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Environmental News Network

Environmental News Network

Contributor since: 12 Jan 2012

Environmental News Network


The Environmental News Network (ENN) is one of the oldest, and most unbiased sources of online environmental news on the web. ENN has consistently earned the loyalty of the most respected insiders like the heads of sustainability at Fortune 500 companies, government leaders or leaders of the largest non-profits. We publish on our website, offer rss feeds and distribute a daily e-newsletter to 36,000 environmental leaders. After 15 years in the environmental space, ENN has assembled a remarkable database of experience, content, contacts and understanding of the environment.

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    Published 27 August 2013 | viewed 5,370 times

    Wouldn't it be great to have abundant, clean power that doesn't contribute to climate change? That is the promise of fusion power. Practical fusion power…

  • Oil Platform’s Effect on Fish Populations

    Published 05 April 2013 | viewed 4,037 times

    Fishes residing near oil platforms in southern California have similar contaminant levels as fishes in nearby natural sites, according to two recent reports by the…

  • Analysing the Link between Air Pollution and Heart Attacks

    Published 21 February 2013 | viewed 5,991 times

    There are many forms of air pollution. There is no doubt that air pollution is not healthy. The uncertainty is at what level is it…

  • EU Fears a US Shale Oil Boom could Make Competition Impossible

    Published 23 January 2013 | viewed 15,506 times

    A US industrial boost following its ability to tap abundant shale gas reserves is provoking fears that imperilled energy-intensive European businesses will find it harder…

  • How Shale Oil will Change the World

    Published 03 December 2012 | viewed 28,256 times

    Oil shale, also known as kerogen shale, is an organic-rich fine-grained sedimentary rock containing kerogen (a solid mixture of organic chemical compounds) from which liquid…

  • Why are we not Drowning in Algae Biofuel?

    Published 16 October 2012 | viewed 25,251 times

    Producing biofuels from algae is a concept dating back to the oil shocks of the 1970s. At the time, the US Government created an algae…

  • USGS Assesses the Growth of Conventional Oil Reserves in the US

    Published 18 August 2012 | viewed 8,046 times

    The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is charged with the cataloguing an assessment of land formations and mineral reserves in the United States. They have…

  • Are Electric Delivery Trucks the Future of Trucking?

    Published 08 February 2012 | viewed 4,346 times

    Trucking has become the most common mode for transporting goods across the land. However, all those trucks on the road burning diesel fuel can create…

  • Microbes Dissolving the Oil Spill Much Faster Than Anticipated

    Published 25 August 2010 | viewed 4,379 times

    What is the real story about the "missing oil"? One study shows that most of the oil is gone, while another shows that there is…

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