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Rakesh Upadhyay

Contributor since: 18 Jan 2016

Rakesh Upadhyay

Rakesh Upadhyay is a writer for US-based Divergente LLC consulting firm.

Latest articles from Rakesh

  • Merrill Lynch Expects A 46% Jump In Oil Prices By June 2017

    Published 18 August 2016 | viewed 53,077 times

    Oil has finally found a strong bull in Savita Subramanian, commodity strategist at BofA Merrill Lynch, who believes oil will rally to $54 a barrel…

  • Is Saudi Arabia About To Cry Uncle In The Oil Price War?

    Published 11 August 2016 | viewed 72,203 times

    The Kingdom is struggling with weak GDP growth, higher fees and taxes, and an economy that is unable to pay the dues to its workers,…

  • Can India Bolster Iranian Oil Exports to Pre-Sanction Levels?

    Published 07 August 2016 | viewed 12,709 times

    India imported 461,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil from Iran in July—a 110 percent increase over the same period in 2015 and an increase…

  • Why Is High-Yield Energy Debt Decoupling From Oil?

    Published 03 August 2016 | viewed 12,003 times

    The recent drop in crude oil prices has not reflected in the iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (NYSEARCA: HYG), as shown in…

  • PIMCO Jumps On The Lower-For-Longer Bandwagon

    Published 01 August 2016 | viewed 9,098 times

    “Over the secular horizon, Oil prices are likely to remain low,” said the PIMCO’s Global Advisory Board (GAB), while assessing global economic trends, according to…

  • Why Goldman Sachs Remains Bullish On Russian Oil

    Published 31 July 2016 | viewed 12,957 times

    A deeply troubled global oil industry is cutting production but Russians are defying the trend. Goldman Sachs has forecast Russian crude production to rise to…

  • Oil Majors Hit Hard As Refining Boom Comes To An End

    Published 28 July 2016 | viewed 13,833 times

    British Petroleum, the first oil major to announce results on Tuesday, has reported the lowest refining margins for the April to June period in the…

  • Low Oil Prices Kill Off 7 Billion Barrels Of Oil Production

    Published 26 July 2016 | viewed 24,066 times

    Capital expenditure cuts of $150 billion for 2016 and 2017 by U.S. exploration and production companies are expected to result in average production losses of…

  • Oil Traders Move Into Bitumen Markets

    Published 19 July 2016 | viewed 27,455 times

    The global bitumen market is forecast to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of four percent between 2015 to 2020, and the world’s…

  • Inside China’s Failed $15 Billion Canadian Oil Sands Investment

    Published 16 July 2016 | viewed 30,303 times

    China’s ambitious entry into the Canadian oil-sands is not only turning out to be ill-timed, it is turning out to be grossly mismanaged, raising questions…

  • Is Iran’s Claim About Doubling Oil Exports Just Hype?

    Published 13 July 2016 | viewed 21,997 times

    After having regained 80 percent of its pre-sanction market share, beating all expectations, Iran now plans to double its exports if market conditions improve, according…

  • Kuwait Launches Ambitious Oil Privatization Plan

    Published 12 July 2016 | viewed 12,031 times

    Kuwait is going ahead with its proposed privatization plan, which includes offering a stake in its oil sector. Though the dates for the public offering…

  • Big Oil Ready To Start Spending Again

    Published 07 July 2016 | viewed 13,736 times

    Large oil and gas companies seem to be looking at new opportunities to invest, to capitalize on the future growth in oil demand. The confidence…

  • Shrinking Chinese Demand About To Slam Oil Prices

    Published 07 July 2016 | viewed 33,800 times

    The oil markets have fallen back from the $50 per barrel mark due to questionable Chinese demand and an expectation of early restoration of supply…

  • Is It Time For OPEC To Dissolve?

    Published 03 July 2016 | viewed 14,507 times

    OPEC is no longer functioning as a cohesive group. Is it time for OPEC to finally dissolve? The major oil-producing countries in the world heavily…

  • Is Raymond James’ $80 Oil Realistic?

    Published 30 June 2016 | viewed 34,831 times

    Crude oil prices have stabilised near the $50 per barrel mark, leaving traders confused as to whether the next 20 percent move from the current…

  • Can The Natural Gas Rally Continue?

    Published 28 June 2016 | viewed 19,409 times

    Natural gas prices are on a tear, and every small dip is being aggressively bought by the traders. Technically, the current rally should rise to…

  • Does The U.S. Really Need A Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

    Published 27 June 2016 | viewed 8,843 times

    With oil prices below $50 per barrel and advances in U.S. shale oil drilling transforming the U.S. into one of the top oil producers in…

  • Private Equity Ready To Jump Back Into Oil

    Published 26 June 2016 | viewed 11,662 times

    Private equity (PE) funds are warming up to the idea of investing in the oil and gas sector, on the prospects of higher oil prices…

  • Hedge Funds Uncertain Of Further Oil Price Increase

    Published 23 June 2016 | viewed 8,518 times

    The oil rally is facing considerable resistance at the $50 per barrel levels, and hedge funds have closed 63 million barrels of long positions—a reduction…

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