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Critics Attempt to Damage Rossi's E-Cat with Unfounded Complaints

Andrea Rossi, the inventor and organizer of the E-Cat LENR or cold fusion thermal energy production device has a new problem.  It looks like another tempest of vague grounds.

Steven Krivit, the sometimes to some folks notorious writer of heavily biased opinion on cold fusion and once in a while other energy fields broke out a story over the weekend about an allegation that the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control (FBR), called on Andrea Rossi at his Miami address.

The story has been picked up by others that this time won’t be mentioned or linked out of kindness.  Things in just hours have gotten very emotional on some sites.  The email deluge coming in here is driving this post and postponing perhaps more valid news.

The gist of the mess centres on a complaint that was supposedly filed with the FBR by a party from Las Vegas, Nevada, alleging that Mr. Rossi may be building nuclear reactors in a Miami condominium complex.

Then it seems a FBR inspector had an onsite visit with Mr. Rossi.  The report is essentially empty other than the description of the investigation that only tells what is pretty much already known – the active chemistry is nickel and hydrogen, there’s excess heat and excess energy in thermal form at a 6X rate.  Somehow, the Krivit crowd has highlighted the investigator saying of Rossi, “He acknowledged that no nuclear reactions occur during the process . . .”  The question for which Mr. Rossi is acknowledging isn’t mentioned.  And the report notes, “Currently all production, distribution and use of these devices is overseas.”

For Krivit’s part in all this there is a pdf file that contains a set of emails alleged to have exchanged between Gary Wright of Las Vegas and persons at the FBR running some 5 pages, followed by 15 pages of ill-informed biased statements, a barrage of selected comments from assorted sources making for quite a contradictory record, a NyTeknik article about Rossi linking to Ampenergo from back in May of last year, Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation filing in Florida, a smattering of emails about Wright having Mr. Rossi’s addresses and phone numbers, and Finally the report by the inspector.

Krivit’s pdf is at best –tedious, obviously unbalanced and suspect in completeness.

A little due diligence might be worthwhile in looking the matter over.  Who is this Wright fellow?  Anonymous, which is fine and understandable, still a provocateur that seems quite closely connected to Krivit who has a very quick connection to documents and a highlighter as well.   Krivit in his turn has bias to keep filled, a position to sell, a web site to promote – all good motives.  The FBR took what looks a lot like a set-up and wasted their own and the Florida taxpayer’s time and money.  Everyone else is just playing out the emotions.

The hard reality is no one can conclusively show that Rossi’s device, other LENR, Cold Fusion of other terms describing the phenomena are factually nuclear reactions in the conventional sense.

One also needs to temper how one follows Mr. Rossi.  Factually Rossi seems alone and is going into the public arena alone.  No spokesperson, PR department, just Mr. Rossi who is piling up misstatements about as fast or faster than a guy in his position would.   Regular readers here will note, quoting Mr. Rossi just isn’t done.  It’s not that he’s good or bad, he is and can only be the most subjective observer possible. It’s not that he’s truthful or not, he’s an English as a second language person, and he’s not much for distinguishing the present past or future tense. Reading him leaves one bewildered, is he talking what was, what is or the future plans?


With the information at hand, the observation of the events, no certainty of credence of the activities – the shenanigans this time don’t come from Mr. Rossi.

So here’s what your humble writer is thinking:  This isn’t a story about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. It’s a story about Gary Wright, Steven Krivit, a bunch of follow along bloggers and readers.  There isn’t any E-Cat news.

By. Brian Westenhaus

Source: Trouble for Andrea Rossi and His E-Cat

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  • jimmy cazaar on April 12 2012 said:
    Rossi is a REAL, I fully understand why an inventor of one of the most incredible breakthroughs of all time would keep it under wraps until he had all the legal protection in place but still show results so when that happens, he is off and running.
    Andrea Rossi will be the Arabs/politicans worst nightmare.
  • Colin Watters on March 16 2012 said:
    The Rossi process is hard to fathom. In past radio interviews he appears to have said gamma rays have been detected, yet now he's telling the inspector "no nuclear reactions occur during the process".

  • esmeraldas on March 15 2012 said:
    @ John W.Ratcliff
    You are absolutely right in your statement defending Mr.Krivit concerning his investigations in the Rossi affair. Still M. Krivit`s staunch advocacy of LENR and his touting of the s.c. Widom-Larsen theory seem to me questionable, given his self-proclaimed ambition of an impartial first hand reporter on "new energies" research. The W-L concept is in conflict with known physics, just like everything else in the field of CF/LENR.
  • B Fast on March 14 2012 said:
    You are right-on on this article. Krivit is a snake. This site has a similar perspective on this story: http://nickelpower.org/2012/03/11/defending-rossi/
  • Rob on March 14 2012 said:
    Mr Krivits claims to be an expert on LENR.
    He's frustrated that a relative outsider like Rossi has found the holy grail to common LENR technology.
    A pure form of envy.
  • Brad Arnold on March 13 2012 said:
    Rossi demonstrated his LENR device repeatedly, and satisfied most observers. At his debute January of last year he said that only actions will prove his claim, and that the time for words is over - a very prophetic commment, which at the time I found hard to believe (I mean, how can people be so dense as to doubt his demonstrations?). Furthermore, Rossi started working with Defkalion, they had a falling out, now it appears Defkalion is going to beat Rossi to market, and we ought to be hearing soon independent confirmation of Defkalion's LENR generator (what a coincidence, huh, Defkalion starts working with Rossi, then they come up with a commercializable COP too).

    As for Mr Krivit, he better pray Rossi is illegitimate like he has gone out on a limb claiming, cause otherwise his name is Mudd.
  • John Milstone on March 13 2012 said:
    @Joseph Sidoti:

    I'm surprised that you would pick the October 28th "test" as a justification to believe Rossi. Everything about that stunt was laughable.

    It was supposed to be a "secret" acceptance test by the "secret" customer, but they allowed Rossi to bring in a bunch of witnesses, including an AP reporter.

    Then, the witnesses were prevented from even getting close to the device. Nor were they allowed near the heat-exchanger, so they had no way of knowing if the device was producing so much as a single Watt of power.

    Then, Rossi kept a 500KW diesel generator running throughout the whole test. We are supposed to believe Rossi when he said that the 500KW diesel generator had nothing to do with the 470KW his E-Cat supposedly was generating.

    Then, Rossi had a "secret" agent of his "secret" customer walk around looking at things. This was supposed to convince us that Rossi's "secret" customer was real.

    Then, Rossi claimed after the test that the original E-Cat was "gone" and that he was busy working on the second device. Months later, we discovered that the first device was still sitting, unused in Rossi's warehouse, exactly where it had been during the dog & pony show.

    None of Rossi's shows provided compelling evidence that the E-Cat is real. But the October 28th test was the least convincing of all.
  • wjohnston on March 13 2012 said:
    Almost constantly we hear/read about Andrea Rossi committing fraud. I find it very difficult to see how Mr Rossi could benefit from such a fraud. If he is accepting investments and his fraud is exposed, then surely the courts of the world would relieve him of the ill gotten cash. If he is seeking notoriety, well he already has that and if he is perpetrating a fraud then his notoriety will ensure that he is never taken seriously again by anyone. It would seem that either he has something that may be extremely beneficial for all of us in early development or the man is just purely insane and on a self-destruct path.
  • Mark on March 13 2012 said:
    I don't believe for a minute that Krivitz is some sort of anti-LENR shill.

    What I do believe is that he has a personal grudge against Rossi that taints his evidence and conclusions. Rossi has definitely been caught making contradictory statements of late and things are not looking good for the E-CAT. However I have found Krivitz coverage of Rossi to have the scent of grudge and lacking in the sort of journalistic impartiality that he seems to pride himself on.

    Rossi can salvage all this by coughing up a working machine - NOW. The whole idea that he is protecting his IP is wearing very thin. If he delivered a working prototype to MIT, he would be acknowledged as one of the greatest inventors of all time for creating a machine that will literally change the world. Wouldn't that translate into a decent financial windfall(books, movies, speaking engagements, figurehead salary, etc)?

    So Rossi - silence your detractors with PROOF and put an end to this chaos. Otherwise admit that it's all all a scam and go away.
  • The Tim Channel on March 13 2012 said:
    Nothing Krivit has done could hurt Rossi credibility as Rossi has none. No factory. No technology. Nothing, unless you count hot air. That, and a plethora of websites offering obfuscation in place of information.

  • jjaroslav on March 13 2012 said:
    I'm not one for conspiracy theories...but just from the standpoint of the amount of money involved in energy you'd be surprised if the incumbents did not fight this with everything at their disposal. If you were you consider all the methods that could be used in these efforts the most logical would be character or concept assasination. regardless, with the amount of cash available be prepared for any kind of action.
    On the other side is whether LENR ever makes it to market...Once that happens the second assault will either go forward or there will be a mass exodus out of the traditional Energy sectors.
    I just can't imagine OPEC or the Russians taking this laying down and like the saying goes 'everyone has a price' be it money or fame.
  • John W. Ratcliff on March 13 2012 said:
    Ok, I can't believe I'm coming to Krivit's defense here, but then so I am. I hate people spinning outrageous conspiracy theories where none are necessary or called for.

    Krivit has been promoting LENR for a long time. He is passionate about the topic and, considering just how important LENR could be to the world, passion is warranted.

    Krivit honestly believes that Andrea Rossi is conducting fraud. This is something he now believes quite sincerely and he has accumulated vast piles of evidence to support that charge.

    Quite frankly, anyone who has followed the Andrea Rossi saga could easily and fairly come to the same conclusion. From Andrea Rossi's extremely checkered past to his deceptive statements about 'customers' and deliveries of '1mw reactors' it is easy to assume he is a consummate and inveterate liar. His public demeanor is that of an over-emotional child, from his constant ranting in all-capital letters to his absurd emotional outbursts.

    The simple fact of the matter remains that there are plenty of reasons for a reasonable person to conclude that Andrea Rossi is committing fraud.

    Krivit, having invested years trying to draw serious attention to this field is, understandably, afraid that the fraud being conducted by Rossi will end up discrediting the entire field.

    It's probably a legitimate concern.

    Krivit has made no secret that this is his sincere motivation in all of this and no conspiracy theories about pay-offs or other absurd hypotheses are necessary.

    And, to suggest that if LENR is 'proven' it would put Krivit's website out of business is simply absurd. His website remains one of the best online resources for information about this phenomenon and it would only benefit from continued mainstream acceptance.

    Do I personally feel that Krivit may be going overboard in his zealous attacks on Rossi? Maybe, but maybe only just a little. I understand why he is angry and emotional about it. Rossi has done very little to help himself in this unfolding drama and the damage he is capable of doing to legitimate and serious research into this field could be profound.

    He comes off as a buffoon and side show barker. I have argued on another forum that, supposing his energy catalyzer is actually real, that it is probably a good thing that no one takes him very seriously. Because if they did take him seriously the PTB (powers that be) might be more aggressively trying to shut down his venture.

    Maybe it takes a buffoon and clown to sneak a new technology into the market place before the PTB realize what has happened and it becomes too late to bury the technology from the public.

    I realize this idea in itself is a happy fantasy as the more likely scenario is exactly what Krivit fears; that Rossi is running yet one more scam, and we are all the dupes in his little adventure.

    John W. Ratcliff
  • Bernie Koppenhofer on March 13 2012 said:
    I stopped reading Krivit six months ago. The serious attacks on Rossi have started. I hope Rossi is getting his attorney involved, pronto!
  • kwhilborn on March 12 2012 said:
    Steven Krivit has very good reasons to argue against Low Energy Nuclear reactions (LENR) power.

    He owns and operates a website called "newenergytimes", and once a new energy actually arrives that is abundant, cheap and clean then this website is bound to fail. I predict he will be forced to close his website within a few years of LENR power coming into being.

    Another good reason he has to hurt LENR research is because he is a co-author of a book on LENR that can be purchased from Oxford University Press for $175 each. As LENR research continues this book will become replaced by updated and more relevant work, and his profit in this book will decline.

    On top of those very good reasons he just seems to be very angry towards Andrea Rossi. I honestly do not believe he feels the way he does about the e-cat. I have seen him interview Focardi and others on the topic and if you watch these videos on youtube or his website they seem more convincing than they he lets on. I believe his motivation must be heavy bias and to hell with what is beneficial for mankind.

    One of his more recent arguments is that a heat sensor placed on the outside of the pipe should get hotter than a sensor paced directly in the water. He wrote an entire article making it sound like putting the sensor on the pipe was such a drastic mistake, however any energy he got from the water directly could only be more. Does he think everyone is an idiot?

    Well that article did influence a few as I saw it get picked up by a few other e-cat storys. The only way a heat sensor on the outside of the pipe could get hotter than the ater is if the room itself were heated beyond the ability to stay in. it would need to be heated beyond a boiling water temperature. The idea is ridiculous.

    Everyone following the ecat story recognizes Steven Krivits obvious and blatant bias. He is only preaching to the uninformed. His business is doomed, and I wish he would just close down his website and move on.
  • Joseph Sidoti on March 12 2012 said:
    It seems that Mr. Krivit either has much too much time on his hands, or is being paid handsomely to use deceptive tactics and distortions of the facts, with the sole objective of harming Mr. Rossi. A review of his releases clearly shows the enormous amount of time that was required simply to gather what he calls evidence. If he didn't spend those many hours doing it himself, then who paid for all the man hours that were required to achieve such an "impressive" task? Why has he devoted himself so vehemently in this personal vendetta against Mr. Rossi? What is his motive?

    Many times, in reading his reports, I have been so angered by his obvious misrepresentations, that I have been tempted to write, simply to counter his distortions and misrepresentations. Having never done so before, because my time is too valuable to be spent trying to have an intelligent conversation with someone whose character is, let me say, difficult to understand, today my patience has been stretched beyond my control.

    Mr. Krivit claims to be an expert in the field of Cold Fusion. Perhaps having been exposed to the field for the time he has, perhaps that has made him an expert. I would ask the expert then how many tests equivalent to Mr. Rossi's test of October 28, 2011 has he personally conducted? Does he have any idea of what goes through the mind of someone putting together the complex puzzle that faced Mr. Rossi at that moment? Has he ever experienced the need to correct the inevitable breakdowns that occur when under extreme stress without degrading the important aspects of any test?

    If Mr. Krivit is really an expert, he has chosen to hide his expertise by his senseless innuendoes and by his transparent and degrading reporting. Again I ask Mr.Krivit. What is your motive? Is it to prove that Cold Fusion is not feasible? There are now many scientists with much greater expertise than you can possible claim, who say that it seems to work. Are you claiming that Mr. Rossi has not always told the truth? I heartily congratulate Mr. Rossi for his expertise in keeping the competition off balance. Are you claiming that he is defrauding someone? Prove it, or shut the Hell up! Mr. Krivit, I ask once more, just exactly what is your motive? What do you have to gain? Frankly, I'm tired of reading your trash!

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