.

“The Model 3 delivers an otherworldly driving experience,” Consumer Reports says, adding, “This uncanny performance is matched with sharp handling and precise steering befitting a sports sedan.”

“Another notable Tesla advantage is being able to charge relatively quickly on the go. Being green has never been so much fun,” wrote Jeff S. Bartlett, Managing Editor, Cars, at Consumer Reports.

Toyota Prius, the top pick in the Hybrid category, and Toyota Camry, the top pick in the Midsized Sedan, also earned the “green choice” label by Consumer Reports. The hybrid version of the Toyota Corolla, winner in the Small Car category, also earned a “green choice” label from Consumer Reports.

Subaru, Lexus, Mazda, and Kia were the other brands apart from Tesla and Toyota that made the Best Cars of the Year ranking.

Meanwhile, Tesla slashed the prices for the standard and long-range versions of Model 3 in Japan by 24 percent, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, as the U.S. electric vehicle maker is still struggling to meaningfully boost its sales in the country despite being present there since 2014.  

The price reduction for Tesla Model 3 in Japan is the first time the EV maker has slashed prices for the model. The new pricing policy coincides with the start of Model 3 vehicles imported into Japan from Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai in China, instead of from the United States, a source with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg.   

Earlier this month, the chief minister of the state of Karnataka in India said that Tesla would set up a car manufacturing unit in the country, as it aims to enter one of the most promising car markets in Asia.

By Tsvetana Paraskova for Oilprice.com

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