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Is Big Solar Beating Big Oil in 2024?

Is Big Solar Beating Big Oil in 2024?

Bloomberg has revealed that the seven largest…

South Australia Turns to Solar Energy for Economic Survival

South Australia Turns to Solar Energy for Economic Survival

Australia is transitioning to renewable…

Aging Grid and Shady Deals Undermine Uzbekistan's Solar Ambitions

Aging Grid and Shady Deals Undermine Uzbekistan's Solar Ambitions

An investigative report revealed corruption,…

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New Nanotechnology That Turns Windows Into Transparent Solar Panels

New Nanotechnology That Turns Windows Into Transparent Solar Panels

Our modern world is consuming energy at insatiable rates. The high-tech complexity of contemporary society has created a demand for energy resources that are both easily accessible and infinitely available, and unfortunately the energy sources of yesterday simply do not hold up to the rapid evolution of the times.

Perhaps the major flaw in our previous approach to discovering a renewable energy source was not the narrowness, but the broadness of our scientific focus. Yesterday’s Energy Market looked towards monumentally visible energy sources like Oil, blindly clinging to the notion that material visibility equated to energetic abundance.

However, the energy sources of yesterday--and today--fail us in cruel and destructive ways. Not only are the energy resources we intimately rely upon so tragically limited, but they create major harm to the balance of our natural world—resulting in pollution and a fearful belief in planetary scarcity.

Recent breakthroughs in the previously underestimated field of nanotechnology appear to have reconciled the infinite appetite of our society, with a steadfastly renewable and comprehensively sustainable energy source: the basic electron. Recent discoveries may prove that the limitless abundance we seek is right beneath the visible surface of reality—in the unchartered dimensions of the nano-world.

Yes, the scope of science has changed--in many ways becoming braver—as leading-edge researchers search for answers in materially-microscopic planes.

One of the main pioneers in nano-based energy is entrepreneur Justin-Hall Tripping of Nanotech technologies, whose October Ted Talk detailed an exciting and practical new technology: Transparent Solar Panel Windows.

The invention focuses on utilizing electrons to store vital energies from the sun. In essence, windows would be covered with a clear film made up of scientifically engineered electrons, which would harness solar energies traditionally lost to thermal processes. Such a feat would not only supply energy to run household utilities, but it would regulate temperature, storing excess heat in hot times and distributing it during cold temperatures.

While the discovery superficially appears thrilling—it could be used in buildings, cars, homes—the epically slow development process of technology in the Solar and Nano industries have many sceptics wary of Tipping’s overt optimism. Many experts expect delays of up to twenty years in releasing the product to the market, and such a slow delivery could be too late into today’s rapidly destructive world.

So ultimately it seems these globally expansive products need to harness another element in order to secure their success: speed. While hopeful projections and exciting ideas seem great in theory, they do nothing for our current energy crisis until they move to market at the speed of light.


By. Heather Rushworth of Energy Digital

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  • Minwoo Kim on May 01 2012 said:
    Japan's FiT in July is among the highest in the world. It's clear that Japan's FiT will shake the solar market. New solar technology will show in Japan. This is it!
    As you know, earthquake in japan is happening frequently. Indonesia is in the same situation as Japan. Floating solar panels installation is one of the best solutions for both Indonesia and Japan. So you have to reduce the vibration to install Floating solar panels. Because, it makes many kinds of problems! The vibration’s caused by wind, waves and external forces. New Floating Body Stabilizer for Floating solar panels installation has been created in South Korea. The Floating Body Stabilizers generate drag force immediately when Floating solar panels are being rolled and pitched on the water. Recently, this Floating Body Stabilizer’s using to reduce the Vibration of Floating Solar Panels in South Korea. You can see New Floating Body Stabilizer videos in YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moO--q5B92k, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nA_xFp5ktbU&feature=youtu.be.
  • Anonymous on May 03 2012 said:
    We still have a long way to go. Nanotech solar panels are a great start, but until we design a battery that can store energy and be disposed or recycled through non-hazardous means, were still not at the break through point in terms of effective energy independence. The batteries we use today are bio hazardous and until they become biologically safe for disposal, the solar panels will not make a difference in ensuring environmental stability.
  • Denord on May 26 2012 said:
    while i can agree about the batterys being detrimental to our very sensitive and weakening planet, I must admit that the nanos are the way to go. This technology and its uses are a much needed thing. My conspiracy theorist side of me says that it is ready to go global, but the powers that be are the ones holding it back. to much money is being made, and the demand is to high, which leads to dependency on crude energy, which helps line their pockets and remain in control of the populus. The nanos and the world of nanos with all of the potential cannot be ignored. We must improve and disburse these nanomites in every way we can. Our planet depends on it. And besides, look around you... our military scientists as well as civilian have manufactured things you would or cannot imagine... what makes you think they have'nt or can't get this done. Mr. Hall, keep doing what you are doing, you are a pioneer. by the way watch your step, you are being watched.
  • Mary Hanna of Mason County WV on December 04 2012 said:
    I believe that we need to use nano solar technology in all places where the sun shines. Both commercial and residential. I know most people haven't heard of Lithium imide batteries yet but, Lithium imide batteries are like lithium Ion batteries on steroids. Now, if each coal fired power plant would use the same amount of space that 1 coal fired furnace uses and install a Lithium imide battery bank to store the power not used during the day and use the battery bank before the coal fired furnaces are used we would surely put a lot less toxins into to air.

    Now coal miners are going to cry over this comment but I hope you would consider installing solar panels and explore new avenues of income.

    I would also like to know from a scientific point of view, why we can't or don't use the geothermal heat from YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK to power all we can power and possibly prevent a super volcano? Is it because it is a national park and can't be changed or something else?

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